397 Flower In Bloom

    Yera looked at her watch because Xander had not called her yet. After confirming her safe arrival back on the island, Xander also left for country V and promised Yera that he would call her as soon as he safely arrived in Chad's place, under the territory and protection of the Quan Clan.

    She pouted her lips while she touched the flower of a rose blooming at Ryu's garden, surrounding his mansion.

    "Ouch!" she winced and squeezed more blood out from her finger that got pricked by the rose thorns while she tried to pluck it.

    "What happened, dear?" Yera heard mom Liz from behind. She was with her father-in-law with a tray of cut fresh fruits for her.

    Yera smiled and said, "Nothing mom Liz... Just got a small prick." Then Yera grabbed the tray and walked to one of the resting tables and chairs in the garden.

    "Father, I talked to bro Ryu and his manager will have everything arranged for the wedding." Yera happily informed. Senior Yang gave Yera a timid smile. "Thank you, dear, but I really prefer to delay it after we settle everything." Senior Yang voiced out pertaining with Xander's absence, and mom Liz seconded the idea.

    "Xander said next month everything will be settled so while we are waiting... Let's do some preparation." Yera excitedly mumbled that she even showed mom Liz the wedding gown designs her designer sent her.

    Liz was blushing hard. To be honest, she did not want a grand wedding. All she wanted was to be with James and registering the marriage and getting the certificate would be enough for her. But James was the one who disagreed, saying she should have a proper wedding ceremony because it only happened to a woman once in a lifetime and James wanted to see her wearing a wedding dress.

    Yera watched the elder couple in front of her with her father-in-law giving comments at each wedding dress on how they would look at mom Liz who was too red already from blushing hard.

    She forked some melon, watermelon, mangoes and other fruits from the serving plates on her plate. Liz noticed it.

    "Dear, I noticed you're eating a lot lately. You must maintain your sexy figure unless..." Mom Liz stated with a pause.

    Yera laughed and tittered, "Hahaha. I know what you're thinking, mom Liz. Xander too thinks the same, but that's too early to foretell and confirm. Actually, I've just started eating a lot since Xander left... This way I can keep myself busy by filling my stomach."

    "We'll know after a few weeks I guess," James interrupted, sounding giddy as the same thought also crossed his mind.

    "Liz, let Yera eat more besides she's eating healthy food and it's also good for the immune system and body." James added and even put more fruits on Yera's plate.

    The sudden ringing on Yera's mobile phone interrupted the cheerful conversation of the three. It was a video call from Xander so she immediately answered it.

    "Darling... I'm safe... Just arrived at Chad's palace." Xander mumbled, and they heard a loud laughter of a man from the video. Xander moved his mobile phone to Chad, who greeted Yera and waved hello.

    "Darling I will call you back later. Say my regards to dad and mom, Liz." Xander muttered.

    "They can hear you. They are with me..." Yera answered with a smile and shifted the camera focus towards her mom, Liz and father-in-law who waved at Xander.

    "Son, always take care. Never let your guard down.." Senior Yang reminded his son.

    "Yes dad, I understand. Don't worry and enjoy the stay there with mom, Liz and Yera. I will return soon." Xander answered and then bid his farewell to Yera before he ended the call.

    Sadness clouded Yera's features when the call ended, but quickly formed an enormous smile so her in-laws would not notice it.

    Instead, she forked fruits in one chew. Then she commented, "Mom Liz, I agree with father-in-law, the mermaid dress will look good on you."

    She did not want to spoil the mood of them both, whom she wanted to let have some fun with each other, while staying at the island with her. She too did not want to worry much because she believed in her husband's capabilities. Yet, she could not help but worry deep in her heart.

    After quite some time, Yera bid farewell to her in-laws to go back to her room because she suddenly felt sleepy. As usual, she would always say a silent prayer for her husband's safety before going to bed.

    At the garden, Senior Yang had the same sentiments as Yera. He too tried not to worry that much, but he couldn't help as well to do so. If only he could, he would be the one facing the triad alone, but he was not qualified. Only Xander could be entertained for such an audience.

    All he could do was to keep on praying for his son's safety and hope that everything would end up well.

    He felt Liz grabbed his hand into hers and kissed it. No words were needed... Just those simple gestures from her with her loving expression and smile of encouragement was enough to give him the comfort he needed at this time.

    "How about we do some barbecue later for dinner here at the garden? Then let's play some games with Yera to have fun together. Oh wait, let's do it at the beach with some bonfire. I will ask Regan to help with the arrangements..." Liz excitedly suggested. Hoping it would somehow ease the weariness for James and Yera.

    "If Xander is not busy, he can eat and play with us also later through video call." Liz added with her sparkling eyes.

    James chuckled and nodded. "That would be a great idea hon." he praised with a tease because he loved how Liz would blush whenever he called her hon.

    Liz pursed her lips while a bashful smile escaped her beautiful lips. She was aware her cheeks were becoming red because James gently pinched and caressed those.

    She felt like a flower in bloom. Well, she was definitely a delayed bloomer, but at least she had the chance to experience how to bloom.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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