411 Everything That’s Mine Is Yours

    At Plumeria Island

    After breakfast, James knocked at Liz's door, bringing the book he had requested from Regan for Liz to read.

    Liz opened the door with a smile and let him enter. It was his first time going inside Liz's room ever since they arrived on that island. Liz asked him to sit on the couch as she prepared the tea for him. James sat down with crossed legs. Liz couldn't help but admire him because he looked really handsome and was very energetic even at that age.

    "I brought the book I told you about... Here..." James said and put them on the table as his eyes swept around the room. Like his room, the room of Liz was also spacious and the floor to ceiling window opened towards the sea-view.

    Her bed was placed on the opposite wall of the window and it was clean. His gaze paused on Liz's clean, crease-free bed as some naughty thoughts of sleeping together and messing the bed crossed his mind.

    He quickly turned his gaze to the other side, seeing Liz was approaching with the tea. His face turned crimson too, without his knowing because of the naughty thoughts that ran in his head.

    Liz sat beside him holding the cup of tea for James, but she noticed Jame's reddening face so she unconsciously touched his forehead with her other hand.

    "Are you sick? Why is your face red?" she asked, still touching his forehead then his cheek then neck.

    "Your temperature is normal though..." Liz casually muttered. She was about to pull her hand from James's cheek, but James held it in place with his hand over it.

    Liz, flustered and unconsciously parted her lips. James pulled her in for a kiss, but the cup of tea Liz held spilled on his shirt.

    "Oh my God, I am so sorry James!" Liz breathed and quickly put down the cup on the table and got up to get a towel to clean him, but James pulled her again causing Liz to fall in his lap.

    She blushed while she whispered, "Let me just get a towel first."

    "It's okay really, I am fine...." James in his hoarse voice whispered while his face leaned closer to hers.

    His hand moved from Liz's back up to her nape as he pulled her for the unfinished intended kiss. His hands felt like fire to her and she also put her hands on his shoulders for support and closed her eyes when James approached her.

    Liz tried her best to calm her body from trembling as she felt James' lips land on hers. They had kissed before, but this kiss by James had a distinct vibe than all others.

    Liz started to turn crimson when she thought about what could happen next. She had been in a dilemma whether to ask James to sleep together throughout their stay, but she couldn't find the courage to do so. At that moment, she felt all her wishes would be fulfilled.

    Supposedly they should wait until their marriage, but Liz sometimes felt that they were too old to act conservative, then her mind would be flooded with second thoughts and she felt they were too old to act this aggressive! All in all, she wanted to be intimate with James and didn't want to hold back now!

    With her closed eyes she savoured the kiss that James showered her with and let the electrifying feeling of his soft and hard touches take over her body.

    She wrapped her arms completely onto Jame's neck and answered his kisses with the same passion as James, but then she suddenly recalled the tea was hot so she pulled from the kiss.

    "Wait, the tea was a bit hot..." She murmured as she pulled Jame's shirt to see if the skin got burnt somehow and she gulped, touching his well-toned muscles.

    "Wow, how come you have such strong well developed and toned muscles..." she praised, seeing there was no hint of burning so the tea probably had turned cold enough when it spilled on him.

    James chuckled. He was getting intimate with her, but Liz seemed to be focusing more on his abs. He wore a rash guard whenever they swam on the beach, so Liz was unable to see his muscular body and those sexy abs that he had, but she was sure James had a toned body.

    James exhaled and abruptly took off his shirt. He sat with his upper body naked in front of her and said with a tease, "There... I will give you a proper view since everything that's mine is yours already..."

    Liz reddened in embarrassment when it dawned to her what she just did.

    "Liz... I think we can go ahead if you don't mind it..." James paused in between and waited for an answer. Liz smiled in understanding of what he wanted to say so as an answer she kissed him.

    Liz yelped when she suddenly felt her body being lifted up. James carried her on the bed like a queen and gently put her down while their lips were still stuck together.

    They stayed staring at each other on the bed, sitting. Liz bit her lip when James started unbuttoning her blouse. She was so nervous because it was practically her first time. She was drunk when she did it with Yera's father and she could not even remember how everything happened except that she woke up and her body was sore.

    She felt so shy, but excitement overclouded her shyness.

    "You're beautiful," she heard James whisper near in her ears when he threw away her blouse on the floor and used his palms to cover the exposed glory of her body. James kissed every part of her body that got exposed out of her clothes and Liz felt an intense sensation she had never felt her whole life. She ended up biting her lip and moaning as James continued to work wonders on her body.

    She too helped him in undressing. Once his entire body stood gloriously in front of her, she could not help but admire his perfectly tall and sculpted body. She copied what he did to her and kissed each part of him saying, "this is mine" in every kiss.

    James chuckled at her inexperienced moves and soon caught her and laid her down on the bed as he placed himself on top of her. Kissing each other on the lips, neck and shoulders took so long as their hands touched every corner and parts of each other's body, familiarizing each other with their bare skin and curves.

    Liz hummed because James did not only touch her private parts but also granted it with passionate and loving kisses that went deep into her and took her into a world of pleasure. It surfaced her desires that were buried deep in her heart somewhere.

    He was very gentle to her and made sure that she felt everything nicely. She shivered each time he made her cum. Finally, when James was not able to control himself, he penetrated her, slowly and then deeply making her hiss in pain for a while and then cried in pleasure when he finally thrust in deeply and moved inside her.

    They shared each other's passion and their union was like a dream she never thought that could happen in her entire life. It was too beautiful dancing with James sometimes gentle sometimes hard rhythm swaying her with a lovely tune of bliss.

    Tears fell from in Liz's eyes as she dug her hands deep in Jame's back. She was in union with the man she loved.

    "I love you..." she whispered as they both reached the highest peak of making love.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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