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    At Plumeria Island

    Liz received a call from Dion. Her son was so overjoyed by his wife's pregnancy that he called his mother as soon as they confirmed the test it in the hospital.

    Both Liz and James congratulated the couple. They were happy about the good news.

    "I can't believe that even Dion is faster than my son." James could not help but complain that made Liz laugh seeing his flared nostrils.

    "Hang in there, hon. I'm sure Xander and Yera will soon have one. Didn't you notice how Yera suddenly became a glutton. Like before, I'm seeing the same symptoms, though this time I always see her in oranges and a variety of sour fruits before it's just green mangoes." Liz voiced out her hunch.

    James heaved a lengthy sigh. He did not want to expect, but he would keep on praying for Yera and Xander's safety. That was top priority for now.

    He would pester his son without fail once everything was back to normal. But he would be glad if Yera got pregnant again soon.

    "Yera left already?" he asked Liz. The two of them were walking hand in hand at the white sandbar.

    "Yeah... She's excited. Well, I hope working in that facility will keep her busy and somehow blissful, though Xander is still not around." Liz commented, she thought it would be a great help for Yera to unwind in doing things she loved the most, giving medical care and help to people.


    Yera reported early at the island's medical center. Regan introduced her to the staff and doctors on duty. The hospital was still on an ongoing construction, though it was already operational. It was not as big as the ones in the Capital City since it was just an exclusive facility for Ryu's personnel in the island and their families.

    "Ryu hired new doctors since the population on the island is growing. Besides, it was hard to keep our doctors since most of them preferred to be in the City so mostly we have interns then a few accredited medical practitioners. We hired five doctors in different fields that preferred to work in this kind of environment." Regan explained as they walked down the hallway going to Yera's clinic.

    "Say ahhh darling... Open your mouth sweetie. This cute doctor needs to see those tonsils, then later I will give you something for being a good girl,"

    Yera paused, hearing a familiar voice from an open clinic where a doctor in a lab gown was checking her patient with her back on Yera.

    "Oh, that's Dr. Yao. You probably know her since she was also a previous doctor at Sir Xander's hospital. We hired her after seeing the good credentials and background." Regan informed,.

    "Dr. Yao?" Yera burst and the doctor finally turned around. Dr. Yao looked surprised to see Yera but quickly turned the corner of her lips upward.

    "Oh, hello Dr. Yera Han, how come you're here too? Is that really you?" Dr. Yao greeted her with her usual warm smile.

    Yera nodded at Dr. Yao and gave her an awkward smile.

    After Yera's briefing, she went back to Dr. Yao clinic and invited the latter for some coffee.

    "I'm shocked you invited me for a chat," Dr. Yao commented with a smirk.

    "I know right. Well, it's just good to see familiar faces in here... Also, I will ask a favor.." Yera directed.

    Dr. Yao sipped her coffee first before saying, "Yeah, I know. Don't worry. I will zip my mouth about seeing you here. I know Dr. CEO's life is in danger. It's all over the news that time, so I'm aware."

    "Hmm, chocolate? Isn't cold mocha coffee your favorite? Is it because you're pregnant?" Dr. Yao directly asked, which made Yera crease her forehead.

    "How did you know iced mocha is my favorite?" Yera asked. She did not want to answer her about her suspicion on her pregnancy since they were not that close.

    Dr. Yao laughed and said, "Everybody knows that at Yang Globals hospital. You're quite popular..."

    Yera looked at Dr. Yao and she asked, "Why work here?"

    Dr. Yao met her eyes and murmured, "Why not? I like peaceful places to be honest. I want some time alone. An environment like this helps to calm my thoughts on various things. Being in a simple place without too much chaos is my biggest dream."

    "How is Dr. CEO? Is he with you? Can I visit him?" Dr. Yao asked in a row that made Yera's face sour.

    Dr. Yao broke into a fit of laughter and mumbled, "Don't worry, I won't mess around with a pregnant woman around okay. I'm just curious how he is doing."

    "His is good." Yera plainly answered and sipped on her chocolate.

    "This place is good and relaxing. I'm sure you will enjoy it here." Yera casually commented, diverting the topic.

    "Yeah, I went back to the city the other day. Rui is managing the company. You're aware of the DNA right? The one I did with the woman who looked like me." Dr. Yao answered.

    "It just doesn't make sense. I heard she's from an isolated indigenous island." Dr. Yao added almost a hum.

    Yera looked at Dr. Yao and commented, "Sometimes unbelievable things happened that we couldn't believe existed. What matters is we learn to face everything with courage, whatever it is I guess?"

    Yera was aware of the DNA testing, but she did not bother to hear the result since it was not her life to pounder. She had her own load to better focus on with.

    "How long are you planning to stay here?" she heard Dr. Yao whisper.

    "How about you, Dr. Yao? Do you see yourself staying here for too long." Yera asked back.

    Dr. Yao turned her head at Yera and answered, "It depends... For now it's indefinitely. Who knows... We might get along well while we're here. Having a drink together like this would be nice."

    "Though I prefer Dr. CEO joining me here instead of his pregnant wife." Dr. Yao jested.

    'How come everybody is assuming she's pregnant?' she mused then voiced out, "Why do you think I'm pregnant?"

    "Dear... You're gaining weight. Can't you see your chubby cheeks in the mirror? I won't get surprised when you suddenly turn into a hog. That would be an advantage for me, I guess."

    Yera's face twitched seeing the woman laughing.

    'How come Dr. Yao always loved to irritate and spoil the mood?'

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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