386 Dont Ask Why

    Days passed, and everything went well. As promised, Xander did not miss a single scheduled time to call Yera whenever he was available, so it often ended up more than thrice a day.

    "I miss you." Xander muttered from another line before going to sleep..

    "Me too. But I'm sleepy..." Yera chortled.

    Xander looked at his wall clock in the private room of his office where he has slept since he arrived. "It's still early, darling. Just eight o'clock. Tomorrow, dad will arrive with aunt Liz." Xander murmured.

    "Yeah, I will help them in arranging a simple wedding here." Yera whispered, followed by a yawn. She felt like she would get fat soon by doing nothing but to sleep and eat ever since Xander left.

    "You should sleep now... You've been yawning ten times already. I miss you and I love you," Xander muttered because he counted.

    Yera chuckled and said, "You too. I love you..."

    Xander went out of his private room to go through some documents. He was startled when Rui suddenly entered his office.

    "I noticed you look so lonely since the day you arrived so how about playing a little with me? With some drinks?" Rui said and brought a bottle with him.

    Xander laughed and sat down on the couch. He set up the video player. It had been a while since he and Rui played like that.

    "I might follow you soon to country V," Xander said, then he narrated to Rui what Rizie told him this afternoon.

    "You mean Shane? Cali's best friend?" Rui, who was totally shocked burst out.

    "Yes, she just needs to solve her issue, and once that happens she will go with me to country V." Xander muttered. Rizie informed him that Shane was eager to help him upon knowing he was the son of Kanya.

    "So Shane is a part of that clan," Rui muttered and he got suddenly worried knowing Shane was close to Cali.

    "Wait, does Rizie have Shane's number?" without waiting for Xander to answer, Rui immediately dialed Rizie's number.

    "Riz, can you send me Shane's number? Thanks." Xander heard Rui. He knitted his brows, seeing the uneasiness of his friend.

    "What's going on?" he asked while Rui stared on his mobile phone, probably  waiting for Rizie to send Shane's number.

    "Cali... If that Yun's important man is seeking Shane... I want to confirm if it will endanger Cali." Rui whispered and immediately went back to his phone as soon as it beeped.

    "Shane it's Rui. Will Cali be in danger if that Mr. Long looks for you?" Rui asked with greeted teeth.

    "Tell me what I have to do..." Xander heard Rui with a serious tone. As soon as the call ended, Rui stood up and said, "Sorry bro... Let's drink some other time. I will get back to you soon. I need to go to Cali now."

    Xander once again was alone in his office. "I guess I will drink alone," he mused with a sigh. Being apart with Yera was killing him...

    He grabbed his mobile phone with a sigh then typed a message for his wife.

    [Sleep well my darling... I will see you soon...]

    Although everything seemed to be moving in a positive way, Xander could not let his guard down. He was grateful with people around him and their support. That audience he needed to ask from Mirage would come soon.

    'I will crush you to pieces... All of you!" Xander whispered with gritted teeth.


    At Lua's Residence

    Cali's eyebrows raised seeing her mobile phone ring with an unexpected caller.

    She sighed... Wondering if she should ignore him or answer. According to the book she needed to play hard to get if the man sought her.

    But her hands were itching to grab it and answer it.

    "What if it's important?" She murmured on her own.

    "No! I must not answer it or else I will look easy!" Another murmur from Cali.

    When she was about to answer, the ringing stopped so Cali sighed.

    Then a few minutes later nanny Shine rang the doorbell in her room.

    "Rui is downstairs..." nanny Shine informed. Cali did not expect it.

    "Okay I'll go down in a minute nanny Shine." Cali mumbled.

    She wondered why Rui wanted to see her but she could not hide her excitement as she looked at her own reflection first in the mirror.

    She was already in her nightwear and no longer bothered to change.

    She saw Rui sitting on the couch in the living room. Cali once again felt a sharp pain in her heart, recalling how Rui was quiet since she woke up the next morning in his bed.

    There was only silence until he dropped her home and Cali did not know what to say either. Afterwards she tried her best not to contact him...

    "I believe it's something important for you not to wait till tomorrow morning." Cali spoke and she saw Rui lift his head. He seemed to be in a deep thought as he looked startled when she spoke.

    Rui looked at Cali full of concern. Cali was not aware about Shane and Shane's family's connection to the Yue clan and Shane wanted to keep it that way.

    Although Shane assured him that Cali would be safe and would not be harmed, he was still anxious with the fact that Cali would be tailed or followed since she was the closest person to Shane.

    "Give me your phone." Rui instructed.

    Though confused, Cali gave him her mobile phone.

    "What's going on? What are you doing on my phone?" She asked and sat beside Rui.

    "I'm installing a tracker..." Rui simply answered.

    "Huh? What for?" Cali mumbled but Rui did not answer.

    He gave her phone back and picked something in his pocket.

    Cali watched him pull her hand. She bit her lip... She could not help but have that feeling of hope but yet she tried to convince herself not to expect anything and give any advance thoughts on Rui's action.

    He put a bracelet on her wrist and said, "Make sure that you always wear this bracelet especially when you're out and I'm not with you."

    Rui then intently looked at her and said, "You are being followed because of Shane so it's better to be safe. I heard it from Shane directly when I called her since I found everything from Xander and Rizie."

    "Next time, you tell me important things like this Cali. Even if Shane assures you that you will not get harmed, we still need to ensure your safety." Rui scolded.

    Cali bit her lip and could no longer control herself and said with tears flowing down her eyes, "Why? You don't need to care or overreact like that Rui. We're not really in a relationship."

    "We are still engaged so don't ask why I need to care or overreact..." Rui firmly stated.

    Cali did not know what to feel at that time because Rui held her in his arms. His reply was too vague for her...

    Cali wanted to ask more but she heard Rui whispered, "Please don't question me at this time and just follow whatever it is that I say... Your safety is important to me."

    'Why? Why? Why?!' Cali wanted to voice out but sealed her lips instead and focussed on Rui's warm embrace.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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