393 Being So Childish

    Rui picked-up Cali from her house as soon as his schedule was free. Cali greeted him with a warm smile and Rui smiled back at her but his lips suddenly turned downwards seeing Kane standing right behind Cali.

    "Hello Dr. Dee. I heard doctors have busy schedules. Aren't you here a bit early today?" Kane commented as he sat down on the sofa beside Cali. Last night the clingy doctor also ate dinner with them. Kane could feel the tension spread between them. Dr. Dee was obviously guarding Cali from him, and he felt proud that the doctor felt intimidated with his presence. It only meant that the doctor was seeing him as a competitor against Cali's attention.

    'Well, you're right, dude! I will not let Cali end up with you!' Kane mused. He heard that it was just an arranged marriage between them, so he felt that he still had a chance with Cali. He knew that Cali liked Dr. Dee, but Kane strongly believed that Cali was only infatuated with him.

    Rui ignored Kane. Instead, he looked at Cali and with a smile said, "Get changed. I will wait for you. We will go on a date today."

    "Really?" Cali burst out happily and quickly stood up to change when Rui nodded.

    "Cali wait... I want to go with you both too!" Kane yelled and ran to follow Cali who ran quickly like a flash to her room.

    Rui too stood up and cursed. "What a shameless guy," he unconsciously whispered as he controlled himself from following behind the two of them.

    He heard nanny Shine laugh as she approached Rui with a tray of juice. "Will that brat follow Cali in her room too?" Rui candidly asked.

    "Don't worry Dr. Dee... He can't and he won't even cross Cali's door or else he'll be dead. Those two are just like siblings. They like to banter and bully each other." Nanny Shine explained.

    'Surely Cali feels that way, but that Kane doesn't share the same feeling as of siblings with Cali.' Rui wanted to add, but he kept his composure and smiled at nanny Shine.

    He sat back in his seat and waited for Cali.

    Meanwhile, outside Cali's room, Kane was whining. "Cali... I'm so bored here alone. Can I tag along with you guys? Promise I will behave."

    "Shut up Kane and get lost. What are you trying to be, a third wheel? It's not for me to decide, but Rui. It's the first time he asked me out on a date so shoo and don't jinx it! I swear I will break your neck." Cali grunted while she was busy picking up what to wear.

    Kane stomped his feet and walked back to the living room where Rui was waiting for Cali.

    He sat on the opposite couch and simply said, "Cali said I can tag along if you agree."

    Rui frowned and muttered, "She said that?"

    Kane gulped and met his gaze, "Well not exactly like that but she said it's for you to decide since you're the one who asked her out."

    "How old are you Kane?" Rui glared at him and asked in a straight voice.

    "I'm twenty-one, SAME AS CALI. Why?" Kane answered with heavy diction on the last words.

    Rui's eyebrows flinched. 'Same as Cali so?' he mused but instead asked, "Have you ever been in a relationship? Or did you have a girlfriend before?"

    "Not yet, but I will pursue someone soon..." Kane bluntly answered, emphasizing a double meaning.

    Rui ignored it but the boy was really getting on his nerves.

    "That's good for you then. So if for example you ask your girlfriend on a date and she happens to have her guy best-friend around... Do you think you will like it when the guy joins you and your girlfriend, especially when you will have a lovely moment together as a couple? You know, like kissing, hugging... Will you allow that guy to spoil the mood?" Rui asked with lifted eyebrows, curious about the way Kane would respond to his provocative words.

    "Doc, if you are trying to apply a psychological approach to me then let me tell you this... It won't work, and I don't answer hypothetical nonsensical questions? I don't plan on coming to that point once I am in a relationship, so it's okay for me if you two go without me. Cali will return home soon, anyway, and I can play with her later at night..." Kane answered with a smirk.

    "You..." Rui mumbled with a collapsed forehead but quickly composed himself seeing Cali was approaching towards them.

    "Let's go?" Cali said and looked at Kane, "Behave while I'm gone!"

    "Yes, madam. Can you buy me something when you come back home... Please..." Kane with his puppy eyes twinkling at Cali pleaded.

    Cali laughed and even messed up Kane's hair before saying, "Alright."

    Rui wanted to hit the boy's head when Kane gave him an irritating snigger as soon as Cali turned her back on him.

    'What a sinister boy!' Rui complained, but he answered him with a smirk as he pulled Cali's hand and tightly clasped it together in his.

    'Take that!' he silently rejoiced seeing Kane's dismal face when he also put his arm on Cali's shoulders afterwards.

    In his entire life, Rui did not imagine himself being so childish like he was now. If he could, he wanted to smash that fly roaming around his Cali.

    While he was busy smashing Kane in his head, Rui failed to notice how Cali's face turned red with the way he touched her and almost embraced her within his warm arms.

    'Could it be that he is falling for me?' Cali was too giddy as she formed various sweet thoughts in her head. She wondered where they would go and how sweet their first date would be.

    "We will have an early date and go to watch a movie first, then let's have dinner and a drink with Xander later at night is that okay?" Rui informed her as soon as they were inside the car.

    'It's okay as long as I'm with you.' Cali wanted to reply as that, but she was too shy. Instead, she just nodded and gave Rui her wonderful smile.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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