421 Still Sore **

    At Lim's Villa Hotel and Resort

    "Isn't it a little too early to have a meeting with Shane about going back?" Josh complained seeing his brother was back and had requested Shane's presence in one of the private rooms in their hotel.

    "Josh don't worry, we will not send her too soon. We just need to brief her on certain things like the bugs she would need to install and with a few more gadgets from our team, their uses and how and when to activate them." Zach explained.

    "Alright, I'll just go and fetch her." Josh mumbled with a crumpled face in front of Zach and his men who had come to make Shane familiar with various things.

    Ever since last night, he had become more protective of Shane. He himself did not understand what it was. Maybe it was because he considered Shane as his since their marriage. He wanted to take full responsibility for her.

    He went back to the mansion and saw Shane with his mother in the kitchen. His mother was teaching Shane to bake, and it looked like the two of them were having a good time together.

    "I hate to interrupt you both, but I need Shane right now mom. Can I borrow her for a while?" Josh jested with a grin.

    Shane unconsciously blushed, brewing a perverted thought on Josh's words. She bid her farewell to Josh's mother when Josh held her hand and pulled her out of the kitchen.

    "Isn't it a bit early? I mean, we can wait till the evening." Shane whispered and her brows knitted when they walked out of the mansion.

    "Where are we going?" he asked Josh who gave her a teasing grin.

    "Why? Are you so disappointed? We can stop over in our room for some time if you want or do it there inside the car. You know we did it this morning too, so it's not necessarily needed to wait for the evening for a thing like that." Josh teased.

    Shane wrinkled her face as she went inside Josh's car.

    Josh was grinning hard seeing the irritation on Shane's face. He went inside the car and started the engine, but he did not drive it yet. Instead, he turned at Shane and leaned towards Shane.

    "What are you doing?" Shane hissed seeing Josh's grinning face too close on her.

    "You look disappointed in going out. Do you want to stay in the room with me for a while?" Josh shamelessly teased that made Shane's eyes widened in embarrassment.

    "Well... Uhm.." she stuttered looking for words but was not able to utter one because Josh lips sealed hers that instant.

    Shane was taken aback, but her arms unconsciously wrapped on Josh's neck. Having too much affection like this felt good and somehow bringing the two of them close together.

    Josh pulled out first, or else he couldn't fight the urge to take Shane at that spot in an instant if he would not stop.

    He felt like he became so addicted to her body that he always asked for more whenever they got close like this. He was panting when he grabbed the seat belt and pulled it for Shane.

    "Big bro is waiting for you at the hotel. He will start discussing the mission..." Josh sourly relayed.

    Shane was still at cloud nine and did not even hear Josh properly. Her body was in heat because of Josh and she removed her seatbelt and pounced on her husband.

    Josh was startled seeing Shane on his lap and she even moved his seat backwards.

    "You should finish what you started. I hate it whenever things hang like that my body becomes uncomfortable." Shane complained while she unbuckled Josh's pants.

    Josh gulped, he almost forgot that when it came to shamelessness, he would not be able to beat Shane. But his body was in agreement with Shane. It was too obvious because of his erect rod as soon as Shane released it.

    "Aren't you still sore?" Josh was a bit worried because they did it in the morning too and Shane surely was still sore.

    "I don't know..." Shane whispered and added, "But I feel hot. Is it bad?"

    Josh deliberately shook his head and gulped when Shane brushed her panty on him. He pulled her for a deep kiss and growled when he felt his rod gently sliding inside of Shane.

    She was wet, and he doubted she removed her panty under her skirt. She probably moved it sideways.

    'Was it just lust between them?' Josh asked himself followed by humming when Shane gently rode him. It was very clear that both of them were attracted to each other. Their body seemed to have a magnet that often stuck together whenever they got close like this.

    "Isn't it painful?" he murmured in her lips. He was worried.

    "Hmm, a bit, but it feels good too," Shane answered, stammering.

    Josh's hand moved and slid inside Shane's shirt. She was wearing her bra, so he unhooked it from the inside so he could touch her firm breast. Her peaks were hard, and he gently pinched it, making Shane shiver as she continued to ride him.

    Josh met her rhythm while Shane's hand grasped on the window as she arched her body and accelerated her movement.

    Yes, there's a bit of pain, but the pleasure was immeasurable and the pain was gradually defeated by pleasure. Josh's car was heavily tinted, but it was bouncing hard. Good thing there was no one around in the garage where it was parked.

    The newlywed husband and wife soon both reached the pinnacle.

    Shane was almost breathless as she jolted and hugged Josh. Her body was still shaking so was Josh who tightly wrapped his arms on Shane's body.

    "Bro-in-law is waiting, we should leave," Shane tiredly muttered.

    "Let him wait. Let's stay like this for a while..." Josh whispered.

    For some reason, he did not like the fact that Shane would have to go back to her country.

    'Was there a way to stop her?'

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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