431 Just Like Medicine

    After quite some time Cali looked around and found out she was already alone at Kane's room.

    "Where is he?" she whispered, wondering where Rui went. She grabbed her mobile phone and called him.

    "Where are you?" Cali asked.

    "Uhm I just checked something in my clinic. Do you want anything like I bring you some snacks or coffee?" Rui offered.

    "Yes... I want you... Wait there I'll go come to you." Cali murmured, suddenly feeling guilty that she ignored Rui the moment she arrived at the hospital and saw Kane in that state.

    "That's okay, Cali. Kane needs you now. It's just that I feel uncomfortable staying there long." Rui honestly responded. He wanted to stay with Cali and comfort her, but he was not comfortable staying inside there with Kane.

    Kane was badly beaten up. It was visible to his face. You could barely recognize the boy's handsome features because of his swollen face.

    Cali was quiet on the other line and said, "Stay there, I will come to you shortly... Kane is now awake."

    Because of Cali's excitement, she forgot to press the end call button.

    "Oh, thank God Kane... You got me worried..." Rui heard Cali's voice followed by her sobbing.

    "Do you love me that you worry that much? This is nothing... Come here and give me a hug if you're really worried," Kane jested with a stuttering, broken voice.

    "Stop that! How can you even joke like that! You almost kill me! I thought, I will lose you!" Cali scolded.

    "Stop crying Cali... You're making me feel weak when you cry. You know I only love to see you smile." Kane mumbled.

    "If you want to see me smile, then make sure you get better soon!" Cali lamented. Kane was still bubbly despite what happened to assure her that he was fine and for her not to worry. And yet Cali could not help but pity him who was like a brother to her.

    "Take care of me Cali if you want me to recover soon. You need to live with me in this room so I can get better..."

    Rui could no longer take it and ended the call himself. He couldn't bear to hear any more words. It irritated him while he convinced himself to understand the situation Kane and Cale were in now.

    "Since when did I become this possessive?" He chided, scolding himself for being irrational. How come he was scolding his own self a lot since Kane showed up.

    He was in his childish thoughts when he fell asleep on his couch.


    Cali on the other hand quickly prepared to leave as soon as nanny Shine arrived inside Kane's room, who was already resting.

    "I'll go to Rui nanny Shine. Please take care of Kane in case he wakes up again," Cali endorsed and headed towards Rui's clinic.

    She knew his password, so she directly entered Rui's clinic. She saw Rui on his big couch sleeping and she sat beside him.

    She smiled and murmured, "Sleeping like a baby, huh? Sorry I ignored you a while ago..." She forgot she was with Rui because of her continuous sobbing.

    She crawled on top of Rui and gave him a gentle kiss.

    It had been days since Rui last kissed her lips. Instead, he often kissed her forehead before they went to sleep or before he would leave for work. She felt like she was a kid whenever he did that. She actually complained, but Rui only answered her with a chuckle and a teasing grin.

    She missed his lips. She gently sucked his upper and lower lips simultaneously, wetting it with her own tongue. His lips were so supple and full that she loved nibbling it.

    She heard Rui moan, and she took that opportunity to invade inside his mouth when it cracked.

    "You're here?" Rui asked and answered Cali's kiss.

    "I'm not here. It's just a dream," Cali jested, pulling out from the kiss,

    but Rui grabbed her nape and pulled her back.

    "I'm not waking up yet... Continue," Rui whispered with a naughty smile before claiming Cali's lips. Cali answered in the same yearning. Rui's lips on hers really felt good that she could kiss him nonstop.

    Cali's wild imagination got activated. She was feeling hot inside all over her body, but this time she wanted to give Rui pleasure in her own ways, not waiting for him to teach her because Rui kept on delaying it.

    She must apply what she read and watched. She lowered her kissing on his jawline down to his neck, giving him hickeys for the first time.

    Rui moaned but quickly opened his eyes when he felt Cali pulling up his shirt. He abruptly raised his body and looked at Cali who unconsciously bit her lower lip. That sight was a turn on at Rui.

    "Taking off your shirt, what else?" Cali whispered and quickly made a move without waiting for Rui's reaction.

    She succeeded. Rui opened his mouth and before he could utter any word Cali shut him up with her lips while her hands started to caress Rui's bare chest. Her fingers played with his protruded nipples as well. She basically copied the things she experienced from Rui herself.

    Her kiss lowered and reached his nipples. She was encouraged by Rui's sweet growling. She was obviously doing it right after seeing Rui's reaction. His pupils were dilated, burning with desire.

    She gave Rui her sexiest smile before her hands went down and touched his groin.

    Rui was losing his control already. Since when Cali learned to move this fast that she did not give him the opportunity to stop her. Before he knew it, she already undid his lower clothes.

    She was playfully holding his chopper like it was some kind of toy, giving amusement to her innocent face.

    "It's long..." he heard Cali whisper while she kept on tugging and rubbing it as if she was taking his measurements.

    "Wow... I wonder how it will fit on mine if it's this big and hard," he heard again another funny word that made Rui gulped.

    'Is her innocent fiance complimenting him or what?' he mused in agony while a sweet groan escaped his mouth.

    "Sweetheart, why are you playing with it? You shouldn't play with it like that. It could be deadly." Rui hushed with his hoarse and stammering voice.

    "I'm not playing with it. I want to taste it too, like you did in mine. I'm sure it's not that deadly," Cali naively whispered before Rui felt her wet tongue touch the tip of his chopper.

    "Oh, fu*k!"

    He rarely swears but the sensation that engulfed his body at that point was too much. He was totally bewildered as he watched Cali do things on his chopper that made him moan and called her lovely name now and then.

    She was slow but her innocent face and soft hands with her cute mouth doing him like that was too much pleasure to bear.

    He was sure Cali would curse him if he ended up releasing inside her mouth. But to his horror, Cali swallowed everything as soon as he jerked off.

    "Why did you eat it?" he asked in disbelief.

    "Why not? It's just like medicine I think, a bit awful but it's good for my body since it comes from you." Cali plainly answered. Rui pulled Cali that instant and kissed her lips, not minding the taste of himself in her mouth.

    Cali was his and would stay his forever.


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