388 Dead Man

    Yera was too happy to see Arya and Ryu on the Island. They had specifically come to meet her and spend time with her. The couple also brought their two years old daughter with them.

    "Is it hard being a mother?" Yera asked Arya who was lovingly watching Ryu playing with their little princess.

    "Hmm, at first it was, since I feel I'm still adjusting, but truly everything is worth it..." Arya answered with a smile while looking at Ryu who was busy with his daughter in the garden.

    Yera could not help but imagine Xander running behind a little girl in a princess dress and holding her up high in the air. He would look so adorable as a father too. Like Ryu, she was sure that Xander would also be an exceptional father and spoil his daughter to no end.

    "Those two looks so cute. I bet bro Ryu is such a hands-on dad." Yera commented.

    "Yes, you bet. To be honest, he spends more time with our baby than he spends with me. Also, he makes it a point to spoil her as much as he can and always gives in to her stubbornness. I'm always getting neglected..." Arya happily complained, and Ryu who carried their daughter in his lap protectively, laughed hearing that as he approached the two women.

    "That's not true, Yera. Arya is the one who is too busy with our baby. I'm the one often getting neglected by her most of the time. Moreover, girls are all meant to be spoiled, be it a mother, wife, sister or daughter. And because daughters are a reflection of all other women in our life, sometimes we men tend to love our daughters more than anyone else." Ryu defended and even pinched Arya's nose.

    "Ouch! See Yera, that's what I was telling you."

    Yera laughed, watching the husband and wife bantered.

    She grabbed little Lexa from his father.

    "Come here, little one and go to auntie instead..." she whispered while she played with the cute little princess.

    Oh, how she hoped she too was already pregnant, but she needed to wait a few more weeks to do a pregnancy test. Yera smiled at her own wandering thoughts and hugged Lexa tightly in her arms when her mobile phone rang.

    She immediately answered, still holding little Lexa with her, seeing it was Xander calling her in for a video chat.

    "Look who's here with me?" Yera said with a smile. "See Lexa, greet your uncle Xander there." She whispered.

    Arya signaled Ryu to get Lexa from Yera's embrace to give the couple some quality time, but Lexa did not want to let go of Yera's neck.

    "It's okay," Yera assured Ryu.

    "Looks like she likes you..." Xander commented from the other line with a roguish smile.

    "Darling, you look good carrying a baby. I hope we have a baby girl too," Xander added while waving his hands too at little Lexa that was giggling at him.

    Yera winked at Xander and kissed baby Lexa on her cheek in front of him that made Xander pout his lips.

    "What's that... I'm jealous. I want a kiss too.�� Xander mumbled, and Yera gave him a sounding flying kiss.

    Arya approached Yera to pick her daughter from her so that they can leave Yera for a while to give the couple some privacy.

    When Arya and Ryu left, Yera asked Xander, "Do you think it will take you long in country V once you succeed to ask for an audience? I'm thinking of going with you. To be honest, I feel like the separation will kill me instead of the enemy."

    Xander chuckled and said, "Darling, you're making me blush. But I feel the same way too. Hmm, just a week has passed and I'm overwhelmed to hear that. Chad said, it will be better if we stay apart for now so let's just do that, darling. Don't worry, I will not let this month pass without achieving nothing. Just think of it as a temporary separation for a lifetime of being together in peace."

    Yera heaved a long sigh. If her pregnancy test happened to be negative by that time, she decided that she would follow Xander wherever he would be. She could not just wait like that, knowing her husband could be in danger any moment.

    She would not agree with Xander's decision to leave her behind in the first place if not only because of her possible pregnancy.

    "Darling, you there? A penny for your thoughts?" Xander uttered, noticing Yera was in a deep thought.

    "Hmm, nothing. Aren't you busy today?" Yera asked instead.

    Xander nodded in the video and said, "Don't you know that you're my rest? By the way, how's dad and mom Liz?"

    Yera laughed and said, "They are on their honeymoon. I mean on a date... Exploring the island. They actually insisted that I come, but I feel so lazy that I only prefer to eat, sleep and watch some movies. Hmm, mostly Zombie apocalypse series... I'm enjoying watching them..."

    Xander's face wrinkled while he commented, "Stop watching those. What if you're pregnant? It's not good to watch ugly faces..."

    Yera laughed at that. She and Xander both had this thinking that she could be pregnant already.

    "We never know yet... But look how excited you are already." Yera commented.

    Xander only gave Yera a wink. They said if you want a thing to happen then assume that it would definitely happen.

    "Who knows... I made sure I did it all in a ringless shot." Xander blurted that made Yera blush hard. Good thing Ryu and Arya already left or else Yera would die of embarrassment.

    "I miss you." She heard Xander say in his serious tone. She could see him inhaling and exhaling in the video with his shoulder going up and down.

    "Do you want me to go back there with you? I can fly there to be with you..." Yera whispered, trying to hide the trembling of her lips as her tears were building up.

    She wanted to hug her husband so tight, but she could not. Every night, her bed felt so empty and cold.

    Yera heard a sudden commotion, and Ron's voice from Xander's video.

    "What is going on?" she asked with concern.

    Xander smiled at her and said, "Nothing... I just had a meeting that I forgot. I will call you again later, darling. Don't skip meals. Bye. I love you."

    Yera stared at the screen of her mobile phone as Xander's video got disconnected.

    Xander, on the other hand, faced Ron who was with Ralph.

    "Sir, we caught an intruder. We brought him into the confidential area." Ralph reported reporting to the private facility underground.

    The intruder disguised himself and tried to penetrate Yang Globals building to get to Xander. Xander went down to see the said intruder.

    The man grinned at him and said, "You will never get them. You will be a dead man before you do."

    Then like the other man, who tried to kill him in the ICU, he too died in that instant like he was being shut down. "Preserve his body like the other one and prepare it... I will bring their bodies back to where they belong," Xander chided with a clenched fist.

    "Dead man huh..." Xander whispered. Everything was already prepared, and they were only waiting for a go signal from his mother's aunt regarding the request for the audience.

    It looked like Yun was running out of ways to kill him... to try doing a very readable trick such as this.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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