396 Welcome To My World

    Xander took his private plane and finally landed at the airport of country V. Ralph and his most elite security team were with him. He went out of the aircraft and smiled at the man waiting for his arrival. It was John, aka Chad.

    Xander hugged the man and said, "It's been a while, man. Look at you..." Chad looked so manly and more mature now. Chad laughed and replied, "I know right... I'm still not used to this. I prefer being a bodyguard, guarding only one person than racking my brains out on thinking how to maintain peace and order to an entire community..."

    "You can't fight destiny, especially if you're bound for it." Xander commented. "Wow, your security team looks deadly." he added seeing how big the armed men were with Chad.

    Chad laughed and muttered, "That's mandatory. A bouncer aura. So they look more scary."

    "I hope they are scary enough to keep my body intact from Yun's men while I'm here." Xander jested.

    "Don't worry Doc because I will personally see to it that you're safe or else Keira will kill me." Chad replied.

    "But I heard you're a busy man. Running for presidency is tough that's why it's enough to just lend me some of your men. You don't have to escort me like this..." Xander commented as he went inside an armored car with Chad.

    "See how tight my security is with me? Because I'm running for presidency, hence it's better you stay close to me. No one will be brave enough to touch me knowing I'm the successor of Quan Clan. Yue Clan will be the first wanted clan if anything bad happens to me so they will not make an unwise move." Chad explained. Inside the car, Chad did not spare a moment and discussed with Xander the detailed organizational chart of the Yue clan.

    "How come there is no photo of this Raine?" Xander asked, seeing there was no photo of the King's daughter in the chart.

    "King Marcus forbids it. He wants the privacy of his only daughter so only his top officials can recognize her. Well, except of course for people whom the princess discloses her identity." Chad explained.

    "We will soon meet her knowing the King's condition, she will succeed and lead the group... Hopefully she could be a better leader than her father." Chad went on and continued with further briefing.

    In two days' time, he would meet everyone, face to face. That Yun, he would make sure that the old man would face his worst nightmare, ten fold the pain he had caused to his family.

    Xander felt Chad tapped his shoulder and said, "Don't worry, man. We will make sure that justice is properly served for all his wrongdoings. Everyone in the Yue clan who is involved in this has to pay."

    Xander nodded, "They have to pay... No matter what it takes, I will make sure that no one will bring harm to my family so I have to end this by all means."


    At an underground facility of country V's Capital City...

    A scanner scanned Raine's face before the glass door opened. She entered a room with high technology, Tyron followed behind her.

    "How is he?" Raine asked the group of doctors monitoring the vitals of her father, King Marcus. He was inside a metal capsule, with a lot of tubes attached to his body. He fell in a coma but his body was still intact and all his organs were still well. In short, he was not yet dead. They had to try all means to revive him unless he stopped breathing on his own.

    "He's stable for now. He will be ready to open his eyes in a month." the doctor confirmed and Raine signaled everyone to leave her alone, except for Tyron, in the private room where her father lies.

    Every corner of the room was heavily guarded with hidden cameras and not to mention the laser beams. One wrong move made by anyone, that would compromise the King's safety and a beam would hit that body and shred into pieces in an instant.

    His safety was the top priority. 'One month,' Raine mused. You would never get bored with how time flies. Next day you were up and that one month was almost there. Xander was running out of time and she could no longer assure his safety after that month, safety not just from her hands but also from her father.

    Her father was not yet aware of Xander's existence. Only her uncle Yun was, because fortunately her uncle Yun was too arrogant to seal everything and take the credit once he totally wiped out the twins' last bloodline. It was the only way for him to succeed in the Yue Clan's throne next, whether or not her father woke up from his coma.

    It really made little sense to her at all... She was sure there was a secret behind it that only her father and uncle Yun were aware of... A secret behind her birthright that was why Yun was too blunt and bold about saying she did not have the right to claim leadership at Yue Clan, giving her an impression that only who could kill Xander Yang had the right to claim the throne of Yue Clan.

    Tyron's mobile phone vibrated and after reading his text message, he whispered something in Raine's ear. She looked at an angle where her uncle was watching her for sure. With a smirk, she declared, "Time's running uncle. I guess I have no choice but to kill him first before you do. You're such an incapable man. You should retire..."

    She went out of the room and instructed Tyron, "I will leave you to take care of the matters in here. I will return to the island first. I will entrust Xander with you while I'm gone. Give him a proper welcome. After all, he's my long-lost nephew, he should be treated accordingly."

    "Make sure everything is properly arranged Tyron. Before that month ends I want everything cleaned up without a trace before father wakes up... A thorough clean up that not even a speck of dust would be seen." Raine added with a devious smile as she walked past the hallway while she anticipated what could happen next.

    Too bad that she would not be available to welcome Xander on his arrival and enter the actual world full of power struggles. "Welcome At Yue Clan in advance Dr. CEO. Welcome to my world."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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