423 Pride Flag Up

    Cali decided to stay at Rui's house. Not because she wanted to guard him, but solely for the fact that living together would have a higher chance of good development of feelings and to know each other more.

    She puffed air in her cheeks while reading Kane's text messages with narrowed eyes. He also called, but she did not answer, knowing the latter would only scold her.

    [Are you crazy, Cali? Is pride not in your vocabulary?]

    She twitched her face before typing a reply. She liked Kane because the latter had no inhibitions in telling her the truth about herself, the good, the bad and the ugly. But sometimes, when Kane tended to overreact on simple things, she must straighten him out.

    [Kane, please mind your own business. I'm not a child anymore so I can decide and be responsible for my own actions. Instead of nagging me, please focus on finding Shane during your stay here because I'm also getting worried about her. Give me a call or message me once you have found Shane's whereabouts.]

    She was in the living room, sitting comfortably on the couch while Rui was preparing snacks for them.

    She was restless after her encounter with Dr. Yao, and was anxious about checking the internet about various ways on how she could secure her man.

    "Geeez!" she hissed, recalling the words from that vixen. "I will definitely secure my man!"

    Cali pursed her lips. She also read while scrolling on the net that one secret for a lasting relationship was an open and honest communication, just like what Rui said before.

    "I have to make him engaged with me mentally, emotionally and physically," she murmured before she suddenly recalled something. Her eyes glinted as she excitedly searched for videos.

    But before opening it, she looked around, making sure it was only her who could see the videos.

    Her cheeks reddened while she watched some videos and tried to find out ways to give pleasure to Rui. She bit her lips thinking she should do the same, seeing that pleasurable expression of the man while the woman was doing certain things on him.

    She was actually curious about how she could please Rui by being a little physically intimate too but she did not have much time to check on it earlier, though she had heard of a few things from friends, but she never knew the details of it, and watching the videos like those made her cringe.

    She was having such expressions where one of her eyes narrowed with a kotow face when Rui arrived in the living room with snacks and saw her weird look.

    'What is it that she's looking at in her phone and that made her face so conflicted?' Rui mused of curiosity because Cali's expression was unexplainable. She looked very funny with a twisted face and lips.

    Out of curiosity, he quietly sat beside Cali to sneak a look on her mobile screen, but Cali was fast in hiding her mobile phone when she felt him around her.

    "It's nothing. Why are you looking?" she defensively said with a pale face. She looked so guilty over something.

    Cali's heart was thumping furiously out of nervousness while Rui tried to grab the mobile phone from her. She struggled hard for Rui not to get it, but Rui was stronger than her.

    'Oh, my gosh! It's so embarrassing!' she cried when Rui saw the video that was still playing on the screen of her mobile phone.

    'Waaaaaaahhhhh!' she silently cried. Cali wanted the ground to eat her alive at that moment.

    She quickly snatched her mobile phone from Rui's hand. It was the most embarrassing moment of her life, getting caught watching such dirty videos and that too by her fiance!

    "I'm sorry," Rui muttered, realizing he shouldn't have grabbed the phone like that from Cali and must respect her privacy. It was wrong snatching the phone like that.

    He had complicated expressions though after seeing the video where a woman was giving a man a blow job. He tried his best not to laugh seeing Cali's reddened face.

    He was really shocked to see Cali was watching it. But he could not help getting curious about why she would watch such a thing, though it was probably normal watching such things at her age.

    "Why are you watching that..." he asked, unable to finish the words.

    "Nothing... I feel stupid for not knowing what to do to make you feel good, so I was just curious to find out ways to please you when it came to being a little physically intimate." Cali honestly answered in a small voice and with her head down, feeling awkward.

    'He probably thought how perverted I could be?' Cali self consciously mused and chided herself for watching it in presence of Rui. She could also watch those when he was not at home! But her foolish heart was headstrong on finding out the methods by which she could also please Rui with intimacy like what he did to her. She knew men had weaknesses also, and she did not know how to do it properly, so she watched some porn videos.

    Cali cursed her stupidity for being caught like that...

    Rui chuckled and pulled Cali into his embrace and kissed on her forehead. At that moment it dawned to him how naïve, pure and innocent his fiance was, but probably he started to corrupt her naïve mind by doing those intimate things with her. So now she became too curious about those things.

    He found Cali too adorable with her embarrassed look and could not help but tease her a little more.

    "Hmm, you don't have to watch all those videos sweetheart, because I'm here in front of you and can teach you everything live. Your boyfriend is quite capable of giving you live demonstrations and teaching you everything in detail, okay. I will guide you well, little by little... You just need to have patience because I want us to take everything forward slowly. Eventually we will go to that point... and beyond," Rui whispered in her ears with a grin.

    Cali gently pushed Rui a little away and with a crumpled face complained, "Why do you make it sound like I'm the one in a hurry to do everything. Didn't I tell you that I just got curious on finding out ways to return the pleasure to you?"

    "It's not like I'm in a rush to do it. Hmmmp!" Cali defended, raising her pride flag up.

    Rui had that sweet, brief chuckle while he pinched Cali's nose. "Don't get too curious about these things, sweetheart. Like what I've said, it's better that you ask me about those things rather than watching those corrupting videos. It will teach you less but make you feel aroused more, don't you know that?"

    Cali was already burning red of embarrassment so she complained, "Stop it Rui... Let's change the topic!"

    How could she dare to ask him those kinds of things? No way!

    But then her eyes gleamed with the sudden naughty thought that crossed her dirty mind. Perhaps later she would see how far her dear boyfriend could teach her since he insisted on it.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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