391 Understand That Feeling

    Xander laughed loudly, seeing Rui's distressed face as the latter entered his office.

    "I heard Kane Li is a handsome YOUNG man, same as Cali's AGE..." Xander teased putting stress on a few words, not letting his dear friend off that easily. It so happened that Ralph was with him when Rui called and asked for investigating and sending the details about Shane's family.

    "He's just a kid." Rui grunted while he sat on Xander's couch. He rested his head on the backrest and closed his eyes. He shouldn't give much thought to such a petty thing, but that Kane was getting on his nerves.

    Xander stood up and joined him on the opposite couch. "Based on your expression, I can tell that your lunch did not go well. I doubt if it's because of Cali so it's probably because of Shane's brother." Xander pointed out with squinted eyes.

    Rui sighed and opened his eyes to give Xander a sharp glare. "When are we going to leave? Can you go first and I'll follow you as soon as Kane has gone back to his country?"

    Xander had that crisp laugh and said, "Don't tell me that Rui Dee is getting alarmed by a mere little boy? Bro, that Kane will not go back to country V unless he finds his sister. He's the implant here to search wherever Shane is."

    Rui thought of that already, but he was not comfortable with Kane staying in Cali's house like a snoop dog.

    "He had already stayed with Cali for so long while Cali did not meet you yet so what's with this insecurity Rui? I'm sure Cali sees her only as a brother because if not, those two should have been an item already." Xander reiterated. Rui knew that as well, just that he was still feeling uneasy. He trusted Cali, but he did not trust the Kane guy.

    He had this cunning aura around him. He was ready to attack anytime for his advantage. He could tell by how Kane delivered his words that he would not retreat without having a fight.

    It was too easy for Xander to read what was going on in Rui's mind.

    "I thought you wanna give Cali more time to adjust. Treat it as a test in your relationship and see if what Cali truly feels for you is really that deep." Xander added with a grin.

    Rui's nostrils flared, and he scoffed, "Let's change our roles, Dr. CEO. You become a psychiatrist and let me be the Dr. CEO."

    Another roaring laughter came from Xander. Rui was so sulky at that moment. Xander could not help but tease him more. "Did you tell Cali that you will leave soon?" Xander asked.

    Rui shook his head. He planned to tell her later when he saw her again at her home. Cali had invited him for dinner at home saying that she would be the one to cook.

    "Did you tell Yera about the plan?" Rui asked back, and Xander nodded. Rui hoped that their travel to country V would finally put an end to everything.

    He saw Xander give him a warm smile as he stood up and patted his shoulder. "I'm happy Rui to see you finally in love."

    Rui only gave Xander an awkward smile. He himself was unaware if he was already in love or not, but he was sure he liked Cali a lot and this was definitely different from his feelings for anyone else ever.

    He looked at Xander with empathy as the latter handed him a bottle of soda. He wanted to bring Xander out for dinner with him, but it would not be safe for Xander to go out.

    "Tomorrow, I will eat dinner here with you. Let��s drink beer together." Rui mumbled.

    Xander chuckled and said, "Nah, you don't have to because I'm sure you want to be with Cali more often at this point of time. And I understand that feeling very well, so I prefer you make yourself present for Cali whenever you can. You know why? Because you never know how aggressive the young ones can be today. You also know love can also be developed over time."

    Rui simpered because Xander was intentionally picking up on him, he was too curious on how he would react. "Stop teasing me. I will bring Cali too with me tomorrow."

    Xander laughed and said, "Then I bet I will personally meet Kane also tomorrow."

    "No! We are not sure if he's dangerous for you or not. Yun can also use him against you so that Kane will just stay wherever he is." Rui firmly stated, and Xander agreed because Rui did have a point.

    "Dion and Rizie would come and bring me dinner soon. Those two have been spending too much time with me lately, bringing so much food and making me fat." Xander mumbled as he looked at the wall clock.

    "I bet Yera has been asking them to check on you and make sure you eat a lot," Rui commented before he became serious and asked, "Are you nervous?"

    Xander heaved a deep sigh and nodded at Rui. Yes, he was nervous because he would face a powerful group soon.

    "But you have to stay strong bro and fight for your life. Don't worry, I will always stay at your back the moment we arrive." Rui boasted.

    Xander chuckled and said, "And the more reason for me to become nervous, Rui..."

    Rui laughed as well because in terms of fighting skills Xander was much ahead of him. "Ralph would be with us so I guess it will be fine plus Keira's husband too, so I'm sure we both will be safe. I heard that Chad is quite influential too..."

    "Rui, why don't you stay behind instead and look after Yang Globals while I'm gone?" Xander suddenly suggested. To be honest, Rui was not really a part of the plan to go with him. Rui was the only one who requested him to get transferred at their facility there to avoid Cali but since everything seemed to go well with him and Cali already, he did not see the point for him to go there with him.

    "Are you sure about it?" Rui asked what made Xander roll his eyes.

    "What the heck? Are you just waiting for me to open it up?" Rui chortled with a nod.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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