389 Family Mess

    Cali was itching to call Shane and tell her what happened last night, but she controlled herself knowing that Shane could be traced once she did that.

    Shane was very close to her, and even her family was very fond of Cali. She recalled how her friendship with Shane started in country V where she met Shane in the same hospital where Cali's parents were brought after their accident. Her father was declared dead on arrival while her mother was in a coma, so she stayed in the hospital with her mother.

    Shane had undergone heart surgery in the same hospital and stayed in the VIP room just next to her mother's. She was just fifteen at that time. She and Shane were the same age. They instantly clicked and became close very soon. Later, she transferred to her school and finished her study in the same university with the same course too.

    Cali sighed as she walked into her garden. Josh said Shane was doing all right. Well, Shane would absolutely not let Josh bully her. Josh could be a bully, but Cali knew she could trust the man, especially with her friend.

    "Cali dear. Shane's brother is here." nanny Shine said. Cali ran to Kane and hugged him.

    She was close to Cali's brothers too, but Kane was her favorite because he was the youngest and the jolly joker one.

    "I guess you missed me that much, huh? Sorry that I could not visit you after the accident... Something came up in the family." Kane explained as Cali pulled him to sit on the chair.

    "That's okay, Kane. Shane already told me." Cali simply answered.

    "About Shane... Did you hear any news from her?" Kane directly asked and Cali only shook her head.

    "Shane will hide from me too for sure because she knows you will pester me about her first for sure. Can't you all just convince uncle not to go ahead with that arranged marriage? Last time when I talked to Shane she said that you have partnered her with an old fat man that she can't.."

    Cali stopped as Kane grabbed her hand and pressed it hard, signaling her to stop.

    Cali's eyebrows collided and asked, "Why what's wrong Kane?"

    Kane suddenly laughed and said, "Nothing, just that your new hairstyle distracted me." He tried to divert the topic and good thing Cali crumpled her face and answered, "I'm still pretty you know. How much more once it grows back..."

    Kane heaved a sigh of relief. He was being tapped. Mr. Long could hear his conversation with Cali and that old fat man would roar if Cali continued to say unpleasant things about him. He was relieved that Cali did not know where Shane was, but he doubted that Cali really did not know.

    How he wanted Shane could stay hidden forever. He too did not want his only sister to be in the hands of those corrupt people of their clan. A faction was happening inside the Yue Clan. Things got worse ever since the King went into a coma.

    So far Yun was acting in-charge instead of Raine because of the so-called seniority, so things turned more messy.

    Mr. Long held him by his neck and the rest of his brothers, including his father. Good thing Shane escaped before Mr. Long took any action.

    "Are you all right, Kane? I'm worried about Shane too. I tried her number several times but I think she has already changed it." Cali added to her acting.

    Just then Kane's mobile phone rang, which made him gloomy.

    "Are you stupid, Kane? I need not hear your sweet nothings chatting with the b*tch! Just ask her where she thinks Shane will go!" Kane's ears almost burst with Mr. Long's yell.

    The call ended, and Kane's jaw tightened. How he wanted to punch the old man till he bled his last drop of blood!

    "Ahm Cali, where do you think Shane would go? Do you have any ideas where she could have been." Kane asked, hoping Cali would not answer him.

    Cali paused as if she was thinking hard then she answered, "Shane is not familiar with people and places around here so I really don't know. If I were her, I would stay in another country. Like some really far one, so no one among you could find me. Shane is an independent woman, Kane, and you know that."

    "Yes, I know." Kane commented.

    "Are you alone? I mean, how about big bros? And uncle?" Cali asked.

    "It's just me Cali..." Kane answered.

    Cali twisted her face and said, "You should have called me and told me that you're coming... Where are you staying? Stay here in our house."

    Kane told her where he stayed. "If you plan to stay longer, I will go with you so you can pack up your things and come and stay here in our house. Geez Kane, we have plenty of guest rooms! You need some scolding for not informing me about your arrival beforehand!"

    Kane laughed, and his mobile phone beeped.

    [Stay in her house. We might hear soon from Shane through her.]

    Kane would love to, of course, stay at her home, but not now, knowing Cali could get involved in their family mess.

    But again he could not disobey the old man.

    After a little more chatting, Cali and Kane went back to his hotel to pick up Kane's things. Cali did not go to his room and just waited for him in the hotel lobby.

    Shane's family members were all very kind and generous to her. She too had stayed in their house for too long while studying, so she was aware how strict Shane's family was in following rules. But she loved them all. Uncle Ben and big bros, Jun and Mil.

    She smiled when her mobile phone rang and saw it was Rui calling her up.

    "Would you like to have lunch with me? I am coming to pick you up," Rui asked, which made Cali blush. She was grateful Rui could not see her blushing though.

    "Oh, I'm out here in the hotel with a friend. Shane's brother is here... We just got his things so he can stay in our house." Rui heard Cali disclosed.

    His eyebrows drew together as he asked, "Where? I'll go there...give me the address and wait there only for me!"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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