412 Stay With Her

    At Lim Villa

    They completed the civil marriage between Josh and Shane before noon, and Shane became Josh's wife officially. Because they did everything in a rush, Sheila could only prepare meals that were easy to cook and faster to be made, but all the dishes she cooked were special recipes.

    "Oh my dear, we're so sorry for this. I can't believe this son of mine. But anyway, we will definitely give you a grand wedding soon after the wedding of his twin sister." Sheila promised Shane, feeling guilty for her now daughter-in-law by how poorly and hurriedly Josh managed the marriage.

    She chose to only answer everyone with her timid smile.

    Shane felt so warm with that consoling message. Josh was too lucky to have such a wonderful family. She was even startled when the rest of his family members arrived in the late afternoon to celebrate with them at dinner.

    She met Lyra and her husband and finally Josh's big bro Zach with his wife.

    Zach immediately told her they should not talk about the mission when Shane opened it up to him as that was a family gathering.

    "We will have a schedule for that Shane but for now you must enjoy tonight as Josh's wife and as a new member of our family. We are happy to welcome you with us." Zach said with his warm smile.

    Shane wanted to cry at that moment, and her eyes were filled with tears. She was not sure whether Rizie or Josh had already told Zach about her situation, about running from Mr. Long but looking at Zach's eyes, she could feel his genuine warm words towards her.

    'How nice could it be to have them as her real family forever?' she inwardly thought as there were smiles for her wherever she looked. The warmth and acceptance given to her was just so overwhelming.

    They were outside in their garden enjoying a drink and barbecue with music and chattering.

    Rizie elbowed her and whispered, "I can feel my twin brother is falling for you. Did he happen to say it to you?"

    Shane was shocked. She shook her head and told Rizie what really happened.

    Rizie gave her a cunning grin and murmured, "Trust me. No one knows my twin better than I do. He's in a confused state right now. Mostly in denial of his feelings towards you. But one thing is for sure... He will never agree to something he had not given proper thought to. That definitely means that he likes you and he wants to take care of you, not because you are Cali's friend but because of you yourself."

    Shane gave Rizie an expression of disbelief that made the latter chuckle. "Here... A toast for you, my dear." Rizie said as she poured more wine in Shane's glass.

    "She is right, just a little more push... and he will admit it. All you need to do is to be a little more aggressive..." Keira interrupted.

    "You're listening to us?" Rizie mumbled and Keira laughed.

    "I can read lips you know. Cheers!" Keira raised her glass to the two women.

    Shane shook her head, and the two continued on, exchanging in giving her some tips. Shane would laugh now and then. Soon Lyra joined in the conversation.

    Josh on the other hand would sneak glances at Shane every once in a while, while he was having a drink with his brother, brother-in-law and grandpa Shen.

    "You like her." He heard his brother-in-law comment when grandpa Shen left to help grandma Terry and their mother in grilling more meat.

    "That's what I thought too." Zach seconded. Both of them were aware of what situation Josh and Shane were in.

    "Well, I told you I can bring our comrades soon. They are all hot, respectable and single too, even looking for blind dates... But it seems you're in a hurry to lock Shane for yourself." Josh's brother-in-law teased, making him turn red in embarrassment.

    Zach chuckled because for the first time their bully brother was silent and unable to backfire.

    He patted Josh's shoulders and said, "Take your time... Eventually you will figure things out.. No need to rush.."

    "No... Josh needs to figure it out really fast, because Shane would have to leave soon. Remember, we will send her back to her country for a mission." Josh heard his brother-in-law remind Zach.

    Josh paled. He almost forgot about that part.

    "Can't I go with her?" he suddenly muttered.

    "Are you nuts? We will not allow you there!" his brother-in-law exclaimed. Because they were not sure how Josh would be treated inside the Yue clan territory.

    "How about Shane? Will she be safe going back?" Josh asked with concern.

    "Yes, she will be safe. It's her territory, and their family is under the Yue clan. You are still an outsider. Shane can't guarantee your safety there. What if Mr. Long takes his revenge and have you harmed inside their territory? It will be hard for us to pull you out in time and come to your aide inside. Staying here will be safer because Mr. Long would surely hesitate to touch you once he checked your background knowing you're connected with me." Zach explained.

    Josh's jaw went slack. He felt frustrated.

    He glanced at Shane's direction who had a wide smile on her face, chuckling and laughing while she chatted to everyone around her.

    "I'm his husband. Should I let her go back alone to her home without even meeting her family and introducing myself as her husband properly? Don't I look like a coward if I will be left here?" Josh muttered, eyes still on Shane. He wanted to meet Shane's family too and be with her wherever she goes. It was what his heart was telling him to do... Stay with her...

    Zach and his brother-in-law exchanged meaningful gestures, trying to figure out the possibility of Josh accompanying Shane without him getting endangered. Zach should discuss it further with Shane and Chad later because he would never let his brother face danger in that matter.

    "If that's the case... I believe you feel more than just like her... It's not mere attraction if you want to put your life in danger just to be with her you know..." Josh's brother-in-law could not help but comment.

    "Can't it be considered that I'm just simply a marvellous man?" Josh jested before raising his glass for a cheer. But at the back of his mind, he started to doubt how his mind was analyzing everything.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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