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    At Yang Globals Hospital

    Shane helplessly looked at his brother on the bed.

    "Stop that..." Kane complained. "Instead of looking at me with full of pity, why don't you introduce me to the man beside you." Kane added, trying to smile but cringed since his face was still swollen.

    "I will kill that Long," Shane murmured with gritted teeth. Kane shrugged his shoulders and said, "Kill him inside your head, Shane. Don't do anything stupid. I'm still alive. He's just pissed off that you have gone against him and even married some other man. He wants to punish you but since he can't touch you I guess I become the punching bag."

    "Stop treating it as a joke, Kane! He had almost killed you!" Shane exclaimed. All her nerves were exploding because of outrage.

    "Bro, congrats. I'm Kane, Shane's brother. It looks like she has no intention to introduce us both, so I'll do the honor myself. Too bad I can't shake hands yet, so we'll have to skip that formality." Kane mumbled and Josh nodded with a smile.

    "I'm Josh. Don't worry Kane me and my brother will settle everything properly. We will make sure everyone who played a part in doing this to you will pay at any cost." Josh retorted, he too was infuriated with what happened to Shane's brother.

    Kane was a bit surprised and gave her sister a meaningful and questionable look.

    "Yes, he's aware. His brother is in the military and they are going to help me out." Shane confidently murmured. Kane was in a safe zone now since it was Xander's territory and Kane's room was completely debugged and well guarded with tight security too.

    "I will go back home with Josh. I will take care of our father and the rest of our brothers so you don't have to worry. Just make sure you get well soon. They will make sure you will get back in shape soon, Kane. So behave while you are here and Cali... Don't bother Cali." Shane reminded Kane, and Kane was about to twitch his face but winced in pain again.

    Shane was aware that Kane had a special feeling for Cali so she added, "She's engaged now and she's deeply in love with doctor Rui."

    But then Shane cursed because she forgot she was with Josh, who also had that special feeling for Cali. She turned and looked at Josh with an awkward smile before defensively said, "My brother likes Cali."

    Josh simply nodded at her. Shane wondered with his normal reaction though, if Josh still liked Cali...

    "Oh Shane!!!" Cali burst when she went inside the room and saw Shane. She ran and immediately hugged her friend. Then she looked at Josh with narrowed eyes and threatened, "You bully man! If my sister has any single complaint about you not treating her well... I will pester you all your life!"

    Rui laughed from Cali's back and said, "Sweetheart, that's not threatening enough." He then looked at Shane and greeted the latter. Shane smiled and introduced Josh as her husband.

    "Oh, you're Zach's brother." Rui commented and extended his hand for a handshake.

    'So he's the one who Xander said likes Cali too.' Rui mused. He was amused seeing two love rivals in a small space.

    Meanwhile, Shane gulped, seeing the men inside in one room. All those men happened to like Cali, but she was hoping Josh could not be counted at this time. Josh said he liked her, yet she did not know if that liking of him towards her weighed more than his liking for Cali.

    Cali talked to Josh like she always used to, a man who was a bully. She was totally not aware that Josh liked her.

    "Let's have lunch together," Cali suggested, but Kane complained, "How about me? I thought all of you are here to see and visit me!"

    Shane laughed and said, "Do you want us to eat here instead? Can't you see that we're couples here? We will be right back as soon as we finish lunch."

    Shane bet Kane would not want to be with her husband too if he found out that Josh liked Cali before.


    At Plumeria Island

    James and Liz prepared a simple surprise celebration for Yera's arrival from the medical center. They called Regan, and he relayed that Yera's result was positive.

    "Oh my, until now my heart feels like it's on cloud nine." James commented.

    "Aren't we two the luckiest persons in the world? Having grandchildren at this early age. Oh, it excites me just thinking about cute little babies of Dion and Xander." Liz could not help express her enthusiasm.

    They both were enthusiastic, like kids blowing balloons. They had asked the head chef to cook various dishes as well. It was like a mini baby shower.

    When Yera went home she was surprised to see the beautifully decorated place and was really shocked to see the surprise by her in-laws.

    "Congratulations!" greeted her father-in-law who hugged her tightly and Yera felt the warmth of the familial love that made her eyes wet.

    "How did you know?" Yera asked in a little choked voice and Liz laughed and answered, "We asked Regan to relay to us the result of your laboratory tests."

    Yera chuckled while sobbing a little. She felt very happy to have parents with her. This was something she had never seen in her life. She had her grandfather all her life. After marrying Xander she got a father's love, but it was today that she knew what a complete family felt like. She could not thank God enough for sending mom Liz and making her a part of the family.

    "Let's have an early dinner. Are you going to call Xander now?" Liz and Yera shook her head.

    "I want to surprise him mom Liz in person so can we keep this from him as of now? I want to tell him when he comes here on your wedding day. That's almost a week from now." Yera bashfully responded and Liz nodded in understanding.

    "Oh, that would be a good surprise for sure." James commented with an ear to ear smile.

    Liz laughed and said, "Be prepared to be nagged a lot by your father, who wants you to stop working in the hospital and wants you to stay in here instead..."

    Yera smiled and said, "I'm also thinking the same mom Liz and I will talk to bro Ryu first about it so that I can hand over things I observe in the facility in this short period of time to him."

    Yera had decided to take extra care from now on of herself. Her own needs and wishes would not be her priority anymore, but her body's safety since her pregnancy was confirmed. She did not want to lose her baby the second time around.


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