404 Iron Hand

    Quan Clan Territory at Country V

    The next day after reaching Quan clan territory, Xander was kept busy the whole day. Chad piled him up with plenty of documents that he needed to read and know about pertaining to the laws of the mirage and how the rules go beyond the clans, including the proceeding of one's trial.He sighed and muttered with a complaint, "I should have brought Lana with me." Chad laughed and offered, "Do you want me to contact her now?""Will you face the consequences from Keira? Lana is our newly appointed family attorney with Keira's recommendation and how come I cannot bring her with me when I am in dire need of our attorney beside me?" Xander whined, recalling how Keira's nostrils flared at the thought of her friend being in danger because of Xander's matter."Like, hello? I'm her brother, her own family. A good percentage of genes between us match being the same blood? And she cares more about Lana being in danger? What about me? Am I not in danger? Sitting here and analyzing these darn rules in legal languages, so many complicated legal terms are used here, how am I going to understand all this when I'm only familiar with medical terms?" Xander added.Chad laughed again. He could not offer their attorneys because it would be a biased move once the trial proceeded.For now, the only thing he could do was to ensure Xander's safety. Quan Clan can act as a safe house for someone who asked an audience to Mirage Law since the complaint was against the Yue Clan.Xander could actually ask somebody else but he was comfortable with Lana, besides Lana could fight well also and was trained in the military pretty well with this kind of scenario.He really needed a consultant for that complicated trial."Speaking of the devil..." Xander muttered, hearing his mobile phone ringing and seeing it was Keira who had called."Lana will arrive there tonight so stop sulking. Make sure she's safe or I will kill you myself big bro.." hearing that Xander wanted to cry."Can't you tell that to Lana instead? She's more capable of protecting me than me protecting her, you know." Xander scoffed with a crumpled face. He heard Keira laugh on the other line that made him twitch his mouth."How could you laugh like that when your big bro is in danger?" Xander added."Nah... You have nine lives big bro, minus three, so you still have six to go." Keira jested. She was of course worried, but she wanted to lighten the mood by her usual bantering with her favorite cousin."Alright you know I'm just kidding and I love you very much. As long as you're with Chad, we're relaxed because you're in excellent hands. Chad will not let anything happen to you so be strong there and show them how Xander Yang can smash them all." Keira cheered before ending the call.Xander released a frustrated sigh before he put his attention back on the paper. It would be a surprise attack from their part on the Yue Clan because Yun was not aware that an audience was asked. In two days' time Yun would receive the notice. He took a break after an hour to call his wife. He suddenly thought that a long distance relationship was definitely a big NO for him....At Yue Clan Territory"Are you sure about that?" Yun exclaimed, clenching his jaw in fury. Dalgon just confirmed Xander's arrival in their country."Yes, Boss..." Dalgon reconfirmed."That Quan clan people are really getting on my nerves! Maybe we should start a proper war with them. Raging silent war with them does not seem to be effective. Do they really think they are still untouchable? F*ck this Mirage Rules. It's time we create our own rules!" Yun hissed because he and his brother were against the system and order implementing the Mirage Rules. They were all bullsh*t, too soft for their taste. What they needed was an iron hand in the system."Is he with his wife?" Yun asked while he grabbed his tobacco cigar. Dalgon lighted it and answered, "He's alone Boss.""Keep searching for his wife. She will be useful... That Xander is planning something against us, though I know he has a connection with Chad who hid behind Xander's cousin before... I still sense those two are up to something big against us. Did that Xander think I really can't touch him even if he's under the Quan clan roof?" Yun warned. He smirked because he had planted several spies at Quan clan territory."Where is Raine?" He asked next."She went back to country D. She said she had gone to settle some of her unfinished business." Dalgon answered. Yun threw his tobacco cigar at the man's face. "What kind of answer is that? I told you to put a tail on that brat! I can feel the wench doing a lot of shady things behind my back! She is a real pain in the ass!" Yun yelled. He would really kill that brat if his brother did not wake up very soon. He was only lenient to that bastard because he was aware how his brother treasured that wench in his heart.Raine's mocking at him was very vivid in Yun's memory and he would grit his teeth in annoyance whenever the wench's laughs would pop up in his head.Dalgon scratched his head while looking at the furious face of his Boss. He did put several tails already but his men always ended up with broken bones. With the last team he sent, he received a call directly from the princess that she would break his bones next if he sent another team of men to tail her. "Sorry Boss... I will scold the men so next time they will give a precise and detailed answer." Dalgon lied. He was more afraid of the Princess than his Boss because he had first handedly witnessed how capable the princess was in breaking his neck, with just a flick of her finger. The princess even had better offers for him and he was considering it. Yue clan was in deep sh*t and in a mess ever since the King fell into a coma. Dalgon must make a wise choice.

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