413 Away

    At Plumeria Island

    Yera noticed her mother-in-law's face was glowing while the three of them were having tea at the veranda, gazing at the night sky.

    So she could not help but voice it out, "Mom Liz, I noticed you look so fresh since this late afternoon. I mean you're already beautiful but today it's like you're glowing more."

    Liz almost choked on her tea and gave Yera a demure smile as her face flushed under the light on the veranda.

    "See you're even blushing now," Yera added, teasing her a bit more.

    Liz was speechless and could only give Yera a meaningful gesture saying for her daughter-in-law to stop, her gaze unconsciously sweeping at James.

    Yera chuckled in understanding and looked at her father-in-law instead.

    "Well, dad too is glowing today. I guess that happens with a lot of people who are in love." Yera added with a grin. She was aware that the two were now sharing one room together, so she wanted to take her chance to tease them more.

    What was worse was that she relayed the same information to Xander, who gave her a video call that night.

    "Dad, will I soon have another sibling? I hope this time you give me a sister." Xander yelled in the video that made Jame's face twisted.

    "You brat. Stop teasing me! You quickly finish your work and come back so that Yera can get busy with you and stop teasing us." James scolded his son. Both he and Liz were too red already, caught red-handed by Yera and Xander.

    Xander was unstoppable, and Yera could not help but laugh watching the father and son bantering. The conversation only became serious when her father-in-law suggested delaying their wedding plans.

    "No, why do you have to delay? I can take a flight and reach there quickly anytime for a small visit to attend your wedding. We are not sure how long the trial will proceed here. The estimate is less than a month, but what if it lasts longer? I really want you to proceed with the wedding as planned..." Xander insisted.

    Things could get nasty or he could also be wrong, but before anything untoward could happen, he wanted to witness his dad getting married. He actually wanted to see that same smile on his dad's face that he had when he married Yera.

    Or probably because Xander did not want to delay things regarding whatever it was. For him, it would be better to do a thing as early as you could than regret later because you skipped or delayed it?


    At Rui's Residence

    Rui arrived at his house a little late, after some drinks with other officers. He helplessly slumped his body on his couch. He was now experiencing how tough it could be managing such an enormous group and he saluted Xander for flawlessly and tirelessly managing everything so easily.

    Then Cali's warm and sweet smile flashed through his head. And it instantly took his weariness away because Cali was like his breath of fresh air and her positive vibes were very energising. Added to it all was her cute, adorable face made Rui miss her again.

    Cali and Rui's relationship was going smoothly. Cali would visit Rui often in the hospital to bring him home-cooked meals whenever Rui was free to eat in his office.

    Or Rui would instead bring her out for a date. Today, he was so busy that he could not see Cali. No wonder he felt something was missing in his day.

    He looked at the time on his wristwatch, wondering if Cali was already sleeping.

    He grabbed his mobile phone and dialed Cali's number. The mobile phone rang more than thrice. Cali usually answered no longer than in three rings.

    "Hello... She's already sleeping..." Rui heard Kane answer rudely.

    He frowned and quickly sat up straight on the couch instead.

    "Why are you answering her mobile phone? Where is Cali?" Rui asked calmly.

    "Obviously because we're together right now doc and as I told you she's already sleeping beside me." Kane replied, making it sound ambiguous with his double meaning words that sounded as if they were sleeping together.

    Rui gritted his teeth as a lot of things suddenly played tricks on his mind.

    'Sleeping? With Cali? In his room? In her room? At this hour?' Rui wanted to ask those questions but controlled himself.

    Again, he trusted Cali but that Kane... he was running low on patience with that brat now, who spared no chance to irritate him whenever he could.

    "And I won't suggest you try waking her up. Do you know how Cali hates being awakened whenever she's in a deep sleep? She roars like a dragon whenever..." Kane added but halted, hearing the end call beep from another line.

    "What a quick-tempered psychiatrist you have there, Cali. Let's see if he has enough trust in you," Kane mumbled with a smirk and cleared the strands that covered some parts of Cali's face who unknowingly dozed off on his shoulder while watching a movie with him in the living room.

    Nanny Shine saw Cali was already sleeping and asked Kane to help her bring Cali inside her room, then closed Cali's room. She saw Kane leaning at the wall not far from Cali's room.

    'Poor child,' she inwardly commented. She passed by him and smiled, "Go sleep too Kane. It's already late."

    Kane gave her a nod with a smile. He looked at Cali's door before letting out a long sigh.

    Meanwhile, back at Rui's house, the latter was busy thinking how he could plot to pull Cali out of her house away from Kane.

    "I'm so childish. I can't believe I'm even thinking like this," he mumbled and abruptly messed up his own hair by his hand in frustration. Only Xander would play such tricks like what he was now planning to do.

    "I can't believe that I even thought about doing this!" he frantically scolded himself.

    He stood up from his couch and walked towards his room, still annoyed with Kane and shocked at how he was acting totally out of his character.

    It took him a lot of time in thinking if he would take Cali away or not from the clutches of Kane... before he dozed off to sleep.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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