429 You Have Me

    At Lim's Villa

    "Are you ready?" Zach asked Shane who learnt everything in just a few days. Well, Shane was not just an ordinary woman since she was well trained beforehand as one of the Shadow Beauties. She recognized Megan too, one of the terrorists they had captured, saying she trained with her and the rest of the other women from the Clan.

    Shane nodded at Zach. She was not sure if Zach already knew about Josh coming with her. She did not dare say about it as well. It would be better if Josh was the one to say it to his brother.

    "Alright, you have to book your flight in three day's time. The trial will begin in five days. Yun had been summoned already. So I think it will be best for you to arrive beforehand." Zach informed and Shane nodded.

    That time, Josh arrived to pick up Shane.

    "Are you done guys?" Josh asked with a smile and when Zach nodded he looked at Shane and said, "Can you wait for me in the lobby? I'll just talk to bro for a while."

    Shane simply nodded. Their marriage was already registered and now they had planned to go meet her parents, so Shane called Cali to inform her friend about the developments .

    "Oh, my gosh, you mean Josh?" she heard Cali almost scream.

    "As in Josh the bully?" Cali repeated several times over the phone that made Shane laugh out loud.

    "Yes! Goodness, how many times do I have to answer that question? Josh Lim okay... I'm now officially Mrs. Shane LIM!" Shane responded, still chuckling. She could almost picture the terrifying look on her friend.

    "Oh, my gosh, I still can't believe it! I mean, I never thought you would like a bully. Well, Josh is a nice guy though. Oh, I'm so happy for you. I'm just so shocked, but. Oh gosh, I can't believe Josh will succeed in seducing you! I need to scold him for taking advantage of you!" Cali burst.

    Shane laughed again and said, "It's not him, Cali. You should scold me because I was the one who seduced him. Anyway, I'll stop there now and visit you before I go back home."

    "Wait, I'm not home. I mean, I... am at Rui's place. But Kane is at my house. He's looking for you." Cali informed, a bit shy with the fact she was staying at Rui. Shane would tease her for sure.

    "What?" Shane beamed.

    She was shocked to find Cali was staying at Rui's and terrified to find out Kane was there at Cali's. She was sure Mr. Long sent Kane there to check for her.

    "Can you send me Kane's number? I will call my father first, then Kane. Cali, it's good you're staying at Rui's, stay there only and heed his advice, he would not take a wrong decision for you." Shane said before ending the call. She understood that Rui surely had mobilized security for Cali and had taken her at his place for security reasons only.

    Shane called her father next to inform him that she was going to come home with her husband.

    "Since all of you couldn't do anything for me, then I took the liberty to help myself out. I'm lucky that I found the right man for me dad. I love him and he loves me too, so I hope you treat him well once we arrive there." Shane intentionally declared, knowing that her father's phone was tapped.

    Well, the first words were her sarcasm since she was still mad at her father for making her a sacrificial lamb. But then she couldn't refute the possibility that her father might be threatened with all her sibling's lives by Mr. Long. How could she know when her father's lips were sealed.

    "Alright, I understand. Shane..." her father answered, but paused.

    "Yes..." Shane muttered.

    "I'm proud of you. Always remember that. Everyone thinks you are weak, but I never saw you as a weakling. You are the strongest daughter I could have." Shane heard her father say and that instant she hung up the telephone.

    She couldn't help and tears started flowing from her eyes. She was in that state when Josh found her in the lobby.

    Josh almost ran at her and asked, "What's wrong? Did something happen?" Josh asked, seeing Shane was crying relentlessly. It was the first time he had seen Shane in that emotional state and he felt his heart was breaking into pieces.

    He immediately pulled Shane for a tight hug and gently patted her back.

    "Shhh... Everything will be alright," Josh whispered to comfort her though he did not know the reason why Shane was crying.

    "I'm here, Shane. I will always be here by your side. Please always remember that. You're no longer alone in every problem and fight... Because you have me...You will always have me with you." Josh whispered that made Shane cry more.

    From a distance, Zach and his brother-in-law helplessly looked at Josh.

    "See that bro? Do you think Josh will listen to us? Even if we put ourselves in his shoes, we both know that we will take the same decision as Josh. Who would let his wife go back alone there to suffer? I always felt that Josh did not marry Shane just for pity, and it's so clear right now. He cares for Shane and I must say he had grown to love Shane already... So maybe it's best we let him do what he wants. Josh is no longer a child that needs our protection, bro," Zach heard Torin stated.

    Zach exhaled loudly. Josh informed them a while ago that he would go with Shane to country V. He clearly stated that he was not asking for their permission but merely informing them he would accompany Shane in any circumstance.

    "I guess no one can stop him now? Then we have to brief him on what Shane is about to do during her stay there, so he will not end up doing anything that could jeopardize the mission."

    "Prepare him well from tomorrow. I want him to have a quick recap of his training before they leave. He's been lazing around for years by putting his focus only on the business. He might have forgotten things he learnt in the military. Give him a hard schedule, like being in the worst-case scenario he could experience while staying at Yue Clan." Zach defensively instructed.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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