394 A Perfect Dream

    Yera's helicopter landed at the rooftop of Yang Global's group with Ryu and Zach, making sure of her safety and security, keeping the confidentiality of her travels intact.

    She pleaded to Keira to help her to at least spend some fleeting time with her husband before Xander traveled to country V. Yera knew Xander would face a very difficult and dangerous situation without her being by his side, so she wanted to at least pamper her husband for one more night.

    It was already dark, Xander had told her that he would have dinner and drink with Rui that night so she assumed that her dear husband would already be snoozing in his private room.

    Xander's office was heavily guarded, but everyone knew her and Ralph had already instructed his men about her arrival. She entered Xander's office and looked around, reminiscing the memories of the time they had spent there.

    They used to eat together on the couch. Then her eyes shifted to Xander's private room. "It's been a while..." Yera whispered as her fingers touched the fingerprint scanner on the door that opened instantly.

    Yera entered the room. The dim light was enough for her to see her husband sleeping soundly on his bed. She carefully walked towards him, making sure not to make a sound and interrupt his slumber.

    She gently joined him on the bed and stared at his handsome face. Yera laid sideways to face him. Her face was so close to Xander that she could feel his warm breathing on her face. She chuckled when she smelled a bit of alcohol from him.

    She wondered if her husband was dreaming because he would occasionally frown. "What is it?" she whispered while her fingers gently caressed his husband's face. "I missed you badly," Yera whispered as she moved closer to feel his warmth and gave him a gentle kiss.

    Xander's sluggish eyes slowly opened, and he smiled. "What a perfect dream," Xander huskily whispered and pulled Yera closer for a tight hug and a heartfelt intense kiss.

    "I miss you..." Xander muttered in between kisses, thinking it was only a dream. Yera kissed him back, and she even rolled on top of her husband. She could taste the alcohol and the toothpaste brand mixed in his mouth.

    She pulled herself and stared at her husband who was steadfastly looking at her. He was caressing her cheeks while he murmured, "I don't want to wake up if my dreams are always like this."

    Yera gave him a smile but did not dare talk back. Instead, she slowly stripped off her clothes in front of Xander one by one until none left.

    Xander's breathing was craggy. He had a lot to drink after Rui and Cali left. He drank so much so he could have a long knocked out sleep without too much missing and longing for his lovely wife. He had to leave for country V the next day and the thought of an unknown amount of time away from Yera was really bothering him badly.

    Xander unconsciously moaned when he felt Yera remove all his sleepwear.

    The Almighty must have taken pity on him that he felt that he was granted with such a perfect dream alone with his wife like this. Yera's warmth felt so real. Her kiss... Her body against his... so real...

    Without him knowing, Xander's eyes welled up, then tears fell from his eyes. Yera saw that, and her tears also ran down her face. She leaned down on him and kissed his tears away.

    Yera felt Xander enclosed her in a tight embrace as he moved sideways, intertwining their bodies as tight as he could.

    Yera chuckled and whispered, "This drunkard... You're not dreaming, darling. I'm here in flesh with you. Can you now release me so I can love you all night long?"

    "It's too good to be true," Xander sluggishly muttered, still in denial. He would not let her go because he was too afraid that if he would let her go, she would instantly disappear.

    Yera let Xander hold her while she kissed him on the lips. Xander kissed her back. They stayed like that for too long, savoring each other's lips like they've never been together for ages. None dared to pull out, even though they were almost breathless.

    Yera rolled on top of her husband while her hands glided in his body, caressing his every muscle from the chest, his sides, his stomach, his hips before it went to his groin. It was so hard and kept on poking at Yera. She gently caressed and rubbed it, which brought a sweet groan on Xander's mouth.

    She released his lips to shower his neck with kisses, going down to his chest, but Xander quickly pulled her back to his lips.

    Yera chuckled because her dear husband seemed to be in his dream still with him whispering in himself, "Don't you dare wake up..." before he once again claimed his wife's lips. He was obviously reminding himself not to wake up.

    The night was young and Yera wondered how long her husband had planned to convince himself that he was in a dream. She moved and brushed her lower body at him. Then he gently bit Xander's lower lip to give him some pain to realize he was not dreaming.

    Xander stared at her closely, and Yera winked. "I love you." she whispered with her eyes looking deep into his, full of love and passion. Then what followed was a sweet moan as she started to let him enter her opening.

    "Darling?" Xander murmured, eyes still fixed together. Yera nodded and sealed his lips as she began her love rhythm to show her husband how much she had missed him.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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