424 Happies

    At Life Hospital group

    "It's a good thing our marriage ceremony is coming up very soon. It would have been so embarrassing to walk in my wedding dress with a big bump on my stomach." Rizie mumbled with a grin. Dion looked at her and was smitten with her cuteness all over again.

    "No wonder I crave for a lot of weird things lately..." she added while she gently caressed her still flat tummy. She was very excited for a new chapter in her life, being a mother.

    "Yes, it is a natural thing to happen, mothers start craving for foods that they had never eaten before." Dion got up from his chair and said while walking towards her.

    "I think we should tell your family also about this already." Dion suggested while he joined his comfortably sitting wife on the couch of his office. They had just finished eating late noon snacks, but Rizie suddenly started craving for french fries with a mixture of dip.

    "Here," Dion gave Rizie the dip for her french fries in which Dion mixed the ketchup with mayo.

    "Yup I think so too. Then let's visit them and tell them this weekend in person. I want to visit Shane and Josh too and see how the two of them are doing, hopefully I made a good cupid somehow in pairing them." Rizie murmured. Her mother told her that Josh and Shane were doing good and spending a lot of time together. She just couldn't wait to tease the two more.

    She pursed her lips when she noticed Dion was keenly staring at her with his glinted and sparkling eyes. He often did that ever since they found out about her pregnancy.

    Rizie flushed and asked, "Why? Stop staring. I feel shy."

    Dion chuckled, then raised his hand and caressed Rizie's cheek.

    "Nothing just that I'm still in awe. Thanks Riz for making me the happiest man by marrying me, and now the happiest dad on earth. Everything just flowed so perfectly between us that sometimes I'm scared, what if it's all only but a dream?" Dion stated with all his heart.

    Rizie gave him a sweet smile before wrinkling her nose and said, "You're definitely not dreaming! You've been thanking me several times already. I too am grateful to you Di for making me the happiest woman and mother on earth. Geez, now stop being so melodramatic, you're making me blush whenever you do that. You know how I cringe on dramas."

    Rizie even shivered exaggeratedly. Dion chuckled and pulled Rizie in for a tight hug.

    "If Yera's baby lived before..." Rizie muttered with a pause, a glint of sadness crossed her eyes. She and Dion always remembered to pray for her bro Xander and sis Yera's safety, hoping the two could finally have their peaceful lives. The ease with which their relationships smoothened out instead of getting complicated, had made them feel more close to each other, and Dion had always been doting on his elder sister even before she knew about his existence.

    "Yeah it's sad. So you must take care of your body from now on. No stressing yourself out, no walking up and down the stairs a lot and rest is very important these few months. I suggest you let Shan take care of most of the hard matters and just check things out that are easily accessible for you. If you do not get bored, I prefer you stay at the mansion. Pregnancy can be sensitive sometimes. Rizie, how I hope my sister too can finally conceive a baby again." Dion hoped. He did not call his sister directly to relay the news, but instead he let his mother tell it to his sister.

    "From now on no running, no coffees, no sodas, healthy foods and milk is a must. No exertion and..." Dion started reminding Rizie.

    "Hey stop! Stop! stop! don't be so strict Di! Ever since you came to know about this baby, you have been very strict and are almost possessive about me!" Rizie complained as Dion continued to lecture her with the do's and don'ts she should follow from now on.

    "Hmm. I think I should restrict you from making love with me too," Rizie countered with a smirk.

    Dion raised his eyebrow and quickly defended, "You know I am myself a doctor! And I know it's not harmful to have sex in pregnancy, instead it calms down the anxious mind of the mother, especially when we do gently and with love." He explained it properly while embracing Rizie who was laughing loudly on how defensive he was about the matter.

    "Can you be more shameless, Mr. Doc?"

    They were enjoying each other's company and their public display of affection was the first thing that Shan saw when she knocked and entered Dion's cabin.

    "Oh sorry," Shan muttered and was about to leave when Rizie chuckled and said, "That's okay Shan, just come in."

    "Shan put the documents at Dion's table and quickly left the room. The couple looked so blissful because of the good news. She bit her lip and suddenly felt jealous.

    But then she quickly shook her head to dismiss the unpleasant thought of getting jealous. She and Ron still had a lot of time to spend together. They were following strict family planning until things were not settled on Boss Xander's side, as they knew they both are the strong pillars for both Xander and Yera in their workplace.

    Ron felt so indebted to Xander that he said that it was the last thing he could do for his boss who saved his life so he asked Shan for her understanding on why Ron decided not to have a baby yet with her.

    Shan of course understood it well because having a baby was another responsibility that they must take in seriously.

    Her mobile phone rang, and she smiled seeing it was Ron.

    "I'm already at the parking lot." Ron informed and Shan immediately packed her things to leave.

    "Where do you want to have dinner tonight?" Ron asked as soon as they were inside the car.

    "Let's just go home. I will cook dinner." Shan answered before giving Ron a kiss on his lips, it was quite intense compared to her usual peck on his lips whenever Ron would pick her up.

    "I love you," Ron suddenly heard Shan murmured. Ron immediately stepped on the pedal and drove the car. He felt Shan leaned on him while he drove. Shan was gently running her hand and fingers on his arm. She was being touchy and Ron just loved her touch on him.

    However, Shan's such intimate closeness and gentle touches was kindling the desire and fire inside him that he suddenly stopped the car midway and parked in an isolated road.

    "What's wrong?" Shan asked, thinking something was wrong with their car.

    Ron turned and murmured, "It's hard ."

    "What?" Shan mumbled, laughing as Ron looked at his crotch and added, "there."

    "Alright, let's do it as soon as we reach home." Shan said, still grinning.

    "Can we do it here? Promise I'll be quick." Ron muttered.

    Shan pursed her lips and with narrowed eyes bargained, "Alright. But you will have to do the laundry for two months?"

    "Noted Ma'am!" Ron answered and quickly unbuckled his belt and opened his pants before adjusting his wife's chair and moved on top of her. Shan was only kidding, but her husband seemed to take it seriously. Of course she would not let him do the laundry all by himself.

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