399 Get The Woman You Like

    Rui took Cali to his home instead of taking her to a restaurant for dinner.

    "I thought we're going to have dinner outside?" Cali asked when she noticed Rui had parked his car in his garage. Her heart pounded hard while various naughty thoughts came and went into her mind.

    'Why did we come to his home? Oh gosh, what underwear did I wear today?' Cali panicky mused. Then she blushed, recalling the almost intimate moment they shared inside Rui's room. She wanted to pull her hair for having such perverted thoughts.

    She was in that state of dumbfoundedness when Rui opened the car door for her.

    "Let's go up. I decided to cook dinner for you tonight instead since it's too early to go for dinner out, anyway. Today I will treat you to a gourmet dinner at home instead." Rui specified with an enticing smile.

    Cali felt like she had been splashed with a bucket full of water for being such a perverted lady for having unnecessary thoughts about coming to his home. She gave Rui an awkward smile before accepting his hand and went out of the car.

    But then another wave of excitement built in her body at the thought of watching Rui cook for her. 'He is already handsome, how much more handsome will he look while cooking?'

    "You always cook for me so this time I will do the cooking for you, and I hope you will like the food too." Rui added as they entered his house.

    "I won't take long. Feel at home while I'm in the kitchen." Rui murmured, and Cali nodded. She looked around Rui's home. It was an enormous house with a nice open veranda from the living area and she bet there were a lot of rooms too upstairs. She stood up on the couch and looked at the various displays at the living area.

    Her lips curved into a lovely smile seeing many of Rui's photos were with Xander. "He's so handsome," she whispered with a chuckle then she saw a picture of a woman with a child.

    "It must be his mother. What a beauty! So lovely," Cali muttered, looking at the stunning woman in the photo. She then walked at the wide veranda connected with the living area.

    The view of the sunset was so relaxing from there that Cali was tempted to sit on the chair and watch it. However, she also wanted to watch Rui while cooking so she enthusiastically walked towards the kitchen.

    "Chef, what are you cooking for the queen today?" Cali grinned and teased as she sat on the kitchen counter table.

    Rui heard her words. He gave her a wide smile and said, "Seared salmon with spiced sweet potatoes and pasta. My queen, please tell me what else would you prefer to eat?" Cali was completely captivated by that sensual smile of the handsome man standing in front of her calling her his queen and throwing a bouquet of honeyed words at her.

    She couldn't stop herself and immediately grabbed her mobile phone to take some photos of Rui cooking food wearing an apron. She even jumped close to him and included herself in a few pics taking selfies with him holding a knife, vegetables etc in different poses.

    Rui cooperated with her photo taking session while he washed some potatoes. He felt a bit shy with Cali taking his photos though.

    "Anything you cook will do for me. I'm not a picky eater, but I love anything that is tasty." Cali answered while her eyes peered on Rui.

    "Then I'll make you creamy broccolini pasta with chile breadcrumbs," Rui noted.

    "Do you need help?" Cali offered herself for help and stood up. "Where's the apron? I feel stiff staying on my seat." she asked.

    "Are you sure?" Rui asked and Cali nodded several times. He picked an apron and put it on Cali with his arms, almost wrapping Cali in his embrace who held her breath for that moment, smelling Rui's manly scent.

    She wondered if there was something wrong with her because she noticed Rui had a very huge effect on her emotions whenever he was very close to her... Giving her this tingling feeling she could not explain whenever he was near.

    Rui's eyes met hers... and there was like this magnetic force between their gaze... Rui lowered his head...

    'Oh, my gosh... he is going to give me a kiss!' Cali inwardly yelled, anticipating what would happen next.

    But her mobile phone suddenly rang, interrupting that magical moment between the two of them. She saw Rui, still with his face close to hers, grinned while he whispered, "Answer the call..."

    Cali nodded, eyes still on Rui as she raised her arm and put her mobile phone on her ear.

    "What took you so long to pick the phone?! I cooked your favorite creamy pasta! Tell your boyfriend to bring you back early!" Kane scolded on the other line, and Rui heard the man's loud voice from the phone.

    "Dummy! Who told you to wait for me? Put that in the fridge and I'll eat it tomorrow... I'm on a date!" Cali answered with collapsed brows, breaking her eye connection from Rui who frowned when he realised it was Kane who called and that too to call her back home.

    Rui signaled Cali to give him her phone. Although confused, Cali handed Rui her mobile phone.

    "Hello... Cali... how can you do this to me? Leaving your important guest alone in your lonely mansion. You should help me out to locate Shane instead of going out on dates. You're already engaged so you need not go out often. Are you forsaking me?" Kane continued blabbering on the other line, trying his best to make Cali feel guilty for ignoring and leaving him by himself.

    Rui's eyebrows flickered in annoyance. He sighed and firmly said, "Stop pestering my fiance when we're on a date. And yes, don't wait for her because she is going to sleep at my place tonight..."

    Kane's jaws tightly clenched hearing those blunt words from Rui. 'Is he nuts? Cali sleeping in his place when they are not married yet?! Did he want to die?' Kane irritably mused.

    He was about to say more words, but the call ended abruptly. He tried to make another call, but Cali's mobile phone was turned off. "F*ck that prick!" Kane yelled inside his room and was about to throw his mobile phone away but controlled himself from doing so.

    He wanted to shout and cry! He could not lose Cali that easily to that old man!

    As he sat in his room cursing Rui and scheming to gain Cali's favour, his mobile phone rang, and Kane cursed again upon seeing the caller. He forgot that his mobile phone was bugged too, so that Mr. Long surely heard his rant.

    "What does he want now?" Kane mumbled before answering the call.

    "You crybaby! I told you to look for Shane and not play a loser heartbroken as* there! What is wrong with you, huh? You're from Yue Clan and you're behaving like a bloody loser?! If you want that woman you can easily take her! Once we found Shane don't worry I will help you get the woman you like! But for now, focus on finding your sister!" Kane heard Mr. Long yell before ending the call.

    Kane suddenly hit his head with his mobile phone. "You dummy!" he scolded himself, hoping he would not put Cali in danger due to his stupidity.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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