428 Safety

    At Plumeria Island

    Yera enjoyed working at Plumeria's Medical Centre. For a while, she felt she was back to her normal life, less of major surgeries but only a few minor ones.

    She would occasionally bump into Dr. Yao and grab snacks now and then. Candice seemed to be a nice woman sometimes. Maybe it was her nature to be tactless and candid so Yera did not mind whenever the latter pulled her in for some chit chat.

    "Why did you become a doctor Candice?" Yera asked her out of curiosity while they were outside in the garden of the center watching some patients roaming around and soaking in the sun rays.

    Candice chuckled crisply and said, "Hmm, because I want to save lives instead of killing? Or maybe because being a doctor gives me a better opportunity to kill legally?"

    Yera's eyebrows collided, and Candice winked at her. "You can never get serious huh?" Yera commented because every time Candice spoke it felt like one should never take her seriously.

    Candice laughed out hard hearing Yera's words and pulled out something from her pocket.

    "Here, this one is a trusted brand and has quite accurate results. You should check now if you're pregnant, you know." Candice nonchalantly stated.

    Yera accepted it and asked, "Why does it look like you are more curious about my pregnancy than myself?"

    "Hmm, well I must know so I can be more gentle to you like not pulling your hair or something if we end up fighting. Besides, I noticed you are eating a lot of sweets lately. You should tone it down or just give them to me since I love sweets too. Too much sugar won't be good for your baby." Dr. Yao answered.

    "You're weird. Do you know that? You said you will not mess up with a pregnant woman. Do you mean you will still mess with Xander if he's married but I am not pregnant?"

    Dr. Candice looked at Yera with a wicked smile and said, "Why not? It's exciting. Isn't it? So anyway, inform me if you're pregnant so I might consider not messing up with you and Dr. CEO. Though I can care about you, I can't still guarantee I'll behave when it comes to Xander."

    Candice rose from her chair to leave but paused and bent a little to whisper at Yera, "You see I like Dr. CEO a lot, so much that I can't keep my hands off him..."

    Yera's face crumpled as she watched Candice's back who quickly trotted back inside the centre.

    The woman had warned her already not to take her words seriously most of the time because it was her habit to irritate people, but still she was irritated. Her face was showing obvious frustration.

    She was in that ruffled state of mind when her mobile phone rang, and it was Xander on a video call.

    "What's wrong?" Xander asked the instant he saw her, seeing Yera with knitted eyebrows. Yera decided not to say a word because she knew how loaded her  husband's mind was at that moment, given that a trial was already granted. She did not want to add petty little things in her husband's mind.

    She forced a smile and muttered, "Nothing, just that I miss you already."

    Their video chat was only a quick one since Xander had to go for some urgent work. Yera left the hospital early too to do the pregnancy test at the mansion instead.

    She was really nervous and anxious. She immediately went inside her room and brought out the pregnancy test kit she got from Candice.

    "She's faster than me," she thought because she was about to get one kit that day and turned out Dr. Yao already gave her one.

    She did the test and waited in the restroom. She bit her lips while she waited for the result.

    "Oh my God..." she gasped while she covered her mouth with her hands.

    Tears welled up in her eyes and gradually fell down her cheeks. She was indeed pregnant. There were two pink lines on the test kit indicating the test result as positive.

    How she wished Xander was right there in front of her to see all this happening with his eyes. She cried more because she missed Xander more at that moment.

    She tried to calm down her emotional heart and wiped her tears and went out of the restroom.

    She thought that she would not tell Xander about it yet, not until the confirmatory tests at the centre and the ultrasound are done and reports received. But she was so happy and yet a bit sad.

    Happy that they could finally have a baby but then it meant she could no longer follow Xander at country V for her baby's safety.

    She missed Xander so much already, but then she did not want to lose their child again at any cost. She heard knocks on her door. "Yera dear, it's me," mom Liz called.

    "Come in mom," She answered. Liz entered with a plate of a variety of chopped fruits.

    "I thought you'll love to eat these," she said smiling and put it on the bedside table.

    "Did you cry? What happened Yera? Is everything alright?" Liz asked, noticing the reddening of Yera's eyes. Yera nodded but followed with a bright smile as she said, "I did a pregnancy test mom Liz."

    "Oh my God, positive?" Liz asked totally in awe and screamed in bliss when Yera nodded.

    "I knew it! My hunch rarely ever goes wrong! Oh, your father will be so glad once he finds out about this. Oh, my, that old man was even sulking earlier because of this... Oh what a lucky old man," Liz could not help but burst in happiness.

    Yera chuckled  and said, "Let's not tell father yet, mom Liz. I want to confirm it at the laboratory tomorrow to make sure it's not just a false positive." Yera requested, though her body and mood changes could already confirm her pregnancy.

    "Oh dear I can't promise. You know I have this habit of talking a lot and my tongue is often slipping away some secrets... but I will try to hide it until tomorrow, sure I will try. Try only okay? Can't promise" Liz murmured, still at cloud nine for being a grandmother for both Dion and Yera's children at the same time.

    Liz left Yera in her room, still giddy with the news. She went back to the living area where James was watching the news on the television.

    "Did you ask why Yera came home early today?" James asked when Liz sat beside him.

    "She did an uhm just tired, I think." Liz answered with a fixed smile on her face. James noticed it since he turned to look at her.

    "What's with your smile?" James asked, suddenly curious.

    "Congrats!" Liz really couldn't help but blurted, followed by a tight hug on James.


    "You don't need to sulk now about Xander not being able to give you a grandchild,  because he will also very soon have a baby too. I was supposed to wait until Yera got it confirmed at the laboratory, but I couldn't stop myself from telling you, so please don't greet Yera yet, until she tells you herself."

    Liz knew she just spoiled the surprise but she just couldn't let an hour pass by without saying it to James because she knew how James was dying to be a grandfather.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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