420 Using A Permanent Mark

    Cali could not breathe properly for a long time after asking that question. To her disappointment, she did not hear any reply from Rui. He simply started the car and led her to eat lunch.

    They went out to eat lunch together, and he still didn't reply to her. There was an awkward silence between them that was making her go crazy. Cali wanted to shout and cry, ask for explanations, but she controlled herself. She tried to be calm.

    Rui was supposed to drop her home after lunch, as she knew he had some appointments, but he stopped the car at an exclusive boutique. She went out of the car with knitted brows when Rui opened her door.

    "What are we doing here?" Cali asked in a downcast done.

    Rui held her hand and pulled her inside the boutique. "Let's buy some clothes for you first." he simply answered.

    Cali frowned. 'Did he think buying me clothes will be enough to pacify my irritation? He did not even answer my question yet!' Cali inwardly complained.

    Rui bought everything without her knowing the sales lady helped choose her size even on underwear and many more.

    "What else is missing? Do we need to drop you to your house to get other things? I think I bought every essentials you might need." Rui calmly murmured as he drove in the car.

    Cali was not in herself. She could hear Rui, but her mind was not able to process his words and so she did not understand him at all. She only looked at her window while her thoughts were occupied with that Dr. Yao and her unanswered question to Rui.

    The car stopped and her eyes blinked several times because they were at Rui's house. She suddenly became nervous.

    "Why are we here?" Cali asked while Rui pulled her inside to the living room and sat on the couch. He made Cali sit in front of him and looked into her eyes intently.

    "Sorry about earlier. I intentionally did not answer you because I didn't want to talk nor explain while driving or eating or in the public place." Rui started, with his eyes fixed on Cali.

    He raised his one arm and lovingly cupped Cali's face.

    "I may have liked many people in my life before I met you or until now but that doesn't mean I have the same feelings for them like I have for you, because I will only love one woman in my entire life. And that's the woman whom I will marry. And in this life I have already chosen that woman and... it's you..." Rui explained, hoping Cali could understand him with those words.

    He could not directly say the words to Cali for some reason but in his heart he was sure it was Cali, the woman for him and the woman he came to treasure at that point of his life.

    "I bought various items and so many clothes because from now on I want you to live with me. I can't always be with you since I need to do a lot of things in the hospital, especially now that Xander is not here and things are left to me to handle. If you want your clothes or any other stuff back at home, we can always go there and you can pick it up. My house is now your house too. I want you to stay with me whenever you can and I really don't mind it." Rui continued.

    Cali bit her bottom lip. She had mixed emotions at that moment. She was speechless.

    She felt a plethora of emotions built in her but before she could think of how to answer him Rui pulled her for a tight hug. Cali's heart felt so much at ease by his words and actions. In his embrace she knew she was most loved and cherished by him. Tears started to fall from her eyes, but very quickly she stopped herself.

    She knew each of his words was sincere, yet she felt something was missing in Rui's words, or maybe because she expected to hear more words or some stronger words to feel more secure.

    But she knew that she must not hurry a man's heart or force it. She needed more patience because she was the one who had asked for this arrangement. In the first place, she chose Rui for herself and Rui did not choose her.

    'Are you confident about your man and his love for you?'

    Those words of Dr. Yao kept on banging in her head, mocking her, giving her an insecurity she had never felt before.

    She closed her eyes and hugged Rui back tightly. She might not be confident about Rui's love right now, but she was confident about her love for Rui from the day one.

    Unless Rui pushed her out of his life and told her to leave him alone, she would stay with him. Slowly and steadily she would carve her name in Rui's heart using a permanent mark.

    Cali pulled out from the hug and stared at Rui.

    "Is that why you're offering your house to me to stay so that I can keep watch on you and not complain? I will trust you okay so I don't need to actually stay here and invade your privacy that much." Cali with pouted lips muttered.

    "And even if I stay here, I can not see whatever it is you're doing in the hospital or wherever you go on meetings or whoever it is that you're really meeting up with..." Cali added with her flaring nostrils that made Rui laugh.

    "Are you worried about me seeing Candice? No!!! That won't happen." Rui justified, shaking his head and with a smile on his face.

    "It's okay. You can see her anytime you want. I just have one request from you... That is to be honest with me. It's better to hurt someone Rui than lie to someone because you're afraid to hurt them. So please always remember that. I have told you already. I'm an easy person to deal with. You can easily sweep me away from your life, you just need to say the word." Cali reiterated because it was true.

    She would fight for what she was feeling, but she knew her limitations. She would rather let the person she loved be free rather than hold on to that person, even if the feelings were not reciprocated. That was the kind of a loser she did not want herself to see.

    Cali's words were very clear and Rui knew she was deeply hurt by Candice today. He didn't know how to tell more things to her now and just heaved a sigh before pulling her again into his embrace.

    "I want you to really stay by my side Cali, not today but for many days that was what I wanted but couldn't word out my feelings. Even today, it is not because of anything or anyone else but simply because that's what I want." Rui muttered.

    That was what he wanted and a part of it was taking Cali out from Kane's grasp because he was really uncomfortable with that man.

    For some reason, he had a feeling that Kane would take Cali away from him. He definitely could not beat the years Kane and Cali shared together for now, but he wanted to start building his own memories with Cali.

    Cali felt a sense of belonging with the words Rui said. The clouds of confusion and insecurity started fading away from her heart. She snuggled in his embrace and held on to him.

    Rui picked Cali from her waist and made her sit on his lap. He stared in her eyes and asked, "Still angry?"

    "No, I was not angry, but just a little upset. But I am happy now." Cali replied with a bashful smile on her face.

    Rui started to lose his control with her closeness. He held her tightly in his arms and pressed his lips on hers. Cali slipped her arms on his neck and let him take the lead for the kiss and felt her heart was happy and content.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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