384 Please Marry Me?

    Rizie and Dion were now on their way back to the Capital City.

    Dion noticed Rizie was lost in deep thoughts so he asked, "You've been quiet for quite some time now. Is there something bothering you?"

    "Shane... She recognized Bro Xander because he looks too much like the Yue Twins..." Rizie mumbled and narrated to Dion what Shane told her.

    So instead of going to Rizie's condo unit, the couple went straight to Yang Globals office to tell Xander about it.

    "Shane will definitely cooperate with us and help us in everything, but right now she's in hiding because of her family matters." Rizie explained. Shane could be their spy inside the Yue clan since she's a part of the clan, but they must help Shane first in finding her a husband.

    "Shane said, she can only go back to her family once she's already married and has consummated her marriage. Or else she will marry one of Yun's trusted hand, Mr. Long, and she said she would rather die than marry that old man. At first she said it's better if she would be pregnant before meeting her family but that will take time however even just

    consummating the marriage will do. It's rare, I mean I didn't know that their clan gave so much importance to virginity even in today's time."

    "So you're saying Shane needs to marry and must lose her virginity to be safe from the torture of her family?" Dion cleared out.

    "Well yeah, as per my understanding of the entire situation, an accredited doctor of their clan will check her upon her return to see if she's saying the truth about her marriage and consummation. That's the only way to stop Mr. Long from marrying her since it's against the rules for their elders or leader to marry an impure woman." Rizie explained.

    "They sound like a cult and not a clan," Dion commented and Rizie nodded in agreement. There were a lot of things going on in the clan and Shane had quite some knowledge about it. Xander must meet her soon.

    "To be honest... I think Josh can help Shane. I have already talked to him but all he said was that I'm crazy."

    Dion lagged and seconded, "Yes, he is right... you indeed are crazy. Why will you ask your twin brother to do such a thing, is it not dangerous for him?"

    "Who else do you think we can trust about Shane's disposal?" Rizie mumbled. There was no one except Josh or Rui? But Rui was engaged already, and Yue Clan probably knew Rui already as Xander's closest friend and blood brother.

    Meanwhile, back at Lim's hotel and resort, Shane was sitting solemnly in deep thought when Josh entered her room with breakfast for her. Rizie told her that Josh could help her and she should try to convince him. She was running out of time. Eventually, if not her brothers, Mr. Long would find out where she was.

    She pursed her lips as Josh put the breakfast on the table quietly. She quickly sat on the chair and asked him, "Did you find someone already?" she asked.

    Josh sat too and prepared the food. "Eat first, okay? Let's talk about it later." Josh answered because he too was having a hard time trying to look for someone to marry Shane whom he could also trust with Shane.

    "I'm running out of time, Josh. Maybe we just hire someone I can bargain with and pay him for his help? I will immediately divorce him once I secure myself from Mr. Long's grasp." Shane uttered, she looked unsettled.

    Josh exhaled loudly and said, "I really don't know anyone who would agree to do this Shane. Can't your family do something about it?"

    Shane shrugged her shoulders because she felt like she had already explained things over and over again to Josh. If it was that simple then she would have probably done that already right? Her family would be in a very difficult position if they turned down Mr. Long so she should be a sacrificial lamb.

    "Do you know how many times Mr. Long had become a widower? All his previous wives did not end up well, and they were all battered badly!" Shane shouted. She balled her fist to control her trembling. She had not been honest with Josh before with the actual thing going on.

    But now, after knowing that Rizie and Josh were aware about the Yue clan, she would tell them every single detail. It was not her family who was pursuing her, but her family needed to act like they needed to find her. She hated that... she hated her family for that.

    She could not forgive them for agreeing to that marriage. They were all cowards! So she would help that Xander in bringing down those corrupted people from the Yue Clan!

    But first, she needed a husband and consummate the freaking marriage!

    "Josh, how about you helping me out? I Promise I will not drag the marriage too long and set you free as soon as possible... Please marry me?"

    Josh's face paled... No... He had a total blackout! Everything went black, and he lost consciousness.

    Shane's face crumpled... "Am I that bad for you to faint like that." she chided as she pulled Josh to the bed with all her might.

    Rizie vaguely gave her that option, the option to consider Josh and ask him directly to become her husband.

    She could convince him since she would set him free also, but the problem was the consummation part. Josh liked another woman so it would probably be hard for him to get intimate with her, but she should at least try.

    Shane cursed the Yue clan to her inner core for putting her in such a dilemma. How she hoped to have them all wiped out, the elders that were making it hard for the new generations to live peacefully.

    She looked at Josh on the bed and whispered, "Sorry Josh... But I will seduce you if I have to..."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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