426 Reformed

    At Lim Villa

    Rizie and Dion personally delivered the marvellous news to their family and her mother prepared a small gathering for dinner.

    "How is your married life going?" Rizie casually asked Shane while they were having a late afternoon tea outside.

    Shane's face reddened hard. And just seeing that, Rizie could already tell that the two had consummated their marriage. Her twin was a man, after all. Oh, how she loved to tease Josh at that moment. Josh would surely just let her be because of her pregnancy.

    Rizie giggled and added, "I see you succeeded."

    Shane nodded and murmured, "I can go back to my home as soon as possible."

    Sheila, at that time, arrived with more snacks along with Josh and heard that.

    "What do you mean? So soon? Oh, that's a good thing then. Hopefully, your family can accept the marriage. It's better if you still receive the blessing of your family. Josh should go with you and pay his respect and visit them. We eventually can go if you want." Sheila excitedly commented because she also wanted to meet Shane's family as well.

    "No!" Shane quickly answered. Hearing that, Josh's jaw tightened.

    "Oh, I mean... Let me first settle everything with my family mother..." Shane explained further. Sheila sighed and sat in front of Shane.

    "Yes, of course, but still you should bring with you Josh. Right Josh? You should accompany your wife and face her family together." Sheila suggested, looking straight at Josh who sat beside Shane.

    "Yes mom. I will go with Shane." Josh answered without a blink.

    Rizie's heart beat suddenly raced. 'Wait! Is that safe for Josh?' she wanted to ask, but their mother was still with them and that conversation must not be disclosed. Rizie had that conflicted look and shifted her glance to Josh, who became serious.

    "How is it being pregnant?" Shane asked to change the topic.

    Of course she wanted her family to meet Josh's family, but not at this time. Maybe someday when the Yue clan was already reformed.

    "Hmm, I have the so-called morning sickness but mostly not in the morning but late afternoon. Hehe. Plus, like this... I'm always hungry." Rizie said.

    Josh suddenly excused himself and got up to leave.

    Rizie too followed, saying she would go to the restroom but in reality she only wanted to pull Josh for a serious talk.

    "What are you doing?" Josh complained when Rizie pulled him at the living area.

    "Let's talk." Rizie mumbled and pulled Josh to sit beside her on the couch.

    "Are you really going with Shane?" she asked.

    Josh nodded. "For real?" Rizie reconfirmed.

    Josh sighed and stared at Rizie. "I answered you already."

    "But did big bro approve? Isn't it dangerous?" Rizie worriedly questioned.

    "I don't think I need any of your opinion regarding this Rizie. I can decide for myself and I don't need any consent for this. Shane is now my wife and I intend to be her husband for real. I will go wherever she goes." Josh straightforwardly stated that made Rizie cover her mouth in shock.

    "Oh, my gosh, Josh! Are you saying you plan to be her husband for real?" Rizie with wide eyes asked. Josh did not respond and his silence meant YES.

    "Oh my gosh, don't tell me you are falling in love with her?" Rizie burst, and Josh signaled her to stop, seeing Dion with grandpa Shen walking towards them.

    "What are you two doing here?" Grandpa Shen asked. Dion helped him in the barn.

    "Nothing grandpa, I just missed my twin..." Rizie answered with a smile and stood up to cozy up in her husband's embrace.

    "Nothing grandpa but Rizie just pestered me about my marriage life. Such a nosy body. I only hope the baby won't get that trait of hers," Josh countered with a twitched face as he also stood up to go upstairs to his room.

    Grandpa Shen gazed at Rizie and asked, "What's with your twin?"

    Rizie shrugged her shoulders followed by a simple answer of, "Love sick?"

    Grandpa Shen shook his head before going up to check if grandma Terry was still napping.

    "What happened?" Dion asked Rizie when they were left alone.

    "Josh is falling hard. Do men tend to fall easily for women after intimacy? I mean physical intimacy?" Rizie asked her husband out of curiosity.

    "Hmm, why asking me? You should ask Josh. I fell hard for you before intimacy so I don't think I can give you an answer about that love." Dion proudly answered and was satisfied seeing the blushing face of his wife.

    Rizie gently hit his chest and murmured, "You! Hmmp! Because of that, I will reward you for giving me a satisfyingly good answer."

    That instant Rizie pulled her husband for a deep kiss.

    Meanwhile, Josh was taking his time in his study area. He was analyzing his feelings for Shane. He was in a conflicted situation. He was aware that he had grown attached to Shane for some reason. He cared for her and that was a fact.

    He did not want to be away for her. If that was him falling in love, then he would continue to follow his heart regardless of where it led him. He would not let his wife go alone. Like what his mother suggested, as Shane's husband, he should accompany her and meet her family.

    He got startled when he heard knocking on his door. "It's me." he heard Shane's voice.

    Josh quickly got up and opened the door.

    "About me leaving... Let me take care of my family. You don't need to go." Shane said with a half smile.

    Instead of answering, Josh pulled her into his embrace.

    "It's final. I have my own mind so no one can decide for me. I said I will go wherever you are so stop saying things like that. It's been a while since I last traveled too, so it will be a good out of the country vacation for me as well. No more discussions." he said with determination.

    "But.." Shane breathed. Josh gently pushed her and hushed, "No more buts. I can be useful for you with many things so don't worry. Besides, I did train a little in the military so if you're worried about my safety you shouldn't. You have married a strong beast, you know."

    Shane could not help but comment with a grin, "Yeah you're a strong beast, beast in bed and a very good mate in coupling."

    Josh's eyes dropped and scolded, "Shane your words!"

    "What? It's a compliment." Shane added with a laugh, seeing how red Josh had become.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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