414 More Effective Than Wearing Lingeries

    At Lim Villa

    Everyone enjoyed the get together and left after the dinner. Shane went up first to their room. She gulped as she checked Keira and Rizie's gifts that they bought for her because the two kept on reminding her to use their gifts for tonight and she would surely make Josh drool over her. Saying the night would not end without her getting untouched.

    Those two even had the same type of gifts. It was like the two were in battle who had gifted the most wild and sexiest lingeries to her.

    Shane heaved a long sigh and decided to clean herself first since she felt sticky after a long day. Surprisingly, her hip was fine already and she felt no more pain there. Just that there's a bruise. The bathtub in their room was big and Shane saw some relaxing products for the tub so she decided to take a quick refreshing dip in the water.

    She could not help but feel nervous, wondering if they would consummate their marriage tonight.

    "We should. I'm legally his wife now and he is my husband so he must not hesitate or back out," Shane unconsciously voiced out and relaxed her body in the sweet-scented bath.

    After quite some time, she washed herself up in the shower and as she turned to take the towel, she cried out, "Oh sh*t!" She cursed because she forgot to bring her towel and robe.

    It was all the fault of lingeries and Josh that she was so out of herself and had spaced out.

    She was startled when she heard knocking and Josh's voice came from the door, "Shane, are you there?"

    Her eyes enlarged, and she quickly walked towards the door, but she felt a sudden cramp and halted.

    "Awww!" She cried and held one of her hands on the wall for support.

    The door suddenly opened, and both Josh and she froze. Josh snapped out and with his head bowed down asked, "Are you alright? I heard a scream."

    "Come here... My leg is cramping, I might lose balance." Shane murmured with an evil smirk inside.

    'Opportunity knocks at the right moment. I guess I don't need any of those lingeries,' she mused, recalling how Josh gulped seeing her standing there completely naked.

    "Uhm, wait I'll go get a towel fast!" Josh muttered, and he was back in a flash with a towel handing it to Shane to cover herself up.

    Shane twitched her mouth and said, "Please help me walk to the bed."

    She held Josh, who seemed not in himself, as her support and walked back inside the room. Her hair was tied in a bun because it was only her body she showered with.

    She paused, and Josh too. "What's wrong?" Josh asked and finally lifted his head.

    Shane let the towel covering herself fall on the floor. "The towel fell," she whispered innocently.

    If there could be an award given for shamelessness, in that scenario Shane would definitely win gold in that award. She wondered how strong Josh's self control was at that moment too.

    She saw Josh's eyes unconsciously scanned her from head to toe before looking on the towel on the floor.

    She saw him gulp his saliva again and saw him feeling a little uneasy...

    Shane started counting, ten... nine... Before going to eight, she felt Josh pulled her with his arm on her waist.

    She could feel his ragged breathing on her skin due to their closeness.

    "I guess falling towels are more effective than wearing lingeries..." Shane whispered while she wrapped her arms on Josh's neck.

    Shane could see visible fire in Josh's eyes. A hunger and desire for her was clearly evident in his eyes.

    "You are really naughty and shameless," Shane heard Josh whisper in his hoarse voice before he hungrily captured her mouth with his. Shane could taste the mixed alcohol in his mouth. She noticed he drank a lot, but he looked sober to her.

    Shane suddenly got weary at the thought of Josh blacking out on her, so she moved forward while Josh and she were kissing. Josh stepped backwards because of her, who was intentionally leading Josh to the bedside.

    Shane then moved her hands and completely stripped him off his clothes, leaving nothing on his body, before pushing Josh on the bed then crawling up on top of him. She saw his arousal as clear as water. It was actually quite large as she moved her head down and stared at it.

    "Stop staring like that." she heard Josh scolded. Shane gave him a timid smile and commented, "I was just wondering if it will fit inside me completely because it seems really large."

    Josh did not know whether to laugh or cry at that. Would he take that as a compliment? He was actually drunk but sober enough to understand what was happening. The alcohol though helped to give him confidence toward his aggressive actions.

    He touched Shane's face and gently caressed her cheeks with the back of his hand. "I think it will perfectly fit in. Let's find out tonight how well fitted I am for your size. Don't worry, I will be gentle..." Josh whispered with a teasing smile that made Shane gulp this time.

    She gasped when Josh rolled over her, then bent down to seal her lips. Shane answered his passionate kiss with the same longing and desire. Their tongues collided, tasting each other for a long time.

    Shane felt Josh's hands roaming all over her body, touching every curve and caressing every mound, teasing a little more on all her sensitive spots, making her hum in an unexplainable sensation or she was too bewildered to describe the feeling.

    She did what she learned from their clan's program. She sensually touched Josh's body, every spot a man would want to be caressed and touched at and she was satisfied to hear Josh groaned in her mouth.

    She spread her legs wide ready to accept him but Josh first took his time in pleasuring her, kissing not only her lips but down to her neck and every part of her body.

    It never came to her that these kinds of plays could bring so much pleasure to her body that she would arch her chest, move her head and even grab Josh's hair when he reached for her untouched flower.

    Yeah, it has never been touched by any man except now where it was not only touched but tasted, flicked, licked and sucked by her husband. She bit her lips because she felt like she would explode very soon anytime.

    They had all night and Shane was anticipating how pleasurable each night would be with Josh in her life.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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