402 Sweethear

    When Cali looked at Rui with horror-stricken face and welled up eyes, he at first didn't understand her reaction, but suddenly something dawned to him and Rui did not then know how to react to that expression of Cali.

    A wide smile floated on his lips and he suppressed his urge to laugh out loud, but he could not control it for very long and ended up in a fit of laughter.

    Cali realised with his expression that she had given him a chance to make fun of her, but she was actually clueless about why she was wet down there. Watching him laugh at her, she gave him a 'I will cry look'. Seeing that, he quickly stopped his laughter and gave Cali a tight hug while gently stroking her back and hair.

    "Rui, please can you tell me why... I.. I.. I mean... Why am I wet..." Cali still gathered courage to ask him the question.

    Rui released her a little from his embrace and looked at her gently, with love-filled eyes. This innocent, naive girl had never even had a proper boyfriend before in her life and was completely unknown to the evils of the world.

    "No kitten, you have no disease or problem of any kind with your body, okay... That's normal for a woman to release some liquids when she is aroused sexually. Your body releases quite a lot of liquids when..." Rui stopped in between his explanation.

    He could not believe he was lecturing about a woman's arousal and orgasm to his fiance. He did not even go to that point. He suddenly chuckled while he imagined Cali's face once she had her first orgasm. She would surely have many more fleeting thoughts about it then?

    "What's funny?!" He heard Cali complain and gently hit his back.

    Rui pulled her out from his arms and muttered, "Because you're like a cute kitten, innocent and pure."

    "I'm not a cat. Don't call me a kitten..." Cali mumbled in pouted lips.

    "Aright, can I then call you sweetheart? You look like a sweetheart." Rui responded, assuming Cali agreed with her timid smile.

    "I think it won't be a good idea that you sleep here." Rui added because he was afraid he would not be able to suppress himself in being intimate with Cali. But then Kane's face, popping in his head, was getting on his nerves.

    Cali pursed her lips and did not comment, simply because she did not want to look too excited about hugging him to sleep, whereas she desperately wanted to sleep with Rui.

    Her face was still red because she was too embarrassed on how she had reacted. She should probably need to read or watch more mature scenes for her reference, so next time she would not look so stupid while being intimate like this.

    She looked at Rui, who she caught staring at her bosoms. "Are mine small?" Cali unconsciously asked while she put her bra back and turned around to Rui and added, "Zip it back..."

    "Hmm, do you want me to measure if it's small or big?" Rui jested.

    Cali turned back and playfully said, "Do you want to measure it?"

    Rui's face scrunched... Cali was innocently asking for trouble. Didn't she know how hard it was for him to build up that self control? He loved how innocent she was and naively candid.

    "I'm just kidding so zip back my dress..." Cali muttered with a grin and turned her back towards Rui. She grabbed her phone and asked, "Can I now turn back my phone on?"

    Rui nodded while he opened the wine and poured some for Cali.

    "What have you been doing lately?" Cali heard Rui asked. Cali heaved a long sigh and said, "I recently bought a land and Shane was about to help me with that business. It's near Rizie's family villa, but it's not safe to visit there right now since they might trail me to find Shane."

    "I just stayed at home and probably toured Kane around and you know pretend that I'm helping him to look for Shane so he won't get suspicious about me." Cali said while she accepted the glass Rui offered.

    "Can you just let Kane stay at the hotel instead?" Cali heard Rui asked with an irritated tone so Cali stared at him.

    "Are you jealous?" she bluntly asked because she noticed Rui often opened up a topic about Kane and asked unnecessary questions.

    Rui's face crumpled as he defended, "Me? Why would I? No, I'm not."

    Cali moved her face closer to stretch Rui's face and said, "Why is your face like that? Besides, what's wrong with Kane staying in our home. Did you know that I stayed in their house for years and I even took a nap with Kane beside me or we slept together too with the rest?"

    "What?" Rui yelped and Cali's brows raised as she nodded.

    'I can sleep here too if you want?' Cali wanted to add but zipped her lips instead.

    "Sleep here then." Rui mumbled and gulped the wine in the glass in one go. Cali with a smirk also did the same to her wine.

    The two of them discussed a lot of things like their likes and dislikes. Cali felt that they got to know each other more by having those kinds of conversations.

    After a few glasses of wine, Cali could feel the alcohol in her body already.

    Seeing how red Cali was already, Rui said, "Let's stop drinking now... Come with me and clean up before you go to bed."

    Cali excitedly followed Rui in his room upstairs. It would be her second time staying in his room and her nerves were all active.

    "I don't have clothes to change into." Cali murmured. Rui grabbed one of his shirts and boxers. "Here, you can use mine," he said with a wink.

    "I'll just go downstairs to have a quick cleanup and call your grandfather as well. You can sleep already if you're sleepy." Rui said before going out of the room.

    Cali took a quick shower and cleaned up herself. She removed all her clothes and only put Rui's boxers and shirt, then jumped comfortably on Rui's bed.

    She looked at her mobile phone and saw many text messages from Kane.

    [Hey, what kind of woman sleeps in a guy's house alone, unwed?]

    [You... come back home! Don't you know that when a guy finally has all of you he will easily get tired of you?]

    [Cali, you must play hard to get. If you let Rui have you easily, then you will look cheap in his eyes. He will not give you importance knowing you're head over heels on him.]

    Cali's nostril flared, reading more incoming messages from Kane.

    She angrily typed a reply.

    [Back off and go have your own love life!]

    "How dare this brat lecture me like that?" Cali mumbled and turned off her mobile phone, not bothering to read more of Kane's sermons.

    Rui was already her fiance so what was with playing hard to get besides they weren't doing anything yet. Cali dozed off to sleep with those thoughts in her head.

    Cali was already sleeping when Rui entered. He smiled and pulled the comforter to give Cali enough cover on her blanket and placed a gentle, sweet kiss on her lips.

    "Goodnight sweetheart..." he whispered before grabbing his pillow and walked towards his big couch to sleep.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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