405 A Nerve-Wracking One

    Rui opened his eyes and rose up on the bed when he felt that Cali was already asleep. He just could not sleep. Her mesmerising scent was so overwhelming that his nerves were not able to calm down beside her.

    He stared at her peacefully sleeping face for a while and kissed her forehead and lips. She nudged against him and came a little more closer in his arms.

    Rui felt so happy seeing this beautiful morning scene that he wished to have her in his arms every morning like this. But it was too early as of now for that.

    He sighed on his own devilish thoughts and took her in his embrace once again and lied down with her again. Blissful... that was all that he felt at that moment

    Rui got up after another hour and a half and because he knew he won't be able to sleep, so he freshened up and went into the kitchen and cooked a hearty meal for breakfast instead.

    He couldn't believe how he managed to do a quick hand job on himself at the bathroom after Cali cleaned up and let her go on the bed first.

    He was grinning hard with Cali's innocence while he cooked. "She's too cute..." he murmured, recalling how Cali was reacting naively at everything that he was doing.

    "I think I just corrupted her innocent mind..." he suddenly realized as a little bit of guilt clouded his face.

    'Cali's already an adult and at her right age!' A voice inside him reiterated.

    But it was really hard for him to control himself... Rui cursed. He should practice more self restraint from now on...

    Soon, Cali woke up and saw Rui was not with her again on the bed. She quickly got up from bed and checked the couch, but he was not there as well.

    The sun was already up, so she thought Rui was probably outside. Cali immediately had a quick shower and put her clothes that she wore last night back on.

    She could not help herself but blushed whenever she would recall what happened to her at that early in the morning. Her moaning and that intense feeling she just experienced.

    She looked at her own reflection in the mirror. She bit her lips, seeing the red purple marks on her neck and shoulders, so she grabbed Rui's random coat and put it on herself to hide the marks while going back inside her home.

    Rui said that she had an orgasm a while ago and Cali had a nerve-wracking one, she must say.

    'I really need to do a lot of research about it later.' Cali mused as she sat on the couch instead of going out of the room. She felt shy in facing Rui at that moment. She nibbled her lips, imagining Rui teasing her and she would die of embarrassment if he really did.

    Cali inhaled and exhaled loudly for several times before she mustered enough courage for going out of the room.

    She saw Rui preparing breakfast in the dining area. He was thoughtful that she could not help but stared at him with misty eyes.

    'It must be very lonely living in a big house like this all alone.' She silently thought as she continued to watch him with adoration.

    "Good morning. You're just in time. Have a seat and eat breakfast first before I drop you home." Rui saw her and greeted her with a bright smile on his face. He was already dressed up and was about to go up to wake up Cali, but then she was already there.

    "Morning..." Cali timidly responded with a flushing smile and quickly sat on the chair pulled by Rui.

    She could not look at Rui at all. She was intentionally avoiding having eye contact with him.

    "Do you clean your house by yourself?" She suddenly asked before Rui could tease her. She must make an out of topic conversation.

    Rui shook his head and put food on Cali's plate while he said, "I have some helpers. They are staying at the back house. Hmm, next time I'll tour you around in my house. But right now I have to drop you off early because I have an important early morning meeting in the office."

    "How come I don't see any helpers?" Cali asked in knitted brows as she began to eat. Rui was a good cook, and she felt really lucky.

    "I told them not to roam around inside my house whenever I have a woman inside." Rui casually answered.

    Cali's eyebrows raised at that answer.

    'He's even proud of mentioning the women he brought here?' Cali thought, feeling jealous but hid it.

    Rui was already thirty, so it was a given that a lot of women came and went in his life. She shouldn't feel jealous because that should be normal for a gorgeous man like him. She tried to pacify herself with such thoughts.

    'But! It's still irritating!' Cali mused..

    She wondered how many women he already had in his life but she was afraid to ask or find out about it so Cali sealed her mouth from asking it. Maybe later she would ask that, but not now.

    "By the way, I took one of your coats. I'll just return it later..." Cali whispered, seeing how Rui was intently looking at her.

    Rui had a roguish smile when he said, "You can keep it."

    'Though I prefer you won't wear that so that Kane will see my marks on you.' Rui wanted to add that but halted instead he stared at Cali whose cheeks turned rosy pink.

    "Stop staring and eat your food. Do you want me to get indigestion?" Cali muttered.

    Rui chuckled and said, "Alright sweetheart."

    Cali was burning red with his endearments to her and she wanted to squeal right there because of how happy she was for being called sweetheart by him. But she must have remained composed, so she continued eating instead but would smile on her own now and then.

    Rui dropped her home early. She was still grinning ear to ear as she went inside.

    "Tsk... Tsk... Tsk..." Cali was startled by that loud clicking of Kane's tongue who was sitting on the couch of their living area early in the morning.

    "What are you doing here so early in the morning?" she asked.

    Kane raised his eyebrow and looked at her from head to toe with a dark expression.

    "Can't you see I'm reading a book." Kane murmured with gritted teeth. Then he added, "Don't talk to me. Just pretend you're not seeing me since you're treating me like that only. I'll just go back to the hotel, perhaps."

    Cali laughed loudly and sat beside Kane hugging his arm with hers and said, "Don't worry since I'm in a good mood today... I will give you a tour around the city and let's try looking for Shane too? How about that? Stop that now, with such a sulky face you look like an angry bird!"

    Kane clenched his jaw because he was really angry seeing some red marks on Cali but he was aware that he had no right to get angry in the first place. He was planning to confess how he was feeling, but he needed to do so at the right timing.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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