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    [Explicit scene ahead! You've been warned!!! Do not read if you're not comfortable!]

    Cali woke up first and she creased her forehead when she saw the bed was empty on the other side. 'What the heck? Did he sleep on the couch again?' Cali sluggishly mused while she rubbed her eyes. Rui did the same thing the last night she slept in his room in a drunken state after the engagement.

    She got up from the bed and saw it was still very early, around four in the morning. She walked on Rui's big couch and pouted her lips. He was lying there, sleeping soundly.

    "Why did he make me sleep at his place when he won't even hug me on the bed. Geez..." Cali mumbled with a wrinkled nose. She sat on the couch near him and leaned forward to give Rui a closer look without his eyeglass on. Too bad his eyes were closed.

    She chuckled because she still had plenty of days to see him without an eyeglass. She couldn't stop herself from touching his face with her fingers.

    Her fingers landed on his forehead, slipped from his forehead to his perfectly shaped thick eyebrows... She loved those thick eyebrows of his, arching over his mysterious eyes enclosed in glasses all the day through. Her fingers trailed next on his pointed nose bridge and finally stopped on his thin beautiful lips.

    Cali's face reddened because her mind was filled with numerous wild thoughts seeing Rui sleeping so sweetly. She wanted to give Rui a kiss that instant, to feel those full lips of his on her lips.

    "I think it's okay since we're engaged already..." she whispered, answering her silent question if it was okay or not to kiss him while he was sleeping.

    The couch was big and both of them could actually fit onto it. Cali bit her lip and was won by the temptation of sleeping snuggled in his arms and she sneakily laid beside Rui with her face facing his.

    "So handsome," she whispered and giggled before leaning closer to give Rui's lips a stolen kiss. She only hoped Rui would not wake up while she's stealing a kiss from him.

    She was not at all satisfied by just brushing her lips on his, so she opened up her lips to suck Rui's lips and wet it with her tongue.

    Cali froze when she saw Rui opened his eyes and directly looked at her.

    She paled... Her mouth was still sucking Rui's lower lips.

    'I'm dead... So humiliating! Shall I pretend to be sleepwalking? Dreaming? Should I close my eyes?' she inwardly thought, totally embarrassed at being caught red-handed, secretly kissing him like that. She was about to release Rui's lips and pretend like she didn't do anything, when she felt Rui's arm hugging her back tightly in his embrace.

    He pulled her closer and then she felt his lips sucking her lips back too, not only his lips but his tongue was also sliding inside her mouth.

    Cali felt Rui's body rolled on top of her. He pulled back his face leaving her lips burning, and he intently looked into her eyes with only an inch gap between their faces.

    "Why do you always invite trouble to your doorstep? Don't you know how hard it is for me to sleep while you're on my bed?" Rui's voice was hoarse as he said the words. He couldn't sleep most of the night because he was itching to crawl into the bed, but he controlled himself. And when he finally was able to control his nerves and slept, Cali crawled to him on the couch and gave him that kiss.

    That simple kiss with her body touching him so intimately, was enough to awaken every single cell in his body not to include the flair it created inside of his. There was no way he would let Cali off that easily now.

    Cali, on the other hand, could not understand the meaning of his words and she pouted her lips and thought, 'Why did he sleep on the couch when he could comfortably sleep on his bed?'

    However, before she could voice out her tantrums, she felt Rui's lips on her once more while his hand aggressively moved, going inside his shirt she was wearing.

    She moaned when she felt his hand cupped her one breast, caressing it while his fingers playfully flicked on her nipples. She could feel something hard poking in her groin, but she ignored it in the wake of pleasure she was feeling by his touches.

    She answered Rui's tongue inside her mouth. They both probed deeper in each other with his tongue intertwining and fencing with hers.

    'She tastes so sweet...' Rui thought as fire consumed his body.

    He wanted to invade Cali wholly. Put his mark all over her body. He pulled out from the kiss and they were both panting. Rui pulled Cali's shirt upward, totally removing it from her body and exposing her jade like beautiful body in front of his eyes.

    Cali was his, and so he planned to give her whole body with his marks and hickeys. Rui started his quest with Cali's neck. Her skin was so soft and supple that it made Rui go crazy... Licking every inch of her body with his tongue before sucking it, finding her softest spots, searching for her sensitive points. He gave as much time as he could in savouring her entire body.

    Cali moaned... She even put her hand on her mouth to hide her humming when Rui playfully licked on one of her nipples then sucked it, nibbling it. What he was doing felt fantastic on each part of her body.

    Then he again played with his hand, sliding inside her shorts while he sucked and fed on her nipples simultaneously.

    'Oh, my gosh!' she screamed inside when Rui massaged her there in between her thigh, rubbing something that felt great. Cali had never felt so good and these feelings were so alien to her that she started feeling like she was floating in the air. She kept on moaning and calling his name now and then.

    Rui was too aroused hearing Cali's moans when he started rubbing her clit. He wanted to give her more pleasure and wanted to speed up his actions to a higher level right then.

    "Sweetheart, I will do something down there so don't panic on whatever I will do and just relax your body and feel the lovely sensations..." Rui whispered with his flaring pupils full of passion.

    Cali unconsciously nodded. Too occupied with the pleasure, not to mention how lovely the word sweetheart sounded in her ears in Rui's voice. She shyly watched Rui remove her shorts and felt shy when Rui made her sit on the couch and kneeled before her.

    Rui gave her a roguish smile and moved up to kiss her lips first, taking away the tension in her body, then his lips went down again to her chest and Cali grabbed his hair while her body arched.

    His tongue licked down and kissed her belly button. She felt him spreading her legs and Cali bit her lips when she felt his tongue licking her line, trailing it.

    "Hmm..." All she could do was howl in pleasure while her head moved left and right. She felt her world spinning and she could see stars on the ceiling. She was more than on cloud nine.

    She wondered why Rui was nibbling at her private part because she felt him eating her there with his tongue and mouth? She couldn't stop her body from shaking now and then. Something was building up inside of her that felt so good.

    Rui sucked on her clit, and then rubbed his one finger on her soft, delicate opening, but didn't slip his finger inside to not cause any pain to her. He just brushed his finger there, and that was enough for her to scream in rapture.

    Rui then slipped his tongue inside her small opening and that sent shivers down her spine. An entirely new wave of desire struck her and she suddenly wanted more from him, more touching and more rubbing. Her hips also moved up while Rui's tongue was going inside and outside her cavern. She could even hear the lapping sound coming from there and couldn't help but blush involuntarily.

    She could no longer take it... and felt like she was a ticking bomb that would explode anytime with a loud bang. Rui could feel Cali's muscles contracting inside. He knew Cali would soon have her first orgasm, so he inserted his tongue deeper in and out of her tight opening, rubbing the upper walls of her vagina, while his thumb played and rubbed Cali's clit in a circular motion. Her jaw tightened, and so did her grip on Rui's hair.

    "Rui!" Cali screamed in ecstasy as her body jolted and tightened, arching upwards unknowingly. Her body was trembling tremendously on the couch and her hips were shaking too while she felt hot liquids flowing out from here. Rui's head was still buried in between her thighs.

    "Oh..." she moaned, still shaking with the orgasm she had and suddenly then she felt Rui licked her again.

    "Are you eating it?" She asked in a shaking voice with rounded eyes when she saw him lapping and licking the liquids from her vagina!

    "Isn't that gross?" she asked next in horror. Rui lifted his head and met her gaze. He smiled while licking his lips and muttered, "You are very sweet... taste yummy..."

    Cali's jaw dropped... "..."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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