416 Ill-Fated Love Story

    At Country V

    Xander did not waste any time in making preparations for the trial. He sat down with Lana and tried to understand the rules of the Mirage and the proceedings. He used his last strand of patience to understand as much as he could.

    He and Lana worked together with pros and cons of every evidence they would need to submit. They studied all the scenarios that could come up and happen to be to their disadvantage as well, including how Yun's group would handle all their accusations and their possible counterparts for the claim to the throne.

    Xander was a perfectionist and wanted everything to be perfect, every evidence, every witness that they could produce and use for their advantage was checked and contacted. He was glad he had Lana by his side who was also a perfectionist and the best when it came to issues related to Law. She indeed managed every document in an order that things were more easy to understand when she made a move.

    "No wonder, if you continue like this, you will become an old maid," Xander jested as the two of them took a break with Chad bringing some snacks for them.

    "I would prefer being single than being with a complicated man like you. I really pity Yera, you know." Lana mumbled.

    "Ouch! Why is your tongue always sharp!" Xander scolded and Lana only answered him with shrugged shoulders.

    "Alright! As I told you guys, my request for a visit to the Tai Clan territory has been suddenly granted. I want to bring you two there with me so you can have some private talks with the King about the case. Though he is a very noble person who doesn't want to indulge in the war between Quan and Yue clans, but I also have a trump card in my hands to make him agree to help us. For now, you both get ready. Milo will give you both your outfits for disguise shortly as my personal bodyguards." Chad interrupted.

    Xander immediately moved out to change. Lana watched in disbelief and commented, "Look how excited he is?" Xander always kept Lana on her toes.

    She wondered which drug he was on because neither did he himself sleep properly nor did he even let her sleep,and always kept asking a lot of questions to her every now and then.

    "I should ask for triple pay and hazard pay for this. I can even ask for mental harassment benefit from this doctor." Lana jokingly said with a crumpled face.

    Chad chuckled and said, "His life is on the line, Lana. As much as I have understood him, he doesn't care so much about himself, but he has people he cares for, so he's doing his best to stay alive for them, if not for himself."

    Then Chad looked at Lana and asked, "Once you fall in love you will then understand how much you want to keep safe and wish to live for the one you love."

    "Why Chad, are you in love now that you seem to understand his dilemma easily?" Lana backfired the question with a mocking grin.

    "Just finish that and get up and change soon." Chad mumbled before walking out from Lana's sight, because he knew, no one ever won a fight with that woman who never ran out of words to throw back.


    Xander was in disguise along with Lana as a part of Chad's security team that he took to go to meet the current leader of the Tai Clan in their own territory. It was Chad's first time entering the said premises in connection with the campaign for presidency.

    Tai Clan's security was also very tight and any kind of weapons were not allowed to be taken inside. Chad was escorted inside the mansion after a thorough check and most of his bodyguards were not allowed inside.

    "You can only have two companions with you inside and without any weapons with them," one of the security team personnels informed them.

    Chad signaled Xander and Lana to follow him from behind.

    King Arvin led Tai Clan, and Chad appreciated the man for maintaining peace in their clan. The man was a good leader. If only the Yue clan would act the same way, the peace and order in the Mirage Triad all over the world would be splendid. But the entire setup of the Yue clan was in a mess because of the wrong mindset of the King

    The security men guided three of them inside and they walked straight to the path that led them towards an enormous garden where a man sat in a wheelchair and was feeding his two big wolves.

    Lana was horrified and with rounded eyes whispered to Xander in disbelief, "Are they wolves?" It was her first time seeing actual wolves, and they were huge in size and looked so scary with those almond shaped eyes glaring in their direction, growling at the visitors, ready to pounce on them and tear them apart.

    "Shhh. They are friends visiting us. Calm down..." the man tamed them with just a few words and they followed his command. Their trembling heart had just calmed down when a beautiful woman approached them.

    "I'm Luna. Father is waiting for you, please follow me." she said, and they all followed her towards the man in the wheelchair.

    Chad extended his hand to the man and said, "I'm Chad, King Arvin. My father would like to say his regards to you as well."

    The man nodded and signaled him to sit at the chairs near him. Chad signaled Lana and Xander to sit beside him.

    "Actually, I'm here with my friends... to also discuss something..." Chad started.

    "Hmm, but as you know that our clan never wants to interfere in the war between your clan and Yue clan." King Arvin responded and stared at his daughter who was now playing with the two tamed beasts, not very far away from them.

    "Chad, it is not that I don't want to extend my helping hand, but as you can see, my condition is getting worse with passing time. I only have Luna to succeed me, but look at her? If we join your fight, how do you think our clan will be able to survive?"

    Lana looked at Luna. She was dressed like a princess. She assumed she was spoiled too much by his father and not given enough training as the successor of the Tai clan.

    King Arvin noticed Lana staring at his daughter so he confirmed, "Yes, Luna grew up away from here, knowing nothing about the clan. It's all my fault because I thought I could give her a life without the shadow of our clan behind her. She had only found out very recently about our family background. She will soon start her training, but it will take her quite some time to be perfectly trained. I personally do not want her to take this position, but I have no choice now."

    "What if your brother happened to have a daughter?" Chad opened up.

    "What do you mean?" King Arvin whose attention was piqued keenly looked at Chad.

    King Arvin's brother Lark was the crowned successor of Tai Clan but went missing along with his wife who was pregnant at that time, during a chase by some enemies. Everyone thought she died with the baby.

    King Arvin's face paled with the thought that his brother's wife gave birth to a girl before dying

    'Oh God, big bro, your daughter is alive. Oh my God...' King Arvin mused as tears fell from his eyes. His brother Lark and his wife Ava have an ill-fated love story and they both ended very miserably.

    "I have to then find her and bring her back to where she belongs." King Arvin muttered and closely looked at Chad and added, "Tell me more about my niece and also tell me what help do you need from me?"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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