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    Shane cried with joy and pleasure mixed with pain when Josh took her and thrust himself in her untouched depths. One after another they both reached their pinnacle and Josh spurt his liquids inside her valley.

    "Does it still hurt?" Shane heard Josh murmur in her ear after they regained their breaths.

    It hurt, but she did not mind at all because the pleasure of uniting with Josh overclouded all the pain.

    Josh stood up and pulled her up. "I'll clean you up..." Shane did not comment and let Josh take care of her. They both had a shower together. Josh was giving her a thorough clean up like a baby and it felt nice being taken care of like this.

    She had some bloodstains

    on her lower part, because of being ripped off by Josh's large length.

    Speaking of his length, Shane noticed it was back again in its large size while Josh was massaging her body with soap.

    "It's up again?" Shane nonchalantly commented, gazing at Josh's length.

    Josh chuckled because Shane was acting too funny with her naive expressions.

    "It won't stop getting larger I think whenever you touch me." Josh muttered in a husky voice and Shane widened her eyes when Josh rubbed her private part.

    "Still hurt?" he asked again as she shook her head, suppressing her urge to moan.

    Since when did they become so close like this, as if looking and touching at each other's body was normal for them, without any hesitation? She did the same to Josh and massaged his body with soap.

    Unlike her, Josh did not hide his growling when she touched his length, rubbing it with soap. Their eyes met and Josh pulled her for a tremendous kiss while the water was dripping on their body, washing the soap off their bodies as they continued to touch and rub each other's all over.

    Shane was feeling aroused and that soreness from the first time also seemed to leave her body. Josh pulled and hugged her tight.

    "It would be uncomfortable for you to do here. Let's finish showering first." Josh murmured, calming his breath.

    They left the bathroom after showering and were now in their bathrobes. Josh was gently wiping her wet hair as they sat on the edge of the bed. It was midnight already and here they were still awake.

    "Do you think what we did is already enough? I mean, I'm no longer a virgin now, right?" Shane murmured. They only did it once, and she felt the sharp pain at first and there's bloodstain on the sheet also, so she could now go back to her country as soon as Josh's brother briefed her with the things she needed to do.

    "Ouch," she murmured when she felt that Josh's wiping of her hair suddenly became heavy and forceful.

    "Sorry," Josh muttered with a dim face. Hearing Shane say those words made him annoyed.

    'After losing her virginity that easily, she's in a hurry to leave? Can't she think she is a married woman with a husband now?' Josh mused with a crumpled face. He was really furious, and he wanted to punish Shane for thinking about trying to run away from him like this now!

    "That's definitely not enough..." he unconsciously muttered and stood up to remove his bathrobe.

    "Huh?" Shane looked at him confused. Josh pulled her up to stand in front of him and removed her bathrobe also, letting it fall down on the floor.

    They were both naked standing in front of each other.

    "We have to do it repeatedly..." Josh continued and cupped her breasts, gently caressing and squeezing them, then he bent down to give them sweet kisses.

    She was grateful for being pushed back on the bed because her knees were weakening already with the sensation. She bit her tongue when she felt Josh was biting her skin. It was a mixture of pain and a pleasurable sensation for her.

    Josh was touching her again in between her thighs, spreading them apart. She suddenly blushed seeing Josh was intently staring at her while he was touching her private parts.

    She suddenly became conscious of his eyes that seemed to be penetrating her soul. Josh wanted to see every inch of Shane's reaction. Not bothering with his own urge to claim her that instant once more.

    He loved seeing her with that pleasurable expression, moaning with her eyes closed, then her nibbling of her own lips. Everything she did simply turned him on.

    He was rubbing her clit slowly before he inserted his one finger inside. She was too damped already, ready for his shaft to penetrate her once more.

    He sucked her nipples while he moved his finger in and out of her opening, making her milk his finger with her wetness as he inserted another one.

    "Maybe doing it once is enough?" he asked her while he nibbled her nipples left and right and continued to thrust his fingers in and out, making Shane arched her body while her inner muscles started to contract inside because of how Josh accelerated his thrust.

    ���No..." Shane hummed as she was about to give him another orgasm.

    "Huh? Tell me, is once enough." Josh asked as if he did not hear Shane answered.

    Shane wanted to pull Josh's hair, so she pulled him up and glared at him.

    "Stop bullying me... I want it several times... I want you inside me over and over again, every night, okay!" Shane scolded with a cracked voice because Josh continued to move in and out of her faster. Her body trembled in ecstasy as she convulsed and released her juices.

    Josh positioned himself in between her thighs and Shane was startled with the sudden thrust of Josh's length inside her opening, slamming her in then pulling it halfway and slowly slammed it back in.

    She pulled Josh's neck for a deep kiss. Her body was still shaking with that orgasm and here she was again moaning in Josh's mouth while he pounded her in and out with a teasing manner.

    Josh showered Shane with lovely kisses. He licked and sucked her neck and then sat up and put Shane's legs on his shoulder. He wanted to see Shane's face closely while they made love.

    He pounded deeper with his eyes on hers. Her pupils were dilated with arousal. Her arms were up, grasping the pillows in pleasure as he sped up his thrust.

    She was too wet that even though it was very tight inside, he managed to fully penetrate her.

    Shane yelped and shuddered when Josh changed his rhythm, sliding his full length all the way out before quickly sliding it back inside.

    "What a tease!" she voiced out followed by a moan.

    Josh continued doing that until she begged for more...

    'How come he's also a bully in bed!' Shane complained thinking how she should return the favor to him later. But for now, she moved her hips, distracting his bullying, making Josh bent down and penetrating her with a continuous and stable rhythm up and down, bringing her to another peak where she erupted.

    "Ahhh..." she heard Josh's howls when he too followed her soon into reaching his pinnacle, spilling or his juices inside of her.

    Josh was panting as he laid on top of her, burying his face in the crook of her neck.

    His length was still inside her and Shane could feel his tongue licking on her neck then sucking...

    "Are we not done yet?" she whispered. Then she felt Josh bite on her neck.

    "No. Not yet... I'm just starting..." Josh mumbled in his hoarse voice.

    "Huh?" Shane gasped, confused...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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