419 I Can’t Pee*

    At Han Ancestral Mansion

    Dion and Rizie finally moved in at Han's mansion as soon as the renovation for their room was finished.

    "Welcome to our home, Mrs. Rizie Lim Han!" Dion blurted as soon as they were inside the mansion.

    "Waaah!" Rizie screamed when Dion suddenly carried her in his arms.

    "Don't tell me you want to go upstairs carrying me like this. Oh, my gosh! We both might fall down!" Rizie exclaimed, worried because she knew she was not light at all.

    "Do you really think your husband is that weak? Not all men without muscles are weak, you know. Let me prove it to you right now!" Dion felt challenged with her words and even walked faster on the stairs while he carried Rizie into a bridal style towards their new room.

    Rizie was not breathing at all as she tightly clung to Dion's neck with closed eyes. She was too scared as she felt Dion's large and fast steps.

    "Hey slow down, no one is after us." she scolded, eyes still closed. But Dion did not slow down, proving his stamina and masculinity well to his wife.

    He stopped and murmured, panting, "We're here."

    Rizie chuckled, seeing the sweat on his face. "Put me down now." she mumbled with a grin.

    "No," Dion whispered and opened the door before placing Rizie on their bed.

    "Wooww," Rizie gasped, seeing the exquisite design of their room that suited her taste very well too.

    It was spacious and a perfect pastel shade was all over. A large portion of one wall was covered with picture frames and had pictures of them both from their childhood and even of the day they got married.

    It was very modern, elegant yet very personal and each corner reeked of Dion's love and affection for her.

    She looked at Dion and laughed while she removed his necktie and unbuttoned his sleeves.

    "You should change," she murmured and was about to stand up from the bed to grab a small towel and wipe his sweat but Dion blocked her.

    "I prefer being naked..." he teasingly whispered.

    Rizie's eyebrows arched and murmured, "Really?" Dion nodded several times.

    "Hmm, later. I want to explore our new room first." Rizie teased and ran to other rooms like the study area.

    Dion scratched his head and followed her. He smiled seeing how Rizie seemed to love the decoration he had done for their room.

    "You've gained more weight, didn't you notice?" Dion whispered in Rizie's ear from behind.

    Rizie turned around and wrapped her arms at Dion. But she suddenly felt like her stomach crunched and wanted to vomit, so she ran towards the restroom.

    Dion laughed and shouted, "Stop it, Rizie. Do you wanna play hide and seek, why do you keep running?"

    He walked back inside and heard Rizie from the restroom, vomiting.

    Dion quickly ran towards her and saw Rizie continuously vomiting at the sink.

    Dion gently patted Rizie's back. "Is your stomach upset?" Dion asked as he became worried.

    He recalled what Rizie ate for lunch. "Let's go to the hospital." Dion insisted when Rizie finally stopped vomiting.

    "What date is today?" Rizie asked and Dion answered.

    "I'm delayed..." Rizie murmured.

    "You mean?" Dion asked in wide eyes. She nodded. "Wait here... I'll run to buy a pregnancy test kit first." Dion excitedly uttered, and he was gone before Rizie's eyes in a flash.

    Rizie chuckled as she excitedly caressed her tummy. "I hope it's positive," she whispered with an ear to ear grin.

    Dion was back so fast with various pregnancy kits with him.

    "Here, pee in the cup then drop..." Dion instructed.

    "Yes, I know. Don't get too excited, what if it's just an upset stomach..." Rizie recalled before going inside the restroom.

    After quite some time, Rizie opened the door.

    "What?" Dion whispered. She crumpled her face and said, "I can't pee. It's not coming out."

    "Huh?" Dion breathed before quickly walking to the small refrigerator in their room and grabbed a bottle of water from inside.

    "Here, drink this." he instructed and Rizie finished the bottle.

    She went back inside and laughed.



    Dion was humming the hum when you want a baby or a toddler to pee.

    "Stop that! Are you cheering me on?" Rizie complained, still laughing.

    "Shhh. Concentrate on peeing. Ppssshhh..." Dion continued to make that sound.


    After quite some time, Rizie went out again and shook her head.

    "It's really not coming out." Rizie mumbled, feeling irritated already on why she was not able to pee in this crucial time.

    Dion chuckled and commented, "Maybe it's because you're too excited. Sometimes that happens. Come here."

    He pulled Rizie on the bed to sit on his lap, then hugged her tightly.

    Then tilted his head up and said, "Kiss..."

    Rizie bent her head and obediently granted her husband's request. The kiss soon became passionate and Dion ended up removing his wife's blouse touching Rizie's private parts.

    He was kissing her exposed bosoms while his hand touched her apex. Rizie groaned in pleasure when Dion's hand slipped inside her panty. His finger was tracing her line, caressing and teasing her. He was making her feel wet with his thumb playing on her clit.

    Dion moved and laid Rizie on the bed as he spread her legs and inserted his finger in her wet opening.

    Rizie hummed in pleasure because of her husband doing wonderful thrust inside her that soon her body convulsed in climax.

    Dion whirled all his clothes to take her wife. He positioned himself in between her legs and thrust his member deep inside of Rizie's entrance. It was easy because of her juices. He slumped in and out.

    He would soon reach his climax when Rizie suddenly pushed him away with force and quickly stood up from the bed.

    "I need to pee now!" Rizie blurted out and rushed inside the restroom.

    Dion was left flabbergasted and helplessly looked at his erect member then looked at the restroom, wondering if Rizie would take long.

    His thoughts of gaining a tragic blueball were startled by the sudden scream from Rizie inside the restroom.

    "It's positive!!!!!"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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