433 Possessive

    "Shane would leave in two days time to go back home and will introduce Josh to the family there. I still can't believe Josh the bullyman is now her husband?" Cali mumbled while having dinner with Rui in a restaurant near the hospital.

    "Hmm, it's not impossible so maybe they were meant to be together?" Rui commented.

    "Until what time are you staying?" Rui asked her because he wanted to leave early since he himself was too tired with the pile of work he was handling. He was feeling mentally exhausted, something that he never thought could happen with him and could one day be more tiring than physical labor for him. However, he doubted it now.

    "Hmm, Kane asked me to stay with him tonight. Is that okay with you?" Cali asked with a smile.

    Rui almost choked on his food. 'Why you?! You're not his nanny!' he wanted to voice out but his lips remained sealed.

    "Sleeping there will be uncomfortable Cali. I think it's not a good idea." Rui commented before gulping his glass of water in one go.

    Cali bit her lip and thought of it then said, "The couch in his room is quite big and I will actually fit there well."

    "Cali! Why would you sleep on the couch!" Rui exclaimed, and Cali was a bit startled on how he seemed to be yelling at her.

    "But haven't I slept on your couch too before? The only difference is I slept there with you. So sleeping alone will be even more comfortable." Cali reasoned in a low voice. She stared at Rui, wondering why he looked annoyed.

    "I'm sorry. I'm probably tired. I will leave as soon as you're done eating," Rui whispered, seeing the confused look on Cali.

    He should take into consideration that Kane was like a brother to Cali already and Kane had no family in here except for Cali. Shane could not stay as explained by Josh because she was finalizing some details with the military before leaving.

    Naturally, it was Cali who should be there with Kane. But... he could be comfortable if he only knew Kane had a brotherly feeling for Cali but he had feelings more like a lover than of a brother for his fiance.

    After dinner, he was now walking to head towards the parking area when he paused and abruptly turned around. He ran towards Cali's direction who was headed back to Kane's room. He was about to walk her there but Cali insisted for him not to and went to his car directly since he looked too tired.

    He was panting when he saw Cali, only meters away from Kane's room. Rui ran and immediately grabbed Cali's wrist to stop her.

    "Rui?" Cali was startled seeing Rui out of breaths.

    "Oh, yeah... Wait..." Rui stuttered, calming his breath for a while.

    "What's wrong?" Cali asked, a bit worried seeing how Rui rushed to her like that.

    "How about this... I will go with you to check on Kane every once in a while and let's both sleep in my clinic." Rui suggested.

    "But isn't that going to be uncomfortable for you? Besides, you look really tired, Rui. I think you need a good heavy sleep." Cali commented with knitted brows.

    "No... I need to go early too tomorrow so it's better to sleep here. I will ask Jean to bring us clothes." Rui insisted.

    Rui could see the hesitation on Cali's face so he whispered and added, "I won't be able to sleep alone at home. It feels empty now without you."

    Cali's face turned rose pink hearing those words that her lips quickly answered, "Okay."

    Meanwhile, if only Kane's face was normal, Cali could visibly see how sour his face became seeing Cali returning with Rui.

    "Aren't you going home, Dr. Dee?" Kane mumbled.

    "No. Me and Cali will sleep in my clinic and keep checking on you every once in a while." Rui nonchalantly chimed in.

    "Why? Are you uncomfortable letting her sleep with me?" Kane directly asked, shooting his sharp blade on Rui's direction.

    "No. But I'm uncomfortable sleeping without Cali by my side." Rui answered with a straight face that made Cali inwardly squealed with too much giddiness.

    Kane's face twisted seeing that while Rui comfortably sat on the couch.

    Kane's dinner arrived soon and Cali was about to arrange it and feed Shane when Rui stood up and grabbed the spoon and fork from Cali's hands.

    "Go sit on the couch and  rest. I will assist Kane," Rui instructed with a blank face and Cali followed.

    "Hey, where are you going? Come here Cali, your fiance might poison me!" Kan cried.

    "Grow up, Kane! Cali is my woman now and I'm quite a possessive man. I don't want my woman feeding any other man!" Rui pointed out in a calm manner as much as he could.

    "But I'm not any other man!" Kane exclaimed.

    Cali gulped and interrupted, "Stop that Kane and just eat your food..."

    Kane helplessly shrugged his shoulders as he watched Cali sit comfortably on the couch and watch the news.

    'How could that woman be so insensitive towards me!' he silently grunted. The pain in his heart was much worse than his actual physical body pain.

    Rui seemed to read Kane's thought while he scooped a spoon of rice and whispered, "Life goes on and you should move on. The pain will soon fade away."

    "Ahhh." Rui said next, signaling Kane to open his mouth.

    "Do you want me to choke to death with that large amount of rice, Dr. Dee?" Kane loudly complained, getting Cali's attention.

    "Oh, alright then just a small one," Rui mumbled with raised eyebrows.

    "Here... Be a good boy and eat. Tomorrow I will get you a beautiful private nurse Kane so you won't be able to disturb Cali like this." Rui teased with a grin.

    "What?!" Kane annoyingly burst.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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