425 Chopper*

    Cali looked at herself in the mirror before going out. She wore a below knee sleeping shirt with nothing else under it, except her panty. Her forehead creased when she saw Rui grabbed a pillow and was about to walk on his couch.

    "Why are you sleeping there? It's not like I will eat you alive if you sleep with me on the same bed." Cali complained while she stomped towards the bed.

    Rui chuckled and looked at her in amusement and thought, 'But I'm afraid, I will...'

    She was now on the bed, still glaring at him. "Come here." she called with a crumpled face.

    Rui hesitated as he looked on the couch, then back at Cali. He was worried about himself. Cali would not eat him alive, true, but... how about him? What if he ended up eating Cali alive? He was confident in controlling himself when it came to so many things, but now about being intimate with Cali, his confidence was fading away.

    "If you won't sleep here on your bed then what's the point of staying in front of your eyes when you will distance yourself like that? I will better return home tomorrow." Cali declared before lying down and moved her body sideways with her back on Rui.

    'What a 'playing hard to get' brute!' Cali irritably mused before closing her eyes. But in the back of her head, she was planning to sleep with Rui on the couch, probably once he was asleep already.

    She suddenly smirked when she felt the bed shrunk. She closed her eyes, wondering if Rui would hug her or not.

    If Rui hugged her, he's dead! Why? Because she would hug him back and end up doing a little more than that as payback for teasing her a while ago.

    "Don't get mad." she heard Rui whisper on her back. His arm finally encircled on her waist.

    With twinkled eyes, Cali turned her body around to face Rui with a seductive smile. "I'm not mad as long as you're going to sleep with me like this." she murmured with her face close to his.

    Rui could feel the enticing warmth of her breath. That was why he would rather love to sleep on the couch. The temptation he was feeling was really a struggle.

    Like now, he wanted to devour her lips, her body, everything...

    But again, he should take things slow with Cali. He needed a lot of patience because he wanted to nurture their mental and emotional relationship for a strong foundation despite their big age gap before heading to the physical aspect.

    He was in his deep thoughts when he felt Cali's soft lips on him. She was too innocent for him that even her kiss and the movements of her lips was so naive yet it was driving him mad.

    'Oh God...' he mused, asking for enough courage to fight his urges.

    She tasted so sweet with her tongue inside his mouth, meekly seeking for his reply.

    He could feel her delicate body pressing against his and it felt so damn good. She was wearing nothing underneath her clothes. Before Rui knew it, he was already answering Cali's tongue with hunger, entangling them together while he probed deeper in her mouth as well.

    Cali moaned when she felt Rui's hand on her leg moving upward, sliding inside her shirt. He moved so that he could have easy access to her breasts, Cali thought he would roll on top of her but he didn't.

    He continued to kiss her while he touched her firm breasts with his big palm and squeezed it. She felt her body was burning hot again. She arched when his fingers pinched one of her nipples.

    She whimpered in pleasure and thought to touch Rui too on his groin and her hands slipped down from his waist and softly landed on the rock hard male beauty reeking with


    Rui froze on her action and abruptly pulled from the kiss, then gulped, and stared at her.

    "What are you doing?" she heard him gasp.

    "This?" Cali asked while she again gently caressed the hard thing poking her from his boxer shorts. She grinned hearing Rui groaned and bit his lower lip.

    'He likes it...' she mused and continued to rub it with her hand.

    "Stop that." Rui hushed but instead of stopping, Cali rolled over him so she could be on top of Rui and be a little in control of the actions.

    "You said you will teach me so I want to learn it now." Cali murmured.

    "Huh?" Rui hummed, still breathless with Cali's hand tugging his hard member.

    "Your dick..." Cali whispered that made Rui's jaw drop.

    "Don't call it a dick," Rui complained and Cali chuckled. She intentionally said that to tease him, though.

    She almost screamed when Rui rolled her over and pinned her down on the bed.

    "I will not teach you for calling it a dick," Rui keened with a creased forehead.

    'He is so sexy.' Cali mused at his sulky yet handsome face, and with a smile naughtily asked, "What shall I call it then? Penis?"

    "It's a chopper..." Rui mumbled with a grin before lowering his head and sucked one of Cali's nipples that was exposed since her shirt was raised upward.

    "I will teach you everything, but not now, okay," Rui whispered because he preferred showering Cali with more pleasure than corrupting her for his own pleasure.

    Hearing her moans turned him on, he himself was dripping wet just with a slight brushing and rubbing even on his own could give him an orgasm.

    His tongue simultaneously played with Cali's nipples while his hand started to slide in her panty. She was too wet, and he was dying to make her scream once more.

    Cali bit her lip when she felt Rui removed her panty. 'Oh God... Here he goes again,' she silently screamed in anticipation.

    How come Rui would often make her squirm and not let her return the favor too soon? She arched her body as Rui nibbled her nipples and followed by his fingers on her most sensitive part.

    Rui slid his finger inside Cali's slippery entrance and started moving in and out gently and gradually accelerated in speed while Cali hummed his name. He could feel her muscles inside constricting his finger. She was too tight. He sped up until Cali screamed and jolted, milking his finger with her juices.

    He then spread her legs and positioned his so-called chopper, brushing it on Cali's wet flower, but he did not dare thrust. He did thrust while on top of Cali, but not inside her opening. The feeling of him touching her like that was so much different than the touch of his hands. She again whimpered in pleasure and moaned.

    He then moved while sliding his hard member between her wet lips and then he started thrusting a little, and soon Cali felt something wet spurting on her belly as he helplessly laid on top of her with his face on the crook of her neck, still gasping for air.

    "Rui..." Cali broke the silence after a few minutes and softly called him out.

    "Hmm... did it hurt sweetheart?" Rui asked her.

    "Not much... but a little... probably because this was my first time..."

    "Hmmm..." he hummed.

    "Rui... we didn't use any protection" Cali timidly spoke, stuttering a little.

    "What?" Rui started coming back to senses when he heard her say those words.

    "Yes. Do you think I might get pregnant for the first time itself?" Rui heard Cali whispered.

    Rui tilted his head up and blinked at Cali several times in disbelief. She looked so serious with her question. She naively stared at Rui waiting for an answer.

    Rui could no longer help to suppress a long chuckle and then he rolled back on the bed and burst in a bout of laughter. Cali felt wronged and aggrieved and didn't know the cause of his laughter. She pouted her lips and stared at him.

    "Sweetheart no. You won't get pregnant because we did not make love yet. I just brushed my chopper on your outer parts only and have not penetrated inside yet, meaning I did not go inside you as yet. And for such non invasive actions we don't need to use protection when we are the only partners of each other."

    "Why? Why did you not go inside but? You can go inside. I give you permission to go inside." he heard Cali murmuring that made him gulp, and it almost stopped his heart beating.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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