408 Love Was Blind

    Kane gawked at Cali, standing not far from him, looking at various shirts inside an exclusive boutique to buy him more clothes.

    He heaved a long sigh, seeing the undeniable bloom and brightness in Cali's aura. It was the hardest feeling in his life of being defeated without even putting up a fight.

    He could not help but curse himself for being that slow. Cali stayed with them for years and yet he could not muster enough courage to even tell her how he felt for her.

    "Cali... Let's go on a date." he unconsciously whispered as he approached her.

    Cali turned to him and sized him up before saying with squinted eyes, "Are you crazy?"

    Kane scratched his head and gave her an awkward smile. At the back of his mind he wanted to reply, 'Yeah... I'm crazy... Crazy for you!'

    But again, it was all inside his mind, like how it usually happened whenever he was with Cali. He put his arms on Cali's shoulders instead, putting a lot of his weight on her and said, "Let's go. You have already picked a lot for me. There's a place I want to go to..."

    "Get off me, you brat! You're too heavy!" Cali yelled and abruptly took his arms off her. Kane laughed out hard and hugged Cali's arms instead to pull her out of the boutique.

    They both went to the arcade and started playing some video games there and while the two were playing arcade inside the mall, Cali's mobile phone rang. She answered it through the bluetooth on her ear because she was playing with Kane and the loser would receive a punishment from the winner.

    "Hello," Cali answered without knowing who was the caller.

    "Geez Cali, stop answering calls if you don't want me to kill you. If I win this, you have to do whatever I want for a day!" Kane yelled as both of them were engrossed in the game.

    "Shut up Kane and play!" Cali unconsciously scolded. Then realized a caller was waiting, but how come no one was talking as she said, "Sorry about that. Who's this?"

    Rui's jaw tightened hearing Kane and Cali bantering at the other line, but what hit him was the words from Kane, 'you have to do whatever I want for a day'.

    "Don't lose that game. I will not disturb you so make sure you win that game. Call me back as soon as you're done, but make sure to win that game!" Rui firmly said before ending the call.

    "Hello? Hello..." Cali asked, but what she heard was just the beep of the end call.

    "What was that?" Cali mumbled.

    "What? Who is that?" Kane asked in curiosity. They were still playing.

    "It���s my Rui. He said I have to win this game! So get ready to get slammed by me, Kane!" Cali yelled and focussed herself on winning against Kane, though still confused with Rui's words.

    Kane's face crumpled. 'So the doc heard me?' he mused as he focussed on the game. 'What a cunning man!' another series of irritated thoughts lingered in his head. That Rui Dee was obviously not happy with him being around Cali.

    'I started liking Cali first and knew her much before you even met her and arrived in her life so you can't erase me that easily from Cali's life...' Kane inwardly grunted.

    He must win the game... But his thoughts were too distracted...

    Kane was scratching his head because he ended up losing from Cali and was now following her orders at that moment.

    He was ordered to bring fruit shakes for the two of them. He bought and walked back to Cali who just ended a call sitting on a bench. He could tell from Cali's smile alone that it was probably that doctor on the call with her.

    The saying love was blind applied to him in a way that he was blinded by his love for Cali, and he was in denial that Cali loved someone else. He was somehow convincing himself that it was still nothing but an infatuation for that doctor from Cali's side and all between them was still not love.

    "Let's go to the movie trailer next?" Kane suggested as he handed the fruit shakes to Cali.

    "Aren't you here to look for Shane?" Cali mumbled. Kane was expressionless. He did not want to find his sister at all. It was better Shane remained hidden wherever she was.

    Mr. Long scolded him but he played a reverse psychology on the man saying that he needed to gain Cali's trust completely just in case she knew where Shane was hiding so going out like this with her like they usually did in country V was a must.

    "Let's go home now. I have to visit Rui in his clinic." Cali said as she stood up from the bench ready to go. Rui wanted to pick her up as soon as he got free, but she insisted to drop by his office instead to be able to see aunt Jean also.

    Kane's face darkened, but he was good in hiding, so he gave Cali a quick smile and a nod.

    Cali dropped him back at Lua's residence. Before Kane went out of the car, he looked at Cali and said, "Come back home, will you? Can you at least do that, I mean, while I'm here do not sleep at your boyfriend's house..."

    "Huh?" Cali confusingly breathed.

    Kane only gave her a shrugged shoulder before getting out of the car and rushing inside the house.

    "What's with that look?" Cali whispered. She suddenly got worried about why Kane seemed to act weird since she met him in their country.

    Kane went back out as soon as Cali's car left.

    He should at least make an effort on looking out for Shane so Mr. Long would not get irritated because the old man had a temper and tended to lose control. He was afraid Cali would get endangered because of it.

    'Shane just stay strong wherever you are. Make sure not to get caught.' Kane hoped in the back of his head. He knew Shane hated them all because they could not do anything for her.

    Kane heaved a long sigh when a black car stopped in front of him as he walked on the road. The window opened, and it was Mr. Lua

    "Get in!" the old man jeered.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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