417 Please Come Back

    Rui looked at his watch and smiled. Cali was about to arrive with home-cooked lunch for him. He was grinning by himself when his door opened.

    "Wow. Did you know I was coming? That's why you're smiling ear to ear like that? Missed me?" Dr. Yao seductively winked while she comfortably sat on the couch.

    Rui gulped because that was so unexpected, a visit from such a sly fox.

    "You disappeared like a bubble without a single word? Do you think I will miss you?" Rui scoffed.

    "Why are you here anyway?" he asked, wondering why Dr. Yao would pay a visit to him.

    "Hmm. I just want to confirm with my own eyes that they did not commit any mistake in the DNA results." Dr. Yao simply answered.

    Rui creased his forehead because he was not aware of it. "Which DNA result are you talking about?" He enquired.

    Dr. Yao stood up from her seat and roamed in every corner of his office.

    "I guess you are not aware of my so-called look alike?" Dr. Yao casually asked.

    Rui did not reply, so she added, "Anyway, never mind that, I heard Dr. CEO was not around. Do you happen to know where he is?"

    She turned to look at Rui who was sitting in his chair, acting busy with something.

    Rui coughed and asked, "Why are you curious about him? Don't tell me you still intend to follow him?"

    Dr. Yao chuckled lightly and murmured, "Hmm, I have my own ways if I wanted to follow him around. It's just a piece of cake for me. How about you, Rui? Do you see yourself managing Yang Globals group in the future? I heard there's a threat on Dr. CEO's life so in short we can't tell what will happen next"

    Rui's face darkened and hissed, "Stop it, Candice. Nothing will happen to Xander!"

    Dr. Yao lifted an eyebrow and with a smirk walked towards Rui and held Rui's armrests to lean down and whispered into his ear, "Relax... Dr. Dee... Why are you so worked up?"

    That was the scene when Cali entered Rui's office.


    Cali had a bright smile on her face as she walked towards Rui's office. Today she had cooked a recipe Rui specially requested, and she was too excited to see Rui's expression and hear his comments about her cooking.

    Aunt Jean was no longer on her desk when she arrived, so she walked directly into Rui's office and opened his door.

    She was about to greet him when she saw a woman leaning on him as if kissing him on his chair.

    She stood there like a statue and she lost grip of the paper bag she was holding, causing it to fall on the ground.

    'What's going on?' she wanted to shout and yell but she could not even open her freaking mouth. It was as if she had lost her tongue.

    The sound of the bento box on the floor startled the two in front of her.

    "Cali," Rui gasped in shock and quickly pushed the woman away who gave her a beautiful sly smile.

    Cali was trembling, so she clenched her fists, trying to control her emotions. She had never seen a woman smile so slyly like her.

    "Hello little girl." the woman greeted in a sensual voice, as if nothing had happened.

    The woman paused in front of Cali and added, "Looks like you've seen a ghost. I think I'm too alluring for a ghost. Are you perhaps Rui's sister?"

    Rui's face paled, and he went to Cali's side and said, "She's my fiance."

    Dr. Yao's eyebrows raised and said, "Oh nice to meet you..."

    She looked at Rui and scorned, "Isn't she a bit too young for an old man like you?"

    "Anyway. I will leave you two since you too must need some time alone. By the way, I'll be in the city until tomorrow. How about I treat you to a grand dinner before I leave? I owe you one so I will make it special." Dr. Yao added, enjoying Rui's crumpled and paled face.

    Rui, who was a person who talked too much in front of her, cut his tongue out at that moment. 'Interesting!' Dr. Yao mused.

    Rui shook his head. "No need to treat me. We're good." Rui simply said, frowning.

    Dr. Yao winked at him and said, "Okay. In case you change your mind, call me."

    The woman turned at Cali and with a wink muttered, "Bye pretty little girl," leaving the two alone afterwards.

    Rui held Cali's hand, and it was too cold.

    "Cali don't misunderstand things. It's not what you think. Come here and sit." Rui said as he pulled Cali on the couch. Seeing Cali's expression, Rui could tell that she misunderstood what she saw.

    He did not like what was happening. He cursed Candice for acting like that. It was Candice's normal hobby to pester him like that and he was used to it, but it surely did not look so in Cali's eyes.

    He felt Cali removed his hand on hers.

    "I forgot... I have to see Kane now. I just brought your lunch, but I messed it up. I will just tell aunt Jean to order a takeout." Cali muttered with a forced smile and rushed out of Rui's door.

    "Cali wait... Cali..." Rui called and ran for her.

    "Don't follow me please just don't follow me now. I will just call you Rui okay. Don't worry..." Cali shouted, so Rui stopped.

    He felt uneasy and did not want her to go without knowing the facts, but he knew Cali did not want him to see her in that broken state. So he controlled himself from following her, but later he would seek and talk to her.

    Cali ran because she did not want Rui to see her crying.

    She went into the restroom and locked herself in a cubicle. She was hurting for no reason.

    'Did you see them kiss?' she asked herself, but she saw that woman was too close to Rui.

    'Gather yourself and act more mature! Go back and clear things with Rui!' her inner self scolded, but Cali wanted time to gather and compose herself.

    Her mobile phone beeped. She looked at it and it was a message from Rui.

    [Please come back and let's talk. Let's eat too... I'm starving... I will wait for you in the office.]

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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