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    At Plumeria Island

    Another lonely morning came for Yera at the island. As usual, she changed into her jogging outfit and got ready to join the lovebirds.

    "Good morning!" Yera energetically greeted her in-laws, who both looked lovely as always.

    The sun was about to rise, and they started walking along the beach. The sound of the waves were too relaxing to her ears, including the fresh morning breeze that passed through Yera's skin.

    She was behind them, walking briskly... because... She could feel certain changes in her body.

    She giggled at the thought of how her husband's prediction could be true. But she still wanted to wait for another week before she should take the test. She faced the sea with clear waters and did some stretching.

    To lessen her boredom while she was here on the island, she had talked to Ryu and offered her help in his hospital on the island. She would check the facility and see what was still needed. She also wanted to supervise it as well while she was still on the island.

    She sat on the nearest beach chair and laughed, watching her in-laws from afar, playing again with the water like kids. She again took some photos and videos secretly and sent it to her husband.

    Her mobile phone rang, and she quickly answered the video call.

    "Darling, it's still early. Let's sleep a little more." Xander sheepishly murmured. He was still on his bed.

    "The sun would soon rise. Watch the beautiful scene with me..." They were like that for days. Both would see each other as early as they could, then see each other again through video chat before closing their eyes. Sometimes the mobile phone was left on with her whenever she dozed off without her knowing.

    "But I prefer to watch your face instead of the rising sun so focus the camera on yourself and don't you shift it to the view. I already got the best view at this moment," Xander muttered, staring closely at his wife on the video screen.

    A flush crept on Yera's face. Her husband's fadeless flowery words never failed in making her heart jump out of her chest.

    Xander chuckled and added, "I like it whenever you blush like that."

    "How did you know I'm blushing?" Yera mumbled in pouted lips.

    "Unless you put on makeup but I doubt it. I see it on the video screen, darling. Maybe you're blushing too much so it's visible enough," Xander teased her again.

    Yera gave him a bashful smile. She then told Xander about her plan to help out in Ryu's hospital. Xander was adamant in not letting her do it. He wanted her within the premises of Ken's mansion only to be safe and not get into any trouble. But in the end, as expected from Xander, Yera convinced him.


    At Lim Villa

    Grandpa Shen looked at grandma Terry and grandma Terry looked at Sheila while Sheila also gave the both of them meaningful glances at the dining area. They were trying to talk with their eyes, asking each other if any of them was aware of what was going on.

    Shane gulped and looked at Josh who ignored his family's confused gazes.

    Josh exhaled loudly and said, "Stop that... You will give Shane indigestion. I will repeat once again for you. She is going to be my wife starting today. We are going to get married after breakfast and she will move in here in the villa with you guys. Please look after her whenever I'm gone."

    Sheila gulped. They were very careful with the choice of words because Shane was with them. It shocked them seeing Josh arrive early morning for breakfast with a beautiful woman, saying he was going to marry her and make his wife then she will stay with them starting today in the mansion.

    Before they could even ask Josh what had happened, he pleaded first for them not to ask any question from him or Shane either and hoped for their understanding regarding the fact that he would marry today and bring the woman to be his wife could be enough.

    'Is she pregnant?' Grandma Terry asked Sheila without a sound. They were like talking using the 'read my lips'.

    Sheila answered with shrugged shoulders. Although she was already married she would come weekly to stay in the villa also every once in a while, especially when her husband was on a business trip, like this time. She couldn't believe that she had missed a lot of important happenings in just a few days in her son's life.

    Shane, as instructed by Josh, remained quiet and would only give the elders before her, timid and bashful smiles. She agreed that it would be best not to tell the details to Josh's family since the entire set-up and the condition of their marriage was a mess. She did not want to meet Josh's family because of this kind of scenario. But Josh was firm, saying she should meet his family and stay in their villa instead of the resort.

    Sheila heaved a long sigh and said, "Alright I will prepare everything for a quick civil wedding at home. I will cook so we can at least have a small celebration. Geez Josh! You could at least inform us ahead of time. I mean, give her a proper wedding ceremony, not in a rush like this."

    "No, ma'am it's really okay. It's my fault, not Josh's. I really don't need any wedding ceremony... Just registering our marriage is more than enough." Shane answered with a smile.

    "Even though... You talk to me after this is done! We must at least know what's going on." Grandpa Shen directly scolded Josh.

    "It's really my fault, sir. I... I ran away from my house because my parents wanted me to marry someone else, but I like Josh so..." Shane tried to explain further but Josh stopped her.

    "I will explain everything to them later. For now, let's all have breakfast please? Then proceed with the marriage, civil marriage conducted at home." Josh pleaded.

    He did not know what came to him that he suddenly brought Shane in their home early in the morning when they could have waited until they did registration or they could keep it a secret from his family as Shane suggested.

    Maybe he was excited about bringing Shane to his family and meeting them?

    'And why would that be?' Josh was actually confused, but all his actions were actually what his heart was telling him to do and he simply followed...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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