385 Started To Care

    Josh finally woke up. He opened his eyes and the first thing he heard was Shane's voice, "Finally you're awake!"

    He turned to look at Shane who was smiling widely beside him with her palms on her cheeks and hands elbowed on the bed.

    "I can't believe you blacked out like that? I thought you're just pranking me, but hell... You fainted.. for real... and let me tell you, it's highly offending you know. You're hurting my pride. I even looked at myself from head to toe to find out which part of mine is that ugly to make you black out." Shane commented with pouty lips.

    Josh quickly sat upright and massaged his temples. "Don't you dare say that again? You will kill me with such words, Shane." he complained.

    But was again startled when Shane suddenly leaned closer to him, so close that Josh almost held his breath in.

    "Why? How can you even say that? That's so offending, really! I'm not ugly at all. In fact you can check that I'm attractive enough. I know Josh, you like Cali since she's more girly and beautiful as well. But I'm not asking you to like or love me, just help me out with my situation. Getting a little bit attracted to me so we can be intimate to solve my issue will be enough for me." Shane whispered. Her mouth and lips were just half an inch away from him.

    Josh felt like fainting once more. "Stop it, Shane. That's really not funny." Josh stammered.

    "Who's being funny? I will prefer to do it with you than doing it with any other man I don't even know or have any interaction with. At least with you it's more convenient since you like someone else... and hence you will not be clingy..." Shane murmured.

    Josh could feel his heart bouncing hard in his chest. His lips parted to say something, but Shane shut him up with her lips.

    Josh was stunned and felt a plethora of emotions run in his body. 'What's wrong with me?' he panicked because his body froze, he could not move. He often heard a phrase from elders regarding why men fell into temptation.

    'When the rice approaches the chicken' Josh couldn't believe that would happen to him given that his body was reacting to her actions. He couldn't believe that his manhood was reacting to a tomboy.

    That thought gave him enough strength to push Shane away who fell from the bed onto the floor.


    "Oh my God Shane are you alright?" Josh asked while he quickly ran to Shane to help her get up from the floor.

    "What do you think, dude! I think I broke my hips! How dare you push a woman that forcefully!" Shane hissed with a crumpled face while she tried to get up.

    Josh got worried seeing Shane's eyes flicker with tears.

    "I'm sorry..." Josh mumbled. Shane wrapped her arms on Josh's neck to get up and she intentionally brushed her body on him. She smirked knowing Josh was not pushing her so she moaned, "It hurts."

    She might look like a tomboy, but someone like her who was well versed in seduction as part of her training knew she could achieve her goals easily. She could be a part of the infamous Shadow Beauties of Yue clan if not because of her heart problem that became a blessing in disguise for her to fail that elite group of assassins.

    She leaned more, brushed herself more... Making sure Josh would feel her bosoms because she did not wear a bra under her shirt. She clung on to him so tight that her arms were still on Josh's neck when he placed her on the bed.

    "Ouch..." Shane deliberately growled when Josh removed her arms from his neck.

    "Did it hurt a lot?" Josh asked worriedly. Shane pulled the hem of her shirt that exposed her belly. Seeing Josh's eyes almost pop out, she removed her shirt, giving Josh full view of her bare front before she immediately turned around.

    "Ouch! Check my back below..." she acted hurt, but she was grinning. She never thought she could put up with what she learned from that clan in excellent use as this.

    "Do you have any therapist in the hotel? You can ask someone to check it if you're uncomfortable." Shane deliberately instructed him to mask that she was doing things intentionally to seduce him.

    She turned her head to look at Josh who seemed to be out of himself yet. "By the way Josh, since you see me just like a boy then I will no longer push you with that matter. Can you call a male therapist instead? Someone presentable and attractive, okay. Hopefully that one won't faint like you did... I'm really running out of time. Or call a single man Ortho doctor to see me..." Shane muttered.

    Shane once again cursed the yue clan for making her act so cheap!  Because of the Yue's f*cking abnormal rules, she became a desperate woman for male species when to be honest she could not even picture herself being with a man. She was enjoying her life being single if not for that old fat Mr. Long who took a fancy on her.

    She heard Josh exhale loudly. "Where does it hurt? Here?" Josh asked, touching her bare back waist.

    "Lower..." Shane mumbled.

    "Here?" Josh asked, cursing inwardly because he couldn't leave Shane alone with that state of her mind. He felt like once he left her on her own, she would just pounce on any man she saw.

    "Yeah, there. Ahh. It feels good," Shane moaned with a sensual touch of her voice.

    "Hmm... Yeah like that... Ahhh..."

    "Stop humming!" Josh hissed because Shane's voice was distracting him. It sounded perverted.

    How Josh hated himself for being such a sympathetic nature man. Why would he care? Shane could throw herself to any man for all he cared. But he could not help himself.

    He did not want Shane to just throw herself to any man. His conscience could not bear to see that. 'Why? Why Why?' his inner self yelled.

    He shook his head... because he himself also did not know why. Maybe just because somehow he started to care about her.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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