418 Do You Like Dr. Yao?

    Cali silently cried inside the cubicle for she didn't know how long. She hated the way she was acting and wiped the uncontrollably falling tears from her eyes. She felt so petty to cry over such a minor thing but maybe it was because she was naturally emotional so she could not help the tears from flowing.

    She composed herself and decided to go back to Rui's office.

    She went out from the cubicle and looked at herself in the mirror. She cursed because it was still obvious from her eyes that she had cried.

    Her jaw dropped when the other cubicle opened, and it was the same woman whom she had seen with Rui, Dr. Yao.

    "Oh, hello again, Cali, right?" the doctor asked with her cunning smile. Cali did not like those smiles. Yes, it was warm and beautiful, but she felt it looked very sly and cunning.

    Cali forced a smile at her. She saw a hint of sympathy from Dr. Yao when her eyes landed on her hair.

    "I'm sorry about what happened. I heard you were among the victims of the bridge collapse." she heard Dr. Yao murmured before her eyes became more sly again.

    She did some retouch on her makeup as she casually said, "Rui is a good man. Actually. I think he likes me and I like him too. But I like him as a person, not romantically. I love to tease him a lot so I hope you don't mind that. It's a habit of mine... Teasing young handsome men..."

    Dr. Yao chuckled and Cali did not know what to say about that, except that she only kept staring at her beautiful face. She was mature and composed. Cali bet she was a strong woman based on her aura, unlike herself, who was so weak.

    "You said he likes you?" Cali murmured. Dr. Yao laughed, an evilness dripping from her laughter, and patted Cali's shoulder.

    "Yeah, he does like me... I can easily steal him away from you little girl if I want to. So tell me? Are you confident about your man and his love for you?" Dr. Yao whispered in her ear, followed by light laughter as she walked out from the restroom.

    Dr. Yao paused outside the restroom and smirked, "Let's see Mr. Meddler how deeply your woman loves you. If she won't trust you enough, then you need to give her more time to mature. Geez, she is so young for you, my friend...." She whispered while shaking her head and continued to go to the DNA testing facility.


    Rui looked at the boxes of various dishes on his table. Cali cooked it all. Rui heaved a deep sigh and patiently waited. He rested his head on the backrest of his couch and looked at the ceiling.

    He closed his eyes... waiting...

    After a few more minutes, he heard footsteps, so he quickly opened his eyes, hoping it could be Cali.

    But to his disappointment it was Jean.

    "Oh, I thought you and Cali will be having lunch together?" Jean commented with a frown, seeing the food is still not touched.

    "I saw her running out in a rush. What's going on?" Jean asked worriedly, seeing the weariness on Rui's face.

    Rui exhaled loudly and said, "What is my next schedule? If it's not important can we cancel it?"

    Jean nodded and replied, "Nothing important. I will cancel it."

    Hearing that, Rui rushed out of his room to look for Cali. He hated it. Candice often caused havoc in a relationship. First it was Xander and now him.

    He irritably scoffed and continued to dial Cali's number. It couldn't be reached, so he contacted the men he had appointed to secure Cali's safety. Yes, he assigned a security team for Cali in disguise, to make sure she was safe, especially when Cali was not with him. He just could not simply let her be in danger because of her connection with Shane.

    "Where is she?" he asked on another line.

    "At the ice cream restaurant near the hospital boss," his man reported and gave him the details. It was not very far from the hospital.

    Rui went to the parking lot to get his car and drove and parked it in front of the restaurant.

    He saw Cali sitting inside eating a big ice cream in a large container.

    'Ice cream for lunch?' Rui mused in disbelief. He was about to go out from his car but halted when he saw Kane rushing inside the restaurant. The wall of the restaurant was made of transparent glass so he could see what was going on sitting in his car.

    Rui frowned seeing Kane pulled Cali for a hug.

    'What the heck?!' he scorned and quickly went out of the car and rushed inside the restaurant.

    He barged inside and separated the two.

    Cali was too shocked to see him. Rui grabbed Cali's hand to pull her out from the restaurant, but Kane grabbed Cali's other wrist.

    "What are you doing?" Rui hissed.

    Kane's eyebrows arched and said, "Cali is not in the condition to go with you, so just let her go..."

    "It's not for you to decide boy, so let go of her hand right now or else..." Rui chided, he did not like those mocking smirk Kane was giving him.

    "Or else what, doc? You let go of her arm instead, if I were you..." Kane countered.

    "I'm her fiance..." Rui firmly stated.

    Cali exhaled loudly before looking at Kane and said, "Kane let go of my wrist. I'm sorry but I need to talk to Rui. Please go back to what you're doing..."

    Inside the car Cali casually said, "I'm hungry. Let's have lunch then talk."

    Her voice was expressionless, and Rui did not like that. "Yes, let's eat first."

    But Cali could not handle the tension between them. She broke down and asked what was haunting her, because it was the only thing that kept on replaying in her head that was why she was losing confidence to go back to Rui's office.

    "She said, you like her." she murmured.

    "What?!" Rui burst.

    Cali turned to look at him and repeated, "Do you like Dr. Yao?"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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