400 Do You Really Want To Kill Me

    At Lim's Villa hotel and Resort

    Shane was trying all that she could in planning her next move to seduce Josh. She even toned down her attitude by using less harsh words and started playing a damsel in distress in front of Josh.

    It was late afternoon when she came out of her room to check on Josh. She walked in the lobby and went to the reception area where Josh was often seated.

    She was actually very impressed and saluted Josh for being a hands-on Boss in his business. He was monitoring his business very well, unlike some owners who would hire people to manage things for them, boss around them and just kept waiting for the reports Josh personally made sure that all the guests were taken care of properly and were satisfied with their services.

    Josh saw Shane coming towards him and was anxious again on seeing her. She signaled him to follow her. Josh bit his lip because he wanted to avoid Shane as much as possible. She was acting very clingy and touchy with him for a few days.

    He had decided he would keep his resolution and would not break that easily. He was aware of what Shane wanted from him, but he would not let her have her way on him. 'No way!' he firmly mused.

    He still followed Shane and quickly grabbed her wrist. "We will not talk inside your room!" he exclaimed because whenever he was inside Shane's room, he felt like he was walking on a thread!

    Shane paused and pouted her lips. Josh did not know whether to cry or laugh whenever Shane would do that. Lately, she was acting so weird that did not suit her original character at all. Not that he was not aware why Shane was doing all that. Still, he somehow could not dismiss her outrightly.

    "You know... I won't act like this if you had already introduced someone to me by now. You don't even let me go out to bars or dance clubs to mingle with other men and at least find a partner for one night." Shane burst out because it was true. Josh was too strict saying she could not meet a trustworthy man in places like those but he was not introducing her to any man he knew either.

    "I told you I'm running out of time. Besides, I want to help Xander Yang. I need to go back to our clan to do so... When will your brother in the military meet me? Make sure you remind him to bring his hot single men along with him, okay?" Shane intentionally brought it up.

    She would help the military in this country to bring down the Yue clan's evil members. She had nothing to lose anymore, so she was strong with her decision to help anyone who wanted to destroy the Yue clan! That way her family could get freed from those evil monsters' clutches.

    She was fortunate enough that Josh's brother in the military was the one handling the case involving the Yue clan. She was offered a good bargain for helping them out and becoming a spy.

    "Shane... Please wait a little more and don't be so desperate, okay? Let's wait for my brother's arrival and I'm sure he will definitely come up with some good ideas..." Josh pleaded and hoped his big bro Zach did have another solution for Shane's case.

    In the past few days that Josh stayed with Shane, he came to know her more. Shane was a good person, though she could be tactless most of the time. She was not pretentious at all.

    Shane exhaled a long sigh and gave Josh a long stare. "I like you," she subconsciously whispered because she really did.

    "Huh? Oh please Shane stop it already. Do you really want to kill me with this kind of dilemma? Have I not been good to you to torture me like this?" Josh complained with his crumpled face.

    Shane bit her lower lip while she suppressed herself from crying. She would not cry. Why would she cry? She did not love Josh in the beginning. But she had to admit that as days passed by, she could not help but eventually start liking the man.

    "Can't I at least like you? You have been too good to me, taking so good care of me and even trying to stop me from taking any wrong step in desperation, probably that's the reason why I have started liking you. Don't you really like me a bit? Or at least find me a little attractive?" Shane straightforwardly asked with her eyes drilling directly into Josh's heart.

    Josh gulped, and his lips pursed. He was caught off guard with that question of hers and he could not find his tongue to answer her question.

    "I... Shane..." he stuttered, trying to find the right words. He felt Shane's hand removing his grip on her wrist and pulled her hand away from him.

    "That's okay, Josh. You don't need to answer. I know you like someone sweet, lovely and girlish woman like Cali. Don't worry, I will never bug you again. Sorry for troubling you this much." Josh heard Shane wryly say before turning her back on him and walk towards the hallway back to her room.

    He was left frozen in his spot, stupefied.

    "What just happened?" he whispered, trying to process everything that happened in his head. He felt sad seeing Shane with dropped shoulders, and surprisingly he felt his hands suddenly empty when Shane took away her hand from his.

    He wanted to follow her, to comfort her, but his brain was stopping him from doing so.

    Shane's particular question, 'Don't you really like me a bit?' Kept on popping inside his head for a long time.

    'Why can't you answer that question, Josh?' His inner self hissed. The question was too easy, but Josh felt confused.

    His trail of thoughts were interrupted when the senior manager approached him and said, "Sir, the new assistant manager is now waiting at your office."

    Josh nodded and said, "Alright, I'll be there in a minute..."

    He once again looked at Shane's direction, but she was long gone. Josh released a frustrated sigh before walking back to his office.

    Shane, on the other hand, threw herself with her face on the bed as soon as she was inside the room. She felt so down. She had never felt so depressed in her entire life till date. She wanted to cry, but she suppressed it, scolding herself for being weak.

    Should she just give up already? Maybe she had no choice but to accept her dreadful fate of marrying Mr. Long.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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