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    "What? Kane was not home yet? Alright nanny Shine. I will check on him." Cali worriedly said on the other line before ending the call.

    "Where the hell are you Kane?" Cali whimpered as she continuously dialed Kane's number but it only kept on ringing. She was getting restless like nanny Shine who called informing her that Kane did not return yet since he left after lunch and it was already at nine in the evening.

    "Try calling him now and then or leave a message. I'm sure he's fine," Rui commented, trying to calm Cali. The two of them were watching a movie in Rui's mini theatre when nanny Shine called. Cali sprang from her seat and looked at Rui.

    "I think something is wrong," she muttered because Kane never missed her call or even her messages until now.

    "I'll look for him," Cali added. Rui nodded and said, "Alright, I will go with you. I'll go get the car keys."


    They first went to the hotel where Kane had checked in before, but Kane was not there.

    "What if something happens to him?" Cali started to tremble with unpleasant thoughts that could happen at Kane like being robbed, then hurt.

    She couldn't decide if she would inform Shane about it already too.

    Meanwhile, Rui took the initiative to call Ron and find Kane's whereabouts using Xander's security team. He asked them to check the CCTV footage and every hospital just in case Kane met an accident.

    Soon Rui's mobile phone rang.

    "They found him. Let's go," Rui mumbled and grabbed Cali's hand.

    He drove at Yang Globals hospital where Kane was rushed in the late afternoon. He was severely beaten up according to the report.

    Cali cried hard seeing Kane with bruises all over his face and body. He was still unconscious. She couldn't picture Kane in that situation.

    "Oh my God Kane..." Cali burst and grabbed Kane's hand. She was shaking while she heard the doctor talk to Rui about Kane's condition.

    Someone found him on the side of the road, almost crawling for help...

    "Fortunately, there's no internal bleeding, but he had a major operation on his leg that had severe damage with bone fracture. It will take him a while to be able to walk normally." Cali heard and her heart shrunk.

    'Why would something like that happen to Kane? Who would do something like this to her dear Kane?' Cali helplessly mused.

    Right now Kane was still unconscious because of the anaesthesia, but the doctor said he would wake up soon.

    "Who would do something like this to you?" Cali unconsciously voiced out her thoughts. She continuously cried, still holding Kane's hand to her cheek.

    Rui witnessed that scene. He too felt sorry for Kane and he was sure it was Mr. Long who did this. He quickly called and relayed the matter to Zach and everyone concerned so they could do something.

    He walked towards Cali and gently patted and squeezed her shoulder.

    "I'll be the one to call Shane and inform her what happened." Rui said and Cali nodded. She handed her mobile phone to Rui. She couldn't talk properly to Shane at that state and inform her about the situation because she would only cry continuously like now.

    Rui could not help though but feel a very alarming emotion deep in his heart while he watched Cali, holding Kane's hand like that. Crying hard for Kane like that.

    It was very disturbing for him, but he tried to brush off the thought and understand the situation. He understood well that Cali particularly grew up with Kane and in their household for years.

    He sat on the couch and watched Cali cry beside Kane's bed and lovingly caressed his cheek and hands now and then.

    He could no longer take the scene so he chose to quietly go out of the room. Outside, he leaned on the wall and heaved a long-frustrated sigh before closing his eyes.

    He was disappointed in himself on how childish his thinking had become. He was getting jealous over a boy who had been in the brick of death. He felt something sharp slicing his heart seeing Cali's eyes towards Kane.

    For the first time in his life, Rui felt scared. He opened his eyes and bit his lip before deciding to go to his clinic instead.


    At Lim's Villa

    It was Josh who received the information about Shane's brother from his brother Zach. He was still in his study room going through some documents to wrap up and to endorse to his assistant and officers since he would be gone for quite a long time when his brother Zach called him.

    As soon as the call ended, he rose up from his chair to go to Shane. He saw her on the bed while watching some tv series.

    "Are you done?" she asked when she saw him approaching. She had a wide smile on her face.

    Josh nodded. Oh, how he did not want those smiles to fade away, but it was Shane's right to know what happened to her brother.

    Josh exhaled loudly and crawled on the bed and sat beside Shane. He held her hand and looked at her lovingly.

    "What's wrong? What's with your look?" Shane asked with a grin.

    "What's with my look?" Josh asked.

    "The look that you want to tell me something but you don't want to tell me?" Shane responded.

    "Shane bro, Zach called. It's about your brother Kane..." Josh started but paused.

    Shane's heart suddenly palpitated, and she crouched.

    "Shane are you alright?" Josh worriedly asked, seeing Shane's hand on her heart. He saw Shane close her eyes and breathe in and out slowly.

    Then she opened his eyes and asked Josh directly, "Is he alive?" Josh nodded and Shane exhaled loudly.

    'Oh God... Thank you God.' Shane mused as tears fell down her cheek.

    "Where is he?" she asked next and Josh told her what Zach relayed.

    Shane clenched her fist and with gritted teeth hissed, "It's Mr. Long! I will make him pay for this evil bastard!"

    She could no longer wait. She must fly back as soon as possible and execute her part to bring those evil monsters down. They all must pay for all wrongdoing they committed.

    Josh could feel the great anger in Shane's aura. She was too furious, ready to kill with those flaming eyes. He pulled her to his embrace.

    "Please calm down Shane. Bro said Kane will be back in his normal shape in time. Yang Global hospital is the best hospital in the country so they will surely take care of Kane. Cali is there too, taking care of him. We will go there as early as tomorrow." Josh comforted.

    His heart ached for Shane's situation and he would do anything in his power or whatever it was that he could to help Shane out with every possible way. He could now understand why Shane chose to rather die than marry a monster like Mr. Long.


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