406 Level Of Security

    At Quan Clan Territory, Country V

    Lana was wearing her sunglasses when she joined the two gentlemen on the table for breakfast.

    "Good morning guys," she nonchalantly greeted and asked Chad's butler for a coffee.

    "What's with the sunglasses when there's no sun here?" Xander commented.

    Chad laughed and said, "Maybe she's hiding her bulgy eyes due to hours of crying. Women tend to do that. I'm just not sure what caused her crying."

    "Oh, Lana. Is it because of your sudden coming here? Did you happen to leave someone special behind?" Xander burst, but he was aware Lana was a man hater, so he gave Chad a meaningful glance.

    Chad just shrugged his shoulders.

    "Me cry? No way! Why would I. I got sore eyes because of eye flu... Unless you want to stare into my red infected eyes, I will not remove this," Lana grunted and was about to remove her eyeglass?

    "No! Keep that. It's contagious and do not touch your eyes then touch things afterwards," Xander scolded, the high degree of germaphobia in him was triggered instantly.

    Lana chuckled and defended, "I know Doc!"

    Chad had a lopsided grin and shook his head. Lana's pride was still as high as Mount Everest.

    "Doc, sore eyes from love sickness is not contagious, but I have heard it can be deadly." Chad could not help but tease.

    Lana turned her head to Chad and said, "Shut up Chad or I will cut you into pieces without even letting you taste your winning victory after the election. By the way, I heard something interesting about you..."

    "Okay! Let's change the topic!" Chad exclaimed, raising his hands as a sign of giving up.

    Xander watched the two of them banter with each other while he continued eating. It was like the good old days when Chad was still Keira's bodyguard but turned out he was a big man from another country and was just in disguise and in hiding.

    Lana looked at Xander and said, "Let's start as soon as we're done with breakfast. Keira said your life depends on it so I will make sure that you win this trial."

    "Thanks," Xander murmured with a sigh. Yes, his life would depend on the outcome of the trial, but still he also had a Plan B in case the unexpected happened. But he hoped they would not have to come to use Plan B.

    One of Chad's men rushed in the dining area and whispered something to Chad. Both Lana and Xander creased their foreheads, seeing the serious look on Chad.

    "No... Let them be but observe them closely. We will feed them with wrong data. I will analyze things later..." Chad instructed before dismissing the man.

    "Turns out Yue clan implanted spies inside Quan Territory," Chad nonchalantly commented.

    "How do you know if they are spies or not?" Lana curiously asked.

    "Ever since I returned here, I tightened the level of security inside our territory, even the technologies... I had them all replaced. Every corner had a hidden camera and all my places were bugged. So I have a special elite team of experts monitoring what's going on inside our territory, reporting things they will notice rather unusually." Chad explained.

    "Wait what? Even our rooms? Are you saying it also has hidden cameras?" Lana burst in horror.

    Xander too looked at Chad in rounded eyes, waiting for his answer.

    Chad laughed and said. "The room is bugged but don't worry about hidden cameras. It's to make sure also that you two are safe. You see, spies are everywhere. Not all Quan clan members are loyal, you know. It's human nature to betray for larger benefits..."

    "Wow... Such a perfectionist." Lana mumbled. She couldn't wait to witness the changes Chad would implement once he won for presidency of this country.


    At Lua residence

    Cali was fixing her outfit to get ready and tour Kane around as she promised when nanny Shine entered her room.

    "Your hair is growing fast now and you're looking more pretty lately," nanny Shine commented and she sat on Cali's couch.

    Cali walked towards her when nanny Shine signaled her to sit beside her.

    She held Cali's both hands and gently squeezed them.

    "Your grandfather talked to me. He was worried if he did the right thing for you this time. To be honest, he's still not comfortable about you sleeping at Rui's place. But then he said he will trust you and your decisions whatever it is that you want. He had really changed a lot. Everything he was doing before your accident also was for you only, but then after that accident, he realized what's the sense of everything that he has if he will lose you just like that. He only wants you to enjoy life and be happy now and always." Nanny Shine explained.

    Then she sighed and continued, "I think dear you should talk to him once and assure him yourself what it is you truly feel right now... Give him an assurance that you know what you're doing."

    Cali gave nanny Shine her widest smile and said, "I'm really so happy right now nanny Shine. I've never felt something like this before. This happiness is brought in my life by Rui only. To be honest, I want to stay with Rui always, but then I don't want to look too clingy to him. I'm also grateful to have you and grandpa also who is always supporting me like this. And I assure you that I know what I'm doing and I will be responsible for all of my actions."

    Cali then tightly hugged nanny Shine and added, "Don't worry nanny Shine, I will talk to grandpa as soon as he arrives for dinner."

    Nanny Shine gently pushed Cali and closely looked into her eyes and asked, "What about that Kane?"

    Cali's eyebrows snapped together and echoed, "What about Kane nanny Shine?"

    Nanny Shine pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes at Cali.

    "What is it?" Cali asked again.

    "Hmm, nothing, never mind. I already forgot. Later I will ask once I remember." She lied upon confirming that Cali was unaware of what she noticed about Kane's feelings for Cali. It would be best that Cali would know about it through Kane only.

    She shook her head as pity struck her for the poor boy Kane. Her Cali had very low EQ in things like these.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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