387 Real Boyfriend

    Cali raised her arm to once again see the bracelet Rui put in her hand. She caressed the bracelet with her other hand and felt so happy that Rui was looking after her. Though she tried not to be hopeful but somehow deep in her heart, she was hoping.

    She squealed on her bed as she embraced herself to feel his warmth with the bracelet on her wrist. Rui's scent still lingered on her with that bracelet. Cali had a sweet smile curved on her lips as she closed her eyes to float in the world of sweet dreams.

    Meanwhile, Rui was still in his car, overwhelmed with his conflicted emotions about Cali and his relationship. He was still standing outside Cali's residence, parked near her villa.

    He smirked, recalling his conversation with Xander a while ago when he asked Xander why he seemed to be always in a hurry to show his feelings to Yera and was up to the level of being shameless with her. He always made bold moves when it came to Yera, not sparing a single opportunity to show his love for her. Xander's answer was very simple.

    "Why do I need time to express myself? I like her and I don't want the opportunity to pass by and make me regret things in the end simply because I don't have the courage to show my true feelings to her? And give Yera time? Yes, I will give her that time, but that time is for her to decide and sort out her feelings during that time. It doesn't mean that I have to limit myself in showing her how much I like her or want to be with her..." Xander's words rang in his head.

    He was ready to leave Cali to give her time, but knowing she could be in danger turned his world upside down. He wanted to protect her and be with her. That fact he realized the moment he found out that Cali could be in danger.

    "So, what is it Rui that you want to do now?" he whispered, asking himself.

    In the end, Rui thought to sort things out and ended up dialing Cali's mobile number.

    "Are you sleeping? Do you think you can go out still for a while with me? I'm outside..." Rui said on the other line.

    Cali was actually already sleepy, almost dozing off when her mobile phone rang. Her eyes rounded seeing the number on her phone was again Rui's and she quickly answered it. After the call ended, she almost tripped while running out from their mansion.

    "Where are you going?" her grandfather asked who was in the living room with nanny Shine.

    "Rui, grandpa, he called me and asked to meet him. I will meet him outside." Cali answered.

    "He just left a while ago, right? You're meeting him out in your sleepwear?" Mr. Lua asked with a creased forehead.

    "I think he just forgot something grandpa. Yeah... It's okay, we'll be in the car only. I'll go now..." Cali replied in a rush and proceeded to go out of the house.

    "Nanny Shine... I think I'm being too lenient to Cali these past few days don't you think?" Mr. Lua asked with a sigh.

    "Yes, but she looks much happier compared to before... She has become more mature and responsible I believe," nanny Shine simply answered as both elders watched Cali's back.

    "I hope so... All I want is to do all that is best for Cali..." Mr. Lua whispered.

    Rui inhaled and exhaled loudly inside his car as he waited for Cali to come out of her mansion. As soon as he saw her coming out of the main gate there, he drove his car and stopped in front of her.

    Cali sat inside his car.

    "Why?" Cali asked as soon as she was inside.

    Rui did not say a word and leaned towards her to grab the seat belt and put it on Cali.

    Cali bit her lower lip because her heartbeat was always in a race every time Rui would get near her. She wondered when would a time come when her heartbeat would become normal in his closeness.

    Rui drove the car out from their residence so Cali murmured, "I'm in my sleepwear."

    She heard Rui chuckle and said, "Yes, I know. We will have a drive thru coffee. I saw a nice place to hang out near your area where the view of the city is nice."

    "Oh yeah, there is..." Cali enthusiastically replied. It was on the hilltop where most cars would park to have the relaxing view of the city lights during the night.

    But that was a romantic place where most lovebirds killed their time.

    'Are we love birds now?' Cali could not help but daydream, but then she quickly erased the silly thought in her head.

    She had this rule she kept on reminding herself. She could go all out for a man, but she must still protect herself and always keep her respect and love for herself intact.

    If Rui did not really want her after that span of time, she would not push it anymore as long as she already gave out her best to it.

    Rui ordered two coffees and some snacks for them, then he drove to the said place and found a good spot to park his car.

    Cali looked at him closely and asked, "What's going on?"

    Rui faced her and met her eyes...

    'Oh God...' Cali mused because she felt like she would melt with that gaze.

    She saw Rui heaved a deep quick sigh before he started, "Cali... I know we started up wrongly. I mean we have an agreement and have been tied up for an arranged marriage..."

    Cali gasped and thought, 'Should I tell him it's me who planned all that? Will he get angry if he finds out?'

    That dilemma suddenly crept in her.

    She felt Rui hold her hands and the sudden action made her stare at him in awe...

    "I honestly think you're still too young for me, but that doesn't mean that I don't like you, because... I do... but I feel like your feelings towards me can alter as you age, since you still have a long way to go. It's so easy to say you are ready to marry me, but then marriage for me is not just about feelings because feelings tend to change over time. Sometimes it's not permanent Cali." Rui elaborated.

    He saw Cali creased her forehead, so he explained further, "Marriage is a commitment Cali. What makes a marriage last is not only feelings but also because two people are committed to each other to keep that relationship."

    Cali pursed her lips... She was nervous... She did not know if what Rui was saying would end up good or bad for her...

    "But then I realized, who am I to judge you because of your age, maturity doesn't depend on age and so I gave it a deep thought and decided to give ourselves a chance... Let's be in a proper relationship, where both of us like each other and in time we will see how things will progress between us so I will stay by your side and be your real boyfriend Cali because I want to and that's what I want to do."

    Cali was flabbergasted and thought she was dreaming. To make sure she wasn't, she ended up pinching herself to be sure that everything was real, not just a dream.


    Rui chuckled, witnessing what Cali did. "You're too cute," he whispered as he cupped her face in between his palms to give her a gentle sweet kiss on her lips.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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