407 Off Limits

    Shane decided to go for a swim at the hotel's pool area and enjoy her stay there while waiting for Josh's brother's arrival instead of locking herself up in the room sulking.

    She went out from her room with her orange and black sporty two piece swimwear underneath a black kimono style robe. There were other guests in the pool too. Shane occupied a vacant chair and put her things there.

    She removed the cardigan, and it exposed her perfect curves. She did some stretching before jumping into the pool and swam. She swam several laps with freestyle and then backstroke.

    Meanwhile, as usual, Josh was taking his round around the hotel to scan the hotel late in the afternoon. He saw the newly hired assistant manager grinning alone with a roguish smile on his face while looking at the glass wall.

    He walked towards him and cheerfully commented, "Hey, is there an interesting sight there for you to have that ear to ear smile on your face?"

    The assistant manager greeted him and went back to gaze at the glass wall and replied, "Nothing sir, just a gorgeous guest enjoying our pool. I wonder if she's still single."

    Josh's brows drew together thinking who could it be that piqued the interest of his handsome assistant manager, so he followed his gaze.

    The first person he noticed was Shane walking in her two piece swimwear at the side of the pool while squeezing water out of her hair. His eyes were struck on her for a few seconds, admiring her beautiful figure and gorgeous curves.

    She looked like a walking volcano at that moment to him. He gulped on his own thoughts and took a deep breath to not think like that again.

    There were other young female guests too, so his assistant was probably talking about somebody else.

    "I think I fell in love at first sight, boss. I really hope she's still single," Josh heard Don uttered.

    "Who are you talking about? There are a lot of women there." Josh murmured.

    "Yes, but there's only one woman standing out in my sight, boss. In my eyes, she's the only woman outstanding above else..." Josh  heard Don respond.

    He chuckled at how flowery and mesmerized Don looked at that moment. "Who?" he asked, curious.

    "The one in the orange and black boss. I will ask her out if she's single." Don continued and Josh's ears almost exploded.

    He heard the word 'single' several times from Don that he subconsciously drawled, "She's not single! She's mine, so she is off limits for you!"

    Don, mouth agape, turned his head towards him and muttered, "Seriously boss?"

    Josh frowned at Don and gruffly replied, "Do I look like I'm joking with you right now Don? Go back to work now! It's still office hours and here you are peeking at girls swimming in our pool!"

    Don apologised to Josh several times, and he looked too embarrassed. Josh only dismissed him.

    When Don left, Josh shifted his eyes back on Shane and heaved a long sigh when he realized what he just did.

    Don could be a nice guy. He was handsome too and Shane might like him as well. Don was presentable enough and with a good background, so why did he do that? Saying things like those to Don and the worst part was he lied saying Shane was not single and was his woman? Since when?

    He just hindered a possible opportunity for Shane. If Shane found out about it he would be in big, big trouble. Shane's eyes turned into his direction, and Josh panicked. He quickly shifted his look somewhere else and acted as if he was inspecting something on the floor.

    When he thought he had enough time to ignore her, he tilted his head back on the glass and was startled to see Shane in front of him on the other side of the glass, smiling widely and waving her hands like she always used to do.

    'She's no longer angry?' Josh thought because last time he talked to her, Shane no longer bothered him after that.

    Shane pointed in a particular direction and saw it was the long chair she was probably occupying. Shane signaled him to follow her there, so Josh did.

    He went outside the glass door and followed Shane not far from behind. And he unintentionally had a proper and a full view of her back. He gulped and felt his body react particularly to his heart and his lower part. Josh silently grunted and cursed himself.

    He panicked seeing Shane fell on the ground. He was not too close to catch her.

    He rushed to her and helped Shane stand up.

    "I slipped..." Shane explained while she grabbed Josh's hand but something from her leg hurt that it was hard to stand up on her own..

    "Ouch" she winced in pain. Josh, without a second thought, carried her hastily in his arms and strode with his long legs towards Shane's room.

    "Why are you so careless?" Josh scolded, frowning while he opened the door. He gently put her down on the bed and inspected Shane's legs.

    "What is hurting?" Josh asked and Shane pointed on her back hips.

    Josh touched it but suddenly he realized it was a wrong move seeing Shane bit her lips, probably in pain. However, that reaction brought an uncommon sensation on his body not to add that his palm was on her hips.

    Josh inwardly cursed himself several times.

    "I'll call for a doctor to check if there is something wrong." Josh muttered. Shane shook her head and said, "No need... It's just the muscle and the impact of the fall. No broken bones, really."

    "How did you know?" Josh asked in knitted brows.

    "I know because I have learnt it... Vital parts of the body and how to assess if your body is damaged or not. I was supposed to be a part of that elite assassin team if not for my heart operation..." Shane explained.

    There was no point in hiding things from Josh anyway since she would soon join his brother's team against the Yue clan.

    "But it will be hard for me to move for days I guess so I will need help now and then..." Shane murmured with shrugged shoulders. She seemed to be unlucky this past few days, and she hated it.

    "I'm in a total mess," Shane unconsciously added with a depressed tone.

    She felt Josh's hands patting her head with a warm smile on his face. "Don't say that... Trials are given to us to make us strong so we must not give up no matter what happens. Until there is life, there's always hope and ways to everything so don't get discouraged."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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