390 Our Bond

    Rui rushed to the hotel where Cali was currently waiting for Kane to checkout from his room.

    'Shane's brother...' he mused while driving. He, once again, was feeling restless. Shane was a part of that Yue clan, her entire family was in fact a part of it. Though Shane had clearly stated that her family was among good people who were against the corrupt people in their clan, but, they were still bound to follow the rules of the clan.

    And the fact remained that a trusted man of Yun was still manipulating Shane's family so anytime something could go wrong.

    His mobile phone rang, and it was Ralph who briefed him about Shane's brothers.

    "It is Kane Li who arrived in our country yesterday. Cali had lived in their house for years while she was studying there. So the Li Family is pretty much close and very good and kind to her. We found no negative record about the family. Their business is operating completely legally. Shane grew up with only her father and three brothers. It said that Cali is like a family to them too..." Ralph summarized the details they gathered about Shane's family.

    Rui was comforted with the fact that the Li Family were respectable people. However, the possibility of Shane's family to follow instructions from Yun's man for hurting others, for the sake of their family, was what he feared about. Yun was Xander's enemy. He was the mastermind behind all the plotting against Xander and that Mr. Long was surely a part of it all as one of the major officers of his men.

    He felt more frustrated because he could not even warn Cali to be cautious about her words and her relationship with Xander's family, because she was not aware about Shane's involvement with the Yue clan.

    "F*ck..." Rui cursed. Of all the people in this world, why would Cali get entangled with Shane? The irony of life was surely surprising. With how big the world was, how it looked too small for them because of each other's links and connections.

    He walked into the lobby as soon as he arrived at the hotel. He smiled seeing Cali sitting on the couch but his smiling lips drew back in a snarl seeing Cali wave and smile brightly to a young man walking towards her with his baggage.

    He frowned, seeing how the man, who he presumed to be Kane, smiled back at her too, but he was full of glitters. He could instantly smell the meaning of that kind of smile, so he immediately walked fast towards them.

    "You're here." Cali murmured with a bright warm smile, seeing Rui. She introduced the two who held hands for a handshake.

    "Who is he?" Kane directly asked at Cali.

    "My fiance," Cali bashfully answered. Rui's mood was lifted up that instant, hearing those words from Cali.

    "What?! Since when? Why? Aren't you too young still? Suddenly you're engaged? Is this a prank on me Cali? It's not funny at all!" Kane burst out in a row due to shock.

    Kane couldn't believe it and he unconsciously glared at Rui from head to toe. He liked Cali so much that he even begged his father to send him here instead of his big bro Jun. That way he could also see Cali and get to spend some time with her while looking for Shane. He had been adoring Cali for such a long time, ever since Shane first brought her to their home.

    It was unfortunate that he couldn't just tell Cali how he felt because he was afraid that it could lead to a negative impact like Cali being uncomfortable with him. He loved how Cali was too close to him.

    Cali chuckled and answered, "Just recently. You look so surprised, so what if I'm young? It's not like we will marry each other tomorrow. Anyway, let's go eat lunch first in their restaurant here. I know you have a lot of questions and you can save that for later once we get home. We have plenty of time to catch up with Kane so don't get worked up about it."

    Rui's face soured hearing the last sentence from Cali but he quickly replaced that expression when Cali turned to him and excused herself to call her driver to get Kane's luggage.

    Rui who was quietly observing Cali and Shane's brother could easily tell that Kane liked Cali. The man was even bold enough to give him a scrutinizing look from head to toe.

    Kane frowned as he tried to look for something bad that he could tell Cali later about her fiance's appearance, but unfortunately the bloody doctor looked well and even manly in his eyeglass.

    'Damn! He's exactly Cali's type of man!' Kane silently whimpered in annoyance. He tried wearing eyeglasses before, but Cali teased him to no limit and also said he looked like a nerd.

    Kane inwardly cursed several times but then smiled at Cali after her driver left with his baggage. He casually grabbed Cali's wrist like he often did when she was living in their house to lead her towards the restaurant.

    Rui's eyebrows arched at that bold move of the boy, so he grabbed Cali's other hand, intertwining their fingers together and clasped it well.

    Cali bit her lip and looked at Kane who read her lips, 'What are you doing? Let go!' Kane scratched his head because of Cali's narrowed eyes, and he quickly released her wrist. With a crunchy face, he followed behind Cali and Rui.

    Cali bit her lower lip as she looked at Rui who looked distracted and... She could not explain it but Rui seemed to be too serious?

    'Could it be that he's jealous?' she thought with excitement. She could not help but to smile bashfully with her blushing face while feeling Rui's warm palm on hers.

    They entered one of the hotel's restaurants. Kane's face could still not be painted at all as he faced the two sitting on the opposite chair.

    Rui met Kane's gaze, then turned at Cali and said, "Isn't it inconvenient for a man to stay inside your home? Did your grandfather agree to that?"

    Cali blinked several times and immediately answered, "No, it's okay. Grandpa knows him. He knows Kane and all of Shane's family too. Kane is like my brother."

    Rui nodded and said, "Oh I see... So he's like a brother to you, then I need not get worried about my fiance staying with a man right?"

    Kane's face twisted. That Rui was obviously slamming him into his face. Well, he still had an upper hand because he would stay with Cali twenty four seven. "Cali and I have known each other for years and our bond is really very strong Dr. Dee. I know every single detail about Cali, I can even tell how many times she burped a day..."

    'What the hell is wrong with the two of you?' Cali panicked seeing the two men exchanging deadly glares and weird statements.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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