401 Wet*

    Cali's jaw dropped when she heard Rui's words that he said to Kane.

    'She is going to sleep at my place tonight...' kept on repeating inside her head while she stared at Rui with her star struck, rounded eyes.

    Rui had a scrunched face and met Cali's eyes before ending the call. Rui then turned her phone off.

    "Do you mind? I just don't want to be bothered by anyone while we're on a date." Cali heard Rui speak. She only nodded, wondering why Rui looked irritated.

    She silently cursed Kane for ruining the pleasant mood between her and Rui.

    'Why did he have to call at such a crucial moment?' she silently complained when Rui went back to chopping the potatoes.

    "That Kane... Are you two very close?" Cali suddenly heard Rui ask while she peeled some potatoes.

    "Hmm? Oh yeah, why? Oh, wait..." Cali answered, stuttering because her mind was still busy with Rui's words about her sleeping in his place? Is he serious? How about her grandfather and nanny Shine? Will they allow that?

    She almost forgot that they had already allowed her to sleep in Rui's place when she was drunk, so maybe that was why Rui was confident about that. She looked at Rui and saw him keenly staring at her.

    "Oh sorry... Yes, me and Kane are close. He's like a brother to me. We love to bully each other. I'm sorry, actually I'm still in awe about what you said to him. I mean, did you really mean that? Me, sleeping here tonight? My grandfather might not agree." Cali muttered.

    "He did agree last time..." Rui answered and started with his cooking.

    "Well, that's different. I was drunk, and they trusted you that you would not take advantage of a drunk girl. But now it's different." Cali mumbled, still in deep thought.

    "What's the difference? You'll get drunk again later," Rui nonchalantly murmured.

    "Huh? What?" Cali burst, but Rui only grinned and said, "Please pass the potatoes. You have peeled them enough..."

    "Oh sorry," Cali apologised upon noticing she did not stop gyrating the potatoes even if there was no more skin to peel.

    She suddenly felt nervous. 'Is Rui really serious? Sleeping together? Him and her?' Cali mused, she was almost dying with butterflies going crazy inside her stomach.

    "So that Kane is only a brother to you? I mean his looks don't appeal to you?" Rui casually asked next, trying not to sound too curious.

    "Who? Kane? He's just a kid!" Cali burst with a laugh.

    "What if that kid likes you?" Rui asked next.

    Cali shivered and cringed then explained, "Stop that! What are you saying? I like Kane, but just as a brother, and he too feels the same about me, so we're comfortable with each other. Shane and her brothers are like my siblings too, just that Kane is my favorite and I enjoy his company more. We click, you know. It's like he's my female version so we really get along so well."

    Rui still felt restless. 'What's wrong with me? Why am I being so childish?' he mused, still annoyed though he knew he shouldn't be. He looked at Cali, who gave him a confused stare.

    "Why?" he asked, forcing a smile on his irritated face.

    "You look awkward in that smile." Cali commented with a grin and she was satisfied seeing Rui blushed without him knowing.

    The kitchen started to fill with the aroma of the food that Rui was cooking. Whatever he was cooking smelled nice and yummy.

    She saw Rui scooping the sauce on a spoon and raised that towards her and said, "Here taste it..."

    Cali's eyes twinkled because of the creamy sauce. Rui then asked her to wait in the dining and he would serve the food shortly, so she did. She felt so special being pampered by Rui like that while they ate a hearty dinner together.

    She felt so full. Rui then told her to wait in the living area, so she did while she watched some news. Sooner Rui returned with some pear and walnut salad. He brought a bottle of wine too.

    Rui sat beside her and picked some walnuts on the plate with his fingers. "Try this..." he cheerfully said.

    'Oh, he's feeding me walnuts with his fingers?' Cali thought, so she grabbed Rui's wrist and swallowed those walnuts in her mouth. It was a naive gesture on Cali's part because she fed Rui popcorns too a while ago. Her tongue had a quick lick on Rui's fingers because of the olive oil with a lemon juice sauce.

    "Hmm, it's good," Cali said smiling wetting her lips with her tongue.

    Rui gulped because what Cali did sent fire burning in all his veins. He stared at Cali, who was licking her lips because of the sauce.

    "Let me also taste it then..." he muttered softly and as if something came to him that he suddenly pulled Cali towards himself for a deep kiss, tasting if the walnuts he prepared were really good. He kissed her lips softly at first and then couldn't satisfy himself from just that and pried open her mouth with his tongue to kiss her passionately and deeply. Cali��s soft lips, entangled with his, were enough for Rui to get aroused and wish to do something more.

    He now even wanted to feel Cali's voluptuous body once more. His right hand moved onto Cali's back, unzipping her dress and pulling the straps from her shoulders down.

    He pulled his mouth back from the kiss and watched Cali's reaction as his hand caressed her mounds that were still covered with her bra.

    Cali's pupils were dilated like his and seeing her biting her lips was driving Rui crazy. He wanted to see if she disliked him advancing so much, but found her enjoying his actions to fullest. He then removed her bra and kissed her on her chest. Cali's upper body unconsciously arched as she gulped and grabbed Rui's hair. She was filled with a complete foreign sensation that was engulfing her slowly in itself

    "Tell me to stop if you want me to, and I will immediately stop. If you don't ask me to stop Cali... I'm afraid I'll do more than kiss you in here..." Rui whispered with his chin on Cali's chest while his hand went down to caress Cali's legs. He was moving Cali's skirt up with his hand.

    Cali moaned... Her eyes were closed as Rui then started to suck on her pink areolas, one by one, again and again. Her nipples were hard and erect, a vivid evidence of her arousal. He played with her full breasts, using his hand and mouth one by one on each of them.

    Rui was so lost in the passion that he didn't want to stop yet and decided to go one more step further. He slipped his hand inside down under her dress and reached to Cali's panty.

    Cali bit her lips hard trying to control herself in making a sound but she failed as sweet moans unconsciously escaped her mouth when she felt Rui's fingers tracing her line.

    Cali was having her first ever experience of anyone touching her down there and her sensitive nerves were making her shiver with pleasure, not to mention his tongue doing circles on her nipple, then would lick and suck them simultaneously. It was all so good that she even held her breaths every once in a while.

    She could not explain the feeling, but she definitely felt very very good. His kiss and touches was making her ask for more.

    Rui slipped his fingers inside her panty and felt her curves in there, rubbing his finger and feeling her arousal with the way she was wet there. In a very sensuous and husky voice he then said to her, "You're wet..."

    "What?" Cali asked him, a little confused.

    Rui rubbed his finger a little more in her curves inside her panty and thought to tease her a bit, hence repeated, "I said, you are wet, down there... so this means that..."

    "That...?" Cali started to get nervous by his words

    "Don't you know what it means to be wet down there?" Rui asked again in his husky voice.

    When she heard his words Cali instantly froze for a second and opened her eyes in horror. She pushed Rui a little and looked at him with a timid face, realising that she really was too wet down there and she had never felt like this before.

    "Me wet? Does this mean I have some illness? Why and how did this happen?" she exclaimed with her rounded gigantic eyes at Rui.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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