427 Summon

    At Yang Globals group.

    Days passed by and Cali spent most of her time reading and cooking at Rui's house. Rui would often bring her to his office to accompany each other.

    Even that morning, when they got up, Cali asked Rui to go with him and he readily agreed and brought her with him. He was going through some documents while Cali was busy reading a book sitting on the couch.

    Cali's mobile phone rang and seeing the name on it she smiled and put her book aside and answered it.

    Cali was replying and Rui had all his ears on her conversation only. He immediately understood who had called but chose to remain silent.

    "Did you hear anything about Shane? Oh, okay. Nothing much. I'm in his office now. You mean lunch? Oh, alright. Yes, okay. See you." Cali energetically answered before hanging up the phone.

    She looked at Rui and was surprised that he was staring at her because he looked so busy and focussed on the documents he was holding a while ago.

    His eyes seemed to be questioning her so she casually said, "Oh, it's Kane, asking me out for snacks. Aunt Jean said you will be out for a meeting shortly so it's a good timing. I'll see him for a while."

    Rui's eyebrows collided. For some reason the name Kane really irritated him badly. He reluctantly nodded, but he wanted to shake his head in disagreement.

    'When will that boy go back to his country?' he mused, frowning. He was itching to bug Rizie to ask Shane to inform his brother she was already married and well but then he was not in the position to do so nor get tangled in the situation unless necessary or needed.

    Meanwhile, Cali was curious about a few things and had wanted to ask a few questions to Rui. That night when they almost did it, Rui said that 'we are the only partners of each other', but when she stayed back for a night at his place, he said something else.

    She was really curious to find out about his relationships before her. Though it didn't matter much to her if he had had relationships before her, loyalty was definitely important in any relationship, and she wanted to make a few things clear.

    Her thoughts flew back to their first night of cohabitation and her face reddened with all those memories. After that chopper incident, Rui only held her every night in a tight hug and let her snuggle in his arms comfortably.

    Waking up every morning entangled in his warmth was heavenly but she wanted to take things further with him now and he always insisted they should wait more for their relationship to grow before he would go all the way when it came to intimate moments.

    Cali gulped, realizing how eager she was than the man she was in a relationship with. She looked more perverted than him.

    Her naughty thoughts were cut off when Rui coughed and said, "You're zoning out."

    Calli gave him a bashful look and said, "Hmm, I... I really wanted to ask you something from the past few days, but I'm hesitating."

    "You can ask me anything except for the past women in my life." Rui replied with a grin. Women in a relationship were too curious about those kinds of things in their man's life, so he was sure that was what Cali wanted to ask.

    Cali's face twitched and with pouted lips gawked. "That was exactly what I wanted to ask you," she murmured. She almost forgot that her fiance was a psychologist, the best in his line, and quite a mind reader for that.

    Rui laughed and stood up from his chair to go and sit beside her on the couch.

    He wrapped his arms around her and asked, "How many women do you think I had had relationships with before? If you guessed it right, I will give you a reward." Rui encouraged, amused with Cali's irritated expression.

    Cali sighed before saying. "I bet below ten women." She randomly guessed based on his age of thirty.

    "Wow, do you think I change girlfriends every year?" Rui burst in disbelief.

    "Five or below?" Cali said next.

    Rui creased his forehead and said, "You should only give me one number. If you're wrong, you have to stay here with Jean instead of meeting Kane."

    "What? What's my guessing correctly got to do with meeting with Kane?" Cali asked with snapped brows.

    Rui laughed and defended, "I'm just kidding. Of course go and have a great time."

    Then Rui looked at his wristwatch and said, "I have to go now. See you later. Behave okay?" He gave her a kiss on her forehead before leaving.

    Cali's face couldn't be painted because Rui escaped her question. Later she would definitely hold him and get the answer.


    Yue Clan Mansion, At Country V

    "What is this?" Yun was raging mad while he read the summon for the trial he received from the Mirage Council.

    He did not expect something like this. He crumpled the paper and threw it to his men.

    A trial? Who dared file a complaint against him?

    He answered his own question in his mind, thinking Xander was in their country staying at the Quan clan territory.

    "I want everyone logging in and out on our territory, to get checked thoroughly! Someone in here is stabbing me on my back!" Yun shouted. It would not be easy for Xander to get to that trial if none from Yue Clan helped or assisted the man.

    There were only a few people who were powerful enough to assist Xander in this trial and help him out.

    "Put the entire household of Ester under house arrest. No one among her household should leave anywhere without permission from me! Find Raine now! Include all my entire household and the King's other women all in house arrest!" Yun instructed with a clenched fist.

    Who dare stab him like this would die instantly, he thought in his head.

    "Sir will you attend the trial?" Dalgon asked.

    Yun hit his head and hissed, "Dimwit! Of course I have to attend that trial! They probably have valid evidence for that trial to get approved."

    Things were getting out of hands now. Why at this time when his brother was supposed to wake up soon he got entangled in all this mess? He would end up as dead meat if he didn't clean this mess before he woke up.

    "Are you tailing Xander's assistant?" Yun reminded him, and Dalgon nodded.

    "They have a lot of communications and transactions going on at their facility at country U. Mr. Long has all the information. He said he will report to you directly once he has gathered some useful data for us." Dalgon informed.

    "How about Xander's wife?" he asked next.

    "We have already found out about her location, but the security there is too tight. She's under Ken's protection?" Dalgon explained and detailed the place.

    Yun let out a loud sadistic crazy laugh like a maniac. The Demon Don... He heard of that man from the underworld.

    "Didn't they have enough bloodbath in their family before that they still want to join another bloodbath for strangers?" Yun scorned.

    "I don't care how you would do it but I want you to have Xander's wife in your custody at my signal. I will see how the trial goes and if it happens to go against me, make sure Yera Han is in our hands with a snap of my fingers." Yun instructed with gritted teeth.

    As soon as Dalgon left, Yun called out for his butcher.

    "See to it that Dalgon is properly mobilizing resources according to all my instructions." he mumbled. He was disappointed at how slow Dalgon had become lately. He did not work like that before. Yun suspected something was wrong, so he could not dare entrust all the work in Dalgon's hands only.

    "Will you dare to betray me, Dalgon?" he snarled with squinted eyes.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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