392 Missed Him So Much

    Yera smiled while watching her in-laws enjoying the beach. She was in her swimwear and sitting on a beach chair while sipping her ripe mango shake.

    "They are looking so adorable," Yera whispered while she grabbed her mobile phone.

    She sent her husband a simple text message.

    [I wish you're here with me. I miss you.]

    Then she took a video of her in-laws and sent the same to her husband.

    Yera released a frustrated sigh. "I miss you," she whispered. She had never thought in her life that she would long for someone like that. She wanted to contact Ryu to bring her to her husband, even if it is just for a day.

    'Maybe I should go to meet him before he leaves for country V?' Yera mused. She decided that later she would seek help from Ryu to bring her to Yang Globals. Yera bit her lip, wondering if her husband would get angry once she showed up before him.

    Meanwhile, James and Riz were running and chasing each other. The weather was not too hot and was super nice for a beach day. It was fun playing in the water.

    He grabbed Liz by her waist as soon as he caught her and gave a quick kiss on her lips.

    Liz gently hit his chest. With burning red cheeks, she whispered, "Yera is also here, what if she is watching us."

    James chuckled and gently caressed her blushing cheeks. He felt so young whenever he was with Liz. He thought his stamina had already left him after so many years that passed by. But lately he could feel his body aggressively reacting whenever he was close to Liz, probably because of the thought Liz was his now.

    "Why are you so shy if you think we're too old for this already? I bet Yera will even cheer for us being sweet like this with each other..." James teased, totally bewildered by her beauty.

    He chuckled on realising how funnily his body was reacting. He guessed his body was still not that old for an intimate physical contact as well. He cursed at his wild thoughts, then chuckled as he stopped himself from having such silly and naughty thoughts.

    Liz could not even meet his eyes because she was too shy with the way he was behaving with her. "Geez, stop that. You're making me blush in embarrassment."

    James laughed and let her go. His gaze went at Yera's direction.

    "She's spacing out." James commented while looking at Yera not far from them, sitting quietly on a beach chair.

    Liz followed his gaze. She heaved a long sigh, and full of sympathy, whispered,. "Yes, she misses her husband, of course. I feel sad for the two of them. Let me check and talk to her."

    James nodded and watched Liz as she walked towards Yera.

    Yera was still in deep thought, staring at the blue waters that formed slight waves, reminiscing her days spent with Xander here, she was so lost in her thoughts that she did not even notice her mom Liz approaching.

    "It's hard for you, right?" Yera was startled to hear her voice. Liz chuckled and added, "You're zoning out, dear."

    Yera smiled at mom Liz while the latter held her hands and gently squeezed them. "Hang in there, my dear. You and Xander will be together again very soon."

    The two women both waved at Senior Yang who seemed to be enjoying the waves of the water and kept yelling and waving at them, "Yahoo..."

    "He's behaving like a kid!" Liz chortled.

    "Yeah, it's been a long time since he had had a vacation in a relaxing place like this. Imagine him spending most of his time all alone with butler Gary in Yang mansion. He occasionally went out with friends to the golf club, but being with a partner and a companion for a lifetime is still the best hang out. Thank you mom Liz for showing up in time and making our father happy like this." Yera whispered.

    She was sure Xander would have said the same words if he had witnessed right now what she was seeing.

    "I'm grateful too that I met James..." Liz murmured with a sweet smile carved on her lips. She was already content that James had accepted her love for him. She would not demand the same feelings like she had towards him for herself.

    She knew today she was a person who could make him happy, someone he was comfortable with in all circumstances. He might not love her yet as deeply as he loved his late wife, Xander's mother, but she knew that she held an important position in James' heart and life, she was someone he respected and trusted and it was more than enough for her.

    'Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.'

    Liz silently recited that verse from the bible. One of her favorites... Though she had not heard the exact words from James yet, Liz could feel it from his actions. She was always willing to wait for him, no matter how long it would take. With time, real love strengthens as you build trust.

    "Mom Liz, I'm planning to visit Xander before he goes to country V. I want to stay with him for at least a day." Yera opened up.

    Liz turned towards Yera and said, "Dear, will that be okay? I mean Xander wants to ensure your safety, that's why you're here."

    Yera bit her lower lip. Yes, she was aware of that, but she trusted Ryu would ensure her safety. They would travel by air so it would be hard for the enemies to tail her.

    Besides, no one would come to know that she had gone in the helicopter. She would disguise herself as a VIP patient for the whole scene. She had already planned it, and later she would ask Ryu if it's workable.

    "Just for one day... I really miss him too much," Yera stammered with wet eyes and Liz pulled her in for a hug.

    Her heart was aching too, seeing Yera in that state. She would always smile and laugh with them, but deep in her heart she was longing for her husband so much.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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