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    Josh could not entrust Shane to his other employees for any of her needs as he could just not trust her at all. He was afraid that Shane would again do something stupid by asking his employees to introduce her to someone in their families like what she did to one of his female employee who assisted her to change into her sleep wear a while ago.

    Josh felt uncomfortable whenever he heard or thought about Shane being with anyone he didn't know or approve of. So he decided to sleep at Shane's room on the couch that night to assist Shane further and keep a watch on her.

    "Let's eat?" He said and pulled the mobile tray near the bed so he could help feed Shane.

    "I can manage to eat on my own. I have just the hip swollen, not my arms and hands you know." Shane said with a bright smile.

    Josh did not respond. Shane pouted her lips and stared at him. Josh did not reply to her and stared back at her only. Shane was a little intimidated by his attitude and silently agreed to his arrangements. She noticed he was quiet the entire time.

    "You need not sleep here and babysit me, Josh. You can go home... I can call the reception in case I will need any help." Shane said, thinking Josh was sulky because he had to stay with her inside her room.

    "And what after that? You will again ask my employees to introduce you to their friends or family? Can you stop it already, Shane? Whenever you say that you look like a..." Josh hissed and hanged the words, unable to say the next words.

    "What? A woman desperate for s*x?" Shane pointed out on his behalf.

    "No ... I mean that's not what..." Josh stuttered.

    Shane exhaled loudly and grabbed the chopsticks in his hand.

    "That's what you mean Josh so don't bother to look for more soothing words. It's true anyway. I'm a woman desperate to do it and get pregnant if possible. If I can't get pregnant so soon, then marry and get devirginized. That's the only solution for Mr. Long not to pursue me." Shane nonchalantly mumbled and started eating her meal.

    Then she spoke in a very solemn tone, "We don't have to wait for your bro cause I'm sure he can't help me either, except if he introduces me to one of his men I can marry and have s*x with. Or else I will just marry that old, brutal maniac, Mr. Long and go back as a spy and have that man killed so I can be free at least after a few months of torture, rather than getting killed myself with his tortures." Shane sarcastically added.

    "But I really can't tolerate getting married and having sex with that old man who is almost my father's age. That Mr. Long disgusts me like anything. So it's better to find someone as soon as possible and have s*x with him and marry other g..."


    Shane jolted, startled with Josh suddenly hitting the mobile tray, even causing some food to spill...

    "Stop already! You keep talking about having s*x with others so casually!" Josh yelled with clenched teeth. Just thinking Shane would get intimate and have s*x with some other freaking guy made his heart boil in anger.

    "Huh?" Shane breathed in confusion. Josh's face was dim, and she felt his gaze cut deep through her.

    "What do you then want me to do Josh? Seriously? Your reaction is so creepy right now. It's scary... Stop looking at me like that." Shane murmured and held her head low.

    "And you don't want me to ask help from anyone, right? Then why can't you just help me out?" Shane courageously voiced out.

    Josh could not understand his own actions either and was suddenly dazed by what Shane said. Then something in his heart made him understand a bit of his feelings right then. Josh looked at Shane and murmured, "Let's do it then..."

    Shane raised her head and looked at Josh in disbelief. Did she hear him right?

    "You sure?" Shane asked, still in .

    Josh nodded. That instant Shane pounced on Josh, not bothering about the pain of her swollen hips.

    "Thank you... thank you. Don't worry as soon as everything is settled in our family I will divorce you immediately. I won't cling to you at all." Shane quickly reassured him, afraid Josh might change his mind at the thought of his freedom.

    Josh clenched his jaw... "I just now agreed to marry you and you're talking about divorce already!" Josh exclaimed.

    Shane pulled back from the hug and gave Josh a quirked smile. She touched and stretched his face while saying, "You can no longer back out from your words."

    Josh looked at Shane with a conflicted expression, wondering if what he did was the right thing to do. He did not know what came to him, but the thought of Shane being with another man was desperately making him mad!

    Shane was very happy at that moment and she cupped Josh's face for a kiss. It was only just a simple peck on his lips, then she gave him a sweet smile.

    Josh stared at her, frozen, but suddenly leaned in and claimed Shane's lips for a deeper kiss. Shane felt her body laid on the bed because of Josh's weight in leaning forward while kissing her intently.

    She got lost and unconsciously wrapped her arms on Josh's neck. That was her first real kiss in her entire life and it was mind blowing, giving her mixed feelings.

    Josh's tongue invaded her mouth, making her moan with unexplainable pleasure. Josh was aggressive in his kiss, like he wanted to punish her for spurting words he did not like awhile ago.

    His tongue was delving inside, urging hers to dance with it. And Shane answered Josh's demand with the same passion.

    She hated to spoil the mood, but her discomfort from her fall was getting in her way, not to mention her stomach in protest. Shane inwardly cursed, not wanting to break the spell connecting her to Josh at the moment.


    Shane cursed when Josh paused and pulled from the kiss. She smiled and muttered, "Don't mind it. Let's continue."

    Josh chuckled and pinched her nose. "Silly... Eat... There's no need to rush. Let's eat now."

    Shane pouted her lips and bluntly said, "But I'm in a rush... I want to do it with you, right now."

    She was aroused, and so was Josh by just a mere kissing, and that was a fact. "You're not in good condition to do it right now, Shane. Besides, let's register our marriage first." Josh whispered, then added, "In the meantime, let's eat dinner."

    "Ouch!" Shane winced by the pain because she pinched herself.

    "What are you doing?" Josh asked in shock.

    Shane gave him a roguish smile and replied, "I'm just confirming that I'm not dreaming."

    Josh laughed and messed Shane's hair.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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