395 Fleeting Moment**

    [Skip, if you're not comfortable with a detailed love scene. *EVIL GRIN*]

    Yera smiled when she felt wet kisses on her chest. It took a while before her husband realized he was not dreaming. And once he realized it, he ended up locking her in the bed with him and not letting her off from the bed. She wanted to sleep more but her husband barely gave her any time to sleep. She presumed that the sun was already up by the bright rays of sun coming inside their private room from an open blind.

    "Darling, let's sleep a little..." she breathed while her hands grabbed Xander's hair.

    "Do you really think I can allow you to sleep after barging into my privacy like that? No, darling, we will never sleep and you will not get out of this room either." Xander mumbled as he showered his wife with nerve shivering kisses.

    He wanted to scold his wife for surprising him like this, but at the same time he too was so glad and grateful to be with her like this, even just for this fleeting moment. His hunger would not be quenched that easily because his yearning for his wife was too unyielding.

    Yera moaned when she felt her husband's lips biting her hard nipples while his other hand was playfully caressing her other breast, tweaking the other nipple with his fingers. He was waking her up with a bit of pain and pleasure.

    Yera chuckled and whispered, "Are you punishing me?" She bit her lip hard when she felt him feeding on her nipples and gently pulling it.

    "It's your fault... You're too stubborn," Xander replied with his warm breath sending warm sensational breath on her skin. Yera missed it so much, the familiar feeling of her husband licking and sucking on her nipple simultaneously.

    His hand went further south, caressing her flower that was still wet with his juices mixed with hers. He was tracing her line with his finger, rubbing her and making her moan. His finger played on her small nub, giving her the tingling sensation that only his touch could do.

    She spread her legs, ready to accept her husband's length inside her once again. Soon enough, she felt his hardness brushing in her line.

    She howled in pleasure when his length thrust deep inside of her. He was still kissing her breasts, nibbling her nipples while he moved in and out of her, sending waves of pleasure all over her craving body.

    She heard her name being called by her husband in his hoarse voice all over again followed by continuous, "I love you" while he sped up his thrust, digging as deep as he could.

    Yera shuddered in ecstasy as she danced in perfect unison with his every thrust. Harder and faster and Yera soon shook in pleasure underneath Xander.

    Xander watched his wife's breasts bounce up and down when he buried his length as deep as he could, slamming it in and out. He waited for her to reach her climax, and when Yera's body jolted, he felt himself climaxing soon. He buried himself deeper, faster, and soon he released his seeds inside his wife. He stayed inside her still trembling body and buried his face on her neck.

    Both of them were gasping for air. Xander gently pulled out and laid beside her while pulling his wife's body close to his, hugging her tightly.

    "I can't believe all of them did not even tell me about this." Xander whispered, pertaining to people that were involved with Yera's unexpected arrival.

    Yera chuckled and said, "Because I threatened them... I will also go back later... For the meantime, I will now get up and prepare breakfast for you darling," Yera muttered, trying to get up since it was already morning.

    "It's too early... Let's stay together like this until our stomach grumbles. I'll just ask Ron to leave our breakfast outside." Xander mumbled, not letting her out from his embrace.

    The couple stayed like that, staring at each other and caressing each other's face, kissing in between savouring the warmth of each other.

    "If you take too long in that country, I will follow in case my pregnancy test is negative." Yera declared, full of determination. If it was only herself, then she would rather face the danger with her husband.

    "And if it's positive, you have to promise not to be stubborn and stay safely at the island..." Xander murmured in a raised brow.

    Yera pursed her lips... Yes, she had no choice but to stay because she did not want to lose another baby if that happened. It would be too heartbreaking for them both and thus she would be more careful and considerate of her body this time.

    Xander knitted his eyebrows and repeated, "Promise me, darling."

    Yera nodded and nudged herself more to her husband, "Finish everything and make sure you come back to me safe and sound..."

    "Yes, I promise... I will come back soon, darling. You and our baby should wait for my return..." Xander murmured that made Yera laugh because her husband was here again with his premonition that she was pregnant.

    "Don't laugh at me... I told you, you're pregnant... Soon to be preggy darling." Xander chortled.

    "Alright... We will see but first lemme go cause the baby will get hungry soon." Yera jested, and Xander laughed.

    He loosened his hug and Yera went directly to the bathroom to have a quick shower, but Xander followed her, never sparing a moment to let his wife be out of his arms.

    And another lovemaking session started there, in the shower room where Xander pinned Yera on the glass wall and took her from behind.

    They stayed inside the private room, cuddling and kissing. Ron left the take out food inside the office and Yera even fed her husband like she used to when she was working in Yang Globals, pampering him until the remaining hours left for them to be together.

    "It feels like we're snatching burrowed hours." Yera voiced out with pouted lips. Xander chuckled and pinched her nose. "Get ready, I will see you off." Xander breathed. He also had to leave soon.

    Yera heaved a long deep frustrated sigh before getting up from her husband's hug to get dressed.

    Yera walked first. They were about to get out from the private room when Xander grabbed her hand and suddenly pulled her back into a tight hug. Yera embraced him back, and they stayed like that for long minutes. There was only silence and heavy breathing inside the room.

    Both of them did not want to let go of each other. "Please bring me with you, I hate to live a single day without you by my side." Yera murmured.

    Xander sighed and whispered, "No, I can't. Let me be at peace while I'm fighting with them, knowing that you are at least in a safer place where no harm can come your way."

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