398 A Shy One

    As soon as Rui confirmed that Xander safely arrived at country V, Rui looked at his wristwatch and quickly wrapped up all his pending works.

    He called Cali and told her he would pick her up on a date to compensate with the one they cancelled before since they went directly to Xander because of the urgent call he got from him. Turns out Xander endorsed a lot of works for him before leaving for country V the next day.

    He no longer went out from his car since Cali's grandfather was not at home. Instead, he asked Cali to go out directly because he did not want to get annoyed seeing Kane's annoying gestures.

    Cali smiled and quickly went inside Rui's car. This date was considered being their first date, and she was too excited.

    Rui brought her to an exclusive cinema, Cali was too happy that she could not even focus on the movie because she was too distracted by Rui's closeness.

    Rui on the other hand was thinking whether he would extend his arm on Cali's shoulders or not. He already did that before for showing off and irritating Kane, but at that moment, he felt so timid.

    "Are you alright?" he heard Cali ask. She probably noticed that he was moving restlessly now and then on his seat. "Uhm yeah. I'm good." Rui answered.

    Cali pulled up the armrest between them and offered Rui some popcorn. "Do you want to eat?" he heard Cali offered. Rui nodded but did not pick up some popcorn.

    He saw Cali raise her arm with the popcorn while she said, "here."

    Rui unconsciously opened his mouth and received it. Cali was being giddy while she fed Rui the popcorn. It felt so good that he was reciprocating her actions.

    Rui did not like popcorns but because Cali was feeding it to him he suddenly felt like he could finish them all. 'Since when did popcorn start tasting so good?' he mused because he did not like very salty food and Cali asked for that cheesy flavor.

    Maybe it was Cali's finger that made the popcorn taste so good and he could lick her fingers too now and then. Cali offered him her drink too, Rui had a sip. Even Cali's drink was too sweet for him but he did not mind since it's Cali's drink and it felt like kissing her.

    Rui coughed at the silly thought coming inside his head. Then he realized Cali was already his official fiance, so why was he acting so weird and timid. It was so out of his age.

    He exhaled loudly and nonchalantly put his arm on Cali's shoulders while whispering, "I think it's a bit cold."

    But then his face cringed because Xander would surely laugh at the way he was acting at that moment. He too was surprised to notice that even his heart was beating irregularly, especially when he felt Cali rested her head on his chest.

    ."Rui," he heard Cali's whispering sound.

    "Hmmm?" he breathed.

    "Your heartbeat..." Cali with furrowed forehead commented. She tilted her head to look at him while Rui looked down at her. Their faces were too close.

    "Your heart... I can hear it." Cali whispered. "I think it's because you're close to me," Rui replied huskily. Cali closed her eyes and thought they would kiss, but nothing happened for a long time.

    She opened her eyes and saw Rui was now completely focused on the screen. "The killer is his best friend? For real? What a suspense!" Cali heard Rui mumble.

    Cali's face wrinkled as she put her eyes back on the screen. Just when she thought a passionate kiss would follow... but it turned out Rui was too engrossed in what they were watching on the screen.

    When the movie ended, Cali could not hide her sullen mood. "What's wrong?" Rui asked. "Nothing," Cali simply answered as they headed back in the car.

    Rui's forehead puckered as he watched Cali hurriedly go inside his car as soon as he opened it. He followed her and started the engine but did not drive yet.

    Instead, Rui turned his head towards Cali and asked, "You have to tell me what's wrong. You're so transparent Cali and I can sense that you're annoyed with me."

    Cali pursed her lips. It was too embarrassing if she told Rui that she's annoyed for not being kissed. 'How humiliating it can be!' Cali mused, irritated too at herself for being too transparent even with such an insignificant matter.

    Rui might even think she's a kiss maniac if he finds out about it, but she really wanted to kiss him at that moment. She felt Rui's hands on her shoulder, trying to turn her to face him.

    "Cali... Communication is very important in a relationship. It plays a vital role for a lasting relationship. You have to tell me what I did wrong or what is bothering you because I will never know otherwise." Rui explained because he was confused on why Cali was acting weird.

    Cali got red as she bit her lip and met Rui's intent gaze at her.

    "It's because... I thought... you... will k..i..s..s me inside," Cali stuttered as she said the words. She struggled as she tilted her head down with embarrassment.

    Rui tried his best to suppress his laughter. He also wanted to kiss Cali that time, her closed eyes and parted lips were like an open invitation for him, but he controlled the urge because he did not want Cali to think he was taking too much advantage of her. If he only knew it would offend Cali like that, then he should have kissed her the whole time they were in the theatre.

    He held Cali's chin so she could face him. He gently caressed her blushing cheek and muttered, "Silly, didn't you feel how much I wanted to kiss you all the day long? I even want you to stay with me often."

    Cali's eyes blinked in disbelief and instantly she pounced at Rui. "If you want to kiss me anytime, you don't need to hold back. I'm your fiance now. I always thought the older men are more aggressive, didn't know I would get a shy one." Cali mumbled in pouted lips.

    Instead of answering, Rui gently kissed Cali on her lips, sucking her upper and lower lips simultaneously before letting his tongue invade her inner mouth. Cali ended up gasping for air when Rui released her lips.

    "We have to stop..." Rui whispered and sat straight on his seat to drive. If he would not stop, his hands would start moving on Cali's body soon and he was afraid to go beyond more.

    Cali smiled as she unconsciously touched her lips. She quickly removed it when Rui spoke, "Let's eat dinner."

    'Then I'll take you home...' was supposed to be Rui's next words, but he wanted to take Cali to his home instead away from that Kane.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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